• King Kahuka

    Spam Cleanup

    February 27, 2015 by King Kahuka

    I've noticed lately that this wiki is LOADED to the BRIM with spam that has nothing to do with spongebob in general. So this wiki is in desperate need of cleanup and organization. One of the good examples would be the strange amounts of Simpsons, LEGO, and mario stuff. I haven't read the pages yet but i do have to admit it looks like spam to me. Another good example would be this: Henry Jones Sr. (Hadiclank)

    I don't know what the authors were thinking. I'm expecting lots of opposal to this blog, so if you're ready to scream at my face "PEOPLE CAN DREAM WHATEVER THEY WANT! ITS A FANON WIKI!", then go ahead.

    Here's a poll for you all:

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