Creator - Creator, SquidwardTentacles35 has decided to cancel this series due to a lack of motivation and ideas to continue it as well as now considering some of the storylines to be stupid. He is making a better Zombie Apocalypse Story which he hopes to have be engaged with the Fanonia Spongebobia Community. It is called Spongepocalypse. Thank you.

RATED M for Mature: This show has it's moments with very explicit gore and content more suitable for mature readers. Recommended for Ages 13 and above. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.

The Walking Dead: SpongeBob is an American horror and apocalyptic/post-apocalyptic television series created and directed by SquidwardTentacles35. The series centers around Spongebob and friends having to cope with living in the undead apocalypse.

Episodes Edit

Season 1 (JUNE 2014-JULY 2014) Edit

Season 1, Episode 1 ~ Pilot - It is a warm Summer morning, a sea-sponge named Spongebob is getting ready for the day but gets a notification on his I-Phone telling news of reports across the ocean floor and also the surface of a mysterious virus going around killing people. Spongebob decides to go to the hospital to get his flu-shot so he won't get sick since he does not have to get to work until 1 PM. Meanwhile, Patrick Star wakes up in a dark alley after spending the night there waiting for a new video game called Ghosts & Ghouls 2 that was yet to be released. Patrick sees no one else in line and a trail of blood. Thinking, they just left or already got the pre-released game, he blows it off but then the blood concerns him. He follows it and sees a corpse by two trash cans with a chunk of skin bitten off on the side neck area. Patrick runs away startled by this and as he gets far enough, the corpse's eyes move and it starts to growl. Patrick continues walking along and then sees another dead corpse with a bite mark as well but this time on the front of the neck and a bullet hole to the head. Patrick really gets worried now. He then sees someone in the distance eating the corpse of a stray snail. Patrick kicks it telling it to knock it off but then expresses fear on his face seeing this person's eyes look infected and blood all over and chunks of skin missing and even a bone sticking out. The figure attempts to attack Patrick but Patrick successfully evades all of it's attacks, he then sees the first corpse he saw earlier far off in the distance and Patrick runs away totally freaked out by the blood-show he just witnessed. Spongebob meanwhile encounters Squidward and Sandy at the hospital as well. Squidward tells Spongebob he is going to get his flu-shot as well and although reluctantly, he asks Spongebob to shut up Sandy since she is freaking out. Sandy tells Spongebob that what is going around is much more than a simple virus. This virus is turning people on each other and making them attack and eat each other alive and then making that victim an attacker themselves. Spongebob seems concerned at first but tells Sandy not to believe everything on the news (since that's what she got the info from) and just get the flu-shot. A customer in line is vomiting in a paper bag and Sandy notices blood on his shirt. Sandy asks his wife if he was bitten at all. The wife (clearly disturbed) says yes and asks Sandy if she was spying on them. Sandy says no and that her husband is infected and dangerous. The wife starts getting angry at Sandy about her accusations and starts fighting her. During that drama, the husband falls on his face. The wife stops beating up Sandy and gets the help from a few doctors to revive the husband. Sandy tells them not to touch him, he's dangerous. The wife yells at Sandy to shut up and the doctors escort Sandy out of the room. Spongebob meanwhile, is next up for his flu-shot, as he is waiting in the room, his elderly roommate breathes heavily and does not even sound like a normal fish. The nurse says, "Time for your flu-shot." Spongebob however turns it down and says this man is breathing weird. Spongebob then looks at his eyes(they are yellow and the pupils are lime green which is very unusual (clearly to us, he has turned). The nurse looks at the man and takes off the cloth on his face but the man rises up and bites the nurse in the face. The other doctors and nurses as well as Spongebob help get the nurse off. Spongebob finds out Sandy was right about what is really going on but is then scared seeing guards come in and beating the flesh-eater senseless with batons. Patrick arrives at the hospital freaking out which makes Squidward giggle. Patrick talks about three murders in the alleyway and two flesh-eaters. Meanwhile, the husband that clearly died but the doctors and his wife are trying to revive him opens his eyes but they are yellow and lime green just like the elderly flesh-eater.

Season 1, Episode 2 ~ The Unfolding Disaster Upon Them - The wife is happy to see her husband has woken up but she is about to find out that it was not the way she expected. Her husband (name revealed to be Isaac) rises up and bites his own wife in the shoulder. The doctors and security guards detain the infected Isaac but the infected Isaac bites three of them as well. The not bitten guards call the police and require their help for this "psychopath."  Meanwhile, Pearl Krabs(a rebellious teenager) is at Goo Lagoon beach getting a suntan. Pearl decides to leave getting bored and goes to her boyfriend, Xavier's house. Pearl finds the door open and papers everywhere and fresh blood in the doorway and footsteps. She starts getting concerned about her boyfriend but enters the room and finds one of the infected psychos eating Xavier. Pearl yells at him to back off but then realizes what she is dealing with. The infected tries to get her. Pearl evades all of it's attacks and then takes out some pans and pots and starts beating in the infected with it. The infected still not dead rises up and tries to bite her. Pearl cracks the kitchen window and grabs a glass shard and stabs the infected in the head with it. The infected finally dies and Pearl is shocked and runs out of the house in fear that she just committed a murder(although it is for the good in the future). Meanwhile, at the hospital, the police have arrived but are already quickly losing control as the bitten doctors and guards have died and are beginning to reanimate. About five to six infected are now in the hospital biting and killing policemen. One police officer gets bitten on the hand but grabs his gun and shoots the infected in the head with it. The infected dies, the police officer tells his surviving comrades that killing them is the only way. The police start shooting and killing the infected. They decide to give an escort to Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and three other not bitten residents to their police station for safety. Later on in the evening, ambulances are sent out to check the neighborhood to make sure this problem isn't spreading elsewhere. Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and the three residents, one of them is actually revealed to be Spongebob's grandma arrive but they notice Old Man Jenkins with his best friends, Mermaidman and Barnacleboy, his sister : Mrs.Puff, grandson : Jake and granddaughter : Tabitha arrive. The police notice they are not bitten but are being chased by three infected. The police kill the infected and recruit them to join the safety. The police get all they could in locking other residents out in the streets as they are bitten and can not be helped and some are subsequently devoured. Finally, Pearl arrives at her house reuniting with her father : Eugene Krabs and her mother : Kara Krabs. Eugene and Kara check her for bite marks, there are none, Eugene boards up the house by hammering wood at the door and says they need to barricade their home if they want to survive this unfolding disaster upon them.

Season 1, Episode 3 ~ Two Occupations - At the police station,     Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Grandma, Mr.Jenkins, Mermaidman, Barnacleboy, Mrs.Puff, Jake and Tabitha are surviving with the seven police officers that were not bitten in the hospital massacre. The officers say they must stick together if they want to survive. The police officer captain named Captain McKeith says he called the national guard and they will be here by the morning to sort out this mess. Until then, they make the best of this by killing the doorman of the station as he reanimates and stocking up on supplies and other necessities as they are not going anywhere anytime soon. The officers give everyone guns and to not hesitate to shoot if the infected make their way in. Meanwhile, at the Krabs household, Eugene, Kara and Pearl hear pounding on the outside, they dim the lights and while hearing screaming and windows breaking and absolute chaos outside, it is revealed to be night time now and they see two infected outside trying to get into the house and many more roaming the landscape. Eugene says they have to stock up on the supplies and weaponry and anything else required to survive this and try to escape using the roof and backyard tomorrow morning. Eugene and Kara leave to get some canned goods in the kitchen and Pearl stays in the living room and sees one wooden plank that makes the wall starting to bend and Pearl starts showing fear on her face. At the police station, Spongebob is on the roof on watch and watches in horror seeing the world outside their safe haven becoming a disaster. He notices helpless residents getting devoured by infected, many people freaking out and some idiots punching and killing each other out of fear and the power starting to go out making the outside even more dangerous. Spongebob then notices Gary the Snail in the dangerous streets getting chased by several infected. Spongebob panics and jumps the gate, ignoring the police and others, he rescues Gary just barely and the infected turn their attention to a small, almost microscopic size, survivor named Sheldon J. Plankton by stepping on him and killing him and eating him whole. Spongebob makes it in. McKeith is angry at Spongebob that he just risked his life like that but Spongebob in anger yells at McKeith saying Gary is his snail and he couldn't let infected kill him even if it risked his own survival in the process. Squidward however notices blood on the bottom side of Gary and bite marks are shown. Gary is infected. At Mr.Krabs' house, Krabs is watching through his bedroom window seeing the city go dark and still hearing screaming and undead moans. Pearl is in the bathroom crying in the bathtub that Xavier is dead and many other innocent people are as well and the world they knew is reforming in a way never imagined before. Kara is concerned with Krabs saying he is setting them up for death as they have not evacuated yet. Krabs angrily tells her that it is more wise to hunker down at home instead of running into hundreds of the infected and dying. Krabs tells his wife to shut up and trust him. Kara reluctantly does so while groaning. At the police station, Gary begins meowing uncontrollably clearly dying and coughing up blood. McKeith, not wanting the infected drawn over to the police station by meows, eventually orders his lieutenant, Lieutenant Baldspring to put Gary out of his misery. Spongebob is screaming calling them b***ards but they ignore his rants and Baldspring grabs an axe and inserts it into Gary's head putting him out of his misery making Spongebob flip out.

Season 1, Episode 4 ~ A Promising Help - Spongebob is starting to already go mentally into psycho mode that a police lieutenant just killed his snail despite Gary suffering. Spongebob grabs a knife and threatens to stab out Baldspring's throat but is disarmed by McKeith and another police officer. To  calm down Spongebob, they do give Gary a proper burial but Spongebob is still not pleased with their actions. Meanwhile, hours have passed, 2 days into this disaster, the whole city is dark and only a few screams for help are heard and the streets are littered with both dead corpses and undead corpses. Eugene says to Kara and Pearl that his watch is still keeping track of time and says it is 4 in the morning, it will be daylight in two hours, that is when they make their move to survive. Kara and Pearl come to trust Eugene now since he has kept them alive well enough throughout all of the night and they need to move as the house is not a permanent safe area with the increasing amounts of dead outside. Meanwhile, National guard trucks start driving up to the city sign and realize the problem has gotten bad since the city is dark and mostly devoid of life. They start driving into the dangerous Bikini Bottom attracting a few walkers in the middle of the street. Soon after, daylight has finally come at last, Spongebob, Squidward, Patrick, Sandy and Old Man Jenkins go up to the gate and see the whole city is now in ruins and also notice a few buildings on fire, many corpses in the street as well as many entrails in the street and many walkers roaming the street and landscape in general looking for more victims. Sandy begins to cry since life was normal yesterday and is now totally different today. Patrick and Jenkins comfort her in her grief. Suddenly, the walkers are killed by gunfire. The National Guard trucks have arrived. Some walkers attempt to go for them but the walkers are overwhelmed fast and gunned down. After some minutes of killing, the streets are finally cleared within a 3 block radius. Some national guardsmen explore the city to find more walkers and kill them. Others stay behind and get to know the small amount of living police officers as well as Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Dan Jenkins(Old Man Jenkin's first name was finally revealed), Poppy Puff(Mrs.Puff's first name was finally revealed), Mermaidman, Barnacleboy, Jake, Tabitha, Grandma Squarepants and the other two residents which are a middle aged married couple named Hefty and Marianne. The other residents also interrogate a few uninfected citizens who hid in their houses. A guardsmen then reveals Eugene H. Krabs, Kara Krabs and Pearl Krabs(they successfully escaped). Spongebob is glad to reunite with them. Later on, seven days have passed, it is now Day 9 in the walker outbreak, a big enough FEMA shelter has been built within a 7 block radius of Bikini Bottom defended by the policemen and National Guardsmen. The Krusty Krab is actually inside the very edge of the safe area and Mr.Krabs has reopened business and Spongebob and Squidward continue their work duties even in the zombie apocalypse. Since Plankton is dead and Karen the computer was thrown into the garbage. The National Guard has transformed The Chum Bucket into the safe area's hospital. Power is also half restored using generators but is more limited than before and can only be used in emergencies. The dead corpses were removed from the street and burned by a fire and the burned buildings in the safe area are off limits and boarded up. Patrick Star is so happy that their Saviors arrived and helped them overcome the dire situation outside. The National Guardsmen leader named Lieutenant Mills talks about the success they had overcoming the ongoing apocalypse outside the gates but for no one to go out there since nobody is alive outside the gates. It is now sunset and Spongebob is glad to finally get a good night's sleep but Sandy doesn't trust the National Guard at all finding their nobody alive outside the gates warning and nobody allowed out the gates rule sketchy.

Season 1, Episode 5 ~ Truth - The next day has arrived, Grandma Squarepants is checking on residents as she is the new doctor since she used to be a retired nurse. Suddenly she hears commotion. A National Guard truck is at the gate and Mills is begging someone to let them in. Spongebob and Grandma arrive and let them in. They quickly close it just as a few walkers show up outside the gate. Mills says only him and three other guys escaped the school that inhibited many walkers inside. One guardsmen then pulls down his turtleneck sweater and reveals a huge bite gash on his neck and upper chest and some blood still spewing out. Grandma Squarepants and Mills along with the other two guardsmen take this infectee' and try to save him even though Grandma thinks it is a big waste of time. Spongebob is then called over to the gate side by McKeith. McKeith, clearly drunk as many empty beer bottles are shown on the ground behind him tells Sponge that he may be surviving right now but he isn't cut out for this world and he is going to eventually die a horrible death by being torn apart by walkers. Spongebob angrily tells him that they can learn how to survive this new world but McKeith shatters another empty beer bottle he just finished onto the ground and says, "YOU WILL NOT SURVIVE LONGER! ME, THE OFFICERS AND THE GUARDSMEN ARE PLANNING ON ABANDONING YOU GUYS TO SAVE OURSELVES!" McKeith leaves but falls down occasionally due to his body being intoxicated and Spongebob leaves not believing McKeith but Sandy is revealed to have been hiding behind one of the perches and now knows the national guardsmen's and police officer's true purpose for them. Meanwhile, Mr.Krabs has closed up The Krusty Krab for the evening and is going home but hears rustling outside the gates. After a guardsmen truck drives by, Krabs climbs over the gate and after going through a mini forest, sees the infected Guardsmen from earlier go down to The Barg-N-Mart parking lot, Krabs hides behind a mailbox and sees the guardsman go beside a crashed car and then shows shock seeing the Guardsman commit suicide by stabbing his own head so he won't draw walkers to the gate. Later on, Jake is caught by some guardsmen coughing. The guardsmen try to go easy on him since he is just an 8 year old kid but start getting violent with him and eventually hit him unconscious much to the horror of Dan, Poppy and Tabitha. The guardsmen capture him and bring him to the town hospital thinking he is infected with the virus(he was actually just choking a little bit from the pasta he ate earlier). Spongebob is outraged and has a meeting with Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Dan and Poppy about this. Sandy reveals she eavesdropped on his earlier conversation with McKeith and says, "Even though that as**ole was drunk, he could've been right."  Dan then notices a truck leave the safe area and says it is true. Spongebob then comes up with a plan saying, "We will turn the tables on those sh**birds and show that citizens can live in an apocalyptic world. 

Season 1, Episode 6 ~ The New World - Spongebob and the others put their plan into motion along with the tasks of saving Jake and Grandma Squarepants and convincing other residents to go with them to take their chances outside the gates. Night time has fallen once again. Lieutenant Baldspring and Lieutenant Mills are on duty watching outside the gates to make sure walkers do not get inside. Squidward goes up to them and says he needs their assistance. Baldspring and Mills reluctantly do Squidward's request and go with him to see what he is complaining about. They finally arrive by the old retirement home which is now the poker station for the police and guardsmen. They see Dan and Patrick with hedgeclippers and thousands of walkers outside that Spongebob and Sandy released from buildings on the outside. Dan and Patrick cut open the gates and then run away as walkers begin pouring into the now not safe area. Mills and Baldspring yell at the troops to get out and help them. Baldspring is grabbed by the horde and mauled to death. The troops have arrived and begin shooting at the walkers. Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Eugene, Kara, Pearl, Sandy, Dan, Poppy, Tabitha, Mermaidman and Barnacleboy start alerting residents to pack up what they can, jump the fence and escape. They see the walkers pouring into the street overwhelming more guards and fly into a mass panic, they start drawing some walker's attention. Meanwhile, Grandma Squarepants is in the town hospital checking Jake and finding no sickness confusing the guardsmen. Then they hear the gunshots, Grandma, Jake and the guardsmen go outside and watch in horror seeing the walker horde pour in and overwhelming many of the guards and some idiotic residents. Jake is getting scared but Grandma calms him down. The guardsmen leave and abandon Grandma and Jake to go help their comrades kill the walkers. Soon after, Spongebob and friends are headed toward The Krusty Krab so Eugene can get some of his money and for the others to get lots of supplies to last them outside. McKeith however shows up hung over but angry and attacks Spongebob and Dan for letting the walkers in. Spongebob pushes him off and beats him up for him being a d***che and is about to shoot him taking his assault rifle but sees walkers coming down the street attracted by the noise and they leave McKeith for the walkers. Before the walkers arrive however, McKeith grabs a handgun and shoots Barnacleboy in the leg injuring him. Mermaidman attempts to save him but Barnacleboy orders his pal to escape since this will slow them down. Mermaidman is grabbed by Patrick and they run into the Krusty Krab and board it up while the walkers arrive and go on top of McKeith and Barnacleboy and those two old men are torn apart by the walkers which for just McKeith is ironic since McKeith said Spongebob would get torn apart but he didn't! Grandma and Jake then bang on the back door not bitten and are let in by Patrick. Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Eugene, Sandy, Dan, Poppy, Jake, Tabitha, Kara, Pearl, Mermaidman and Grandma start packing up cooked Krabby Patties, apples, oranges, snacks, drinks, ketchup, mustard, french fries and numerous other food and drink items. They also pack up a decent amount of medical supplies and are ready to leave with a few cars Krabs stole earlier from the guards. Soon after, many corpses of guards and all the other residents are shown dead with many bloody guts shown on the outside and all over the streets. One half of the horde is at the front of town bringing down a perch and the front gate and devouring more guards and police while the other horde is eating the remains of Barnacleboy and McKeith. Walkers ambush the survivors but Spongebob and Patrick hammer the walker's heads in, Squidward stabs a few walkers in the heads and Kara lets out her inner rage and strength on many walkers which impresses Mr.Krabs. The rest of the horde is done eating the two old men and are about to go after Spongebob and friends but are then attracted the other way by rabid gunfire. Patrick puts the supplies they were able to get into the trucks and they drive off taking down the back gate while showing an overview of the walkers all over what was once the safe area and many dead dead corpses all over the place. A few hours later, daylight has arrived, the group decides to drive to an apartment complex that was cleared of walkers by the guards two days ago. Squidward notices Grandma sweating. Grandma lifts up her shirt and reveals that she was bitten on the chest by a walker during their walker killing moment. Spongebob wants to save her since she is all he has left but Grandma tells him that nothing can stop it, the bites or any form of scratch will kill you regardless of any medical treatment and also everybody is infected with the virus bitten or not. Grandma tells her grandson, Spongebob that she does not want to become one of those things and requests for him to put her down. Spongebob is distressed but reluctantly agrees and grabs Dan's handgun and after some hesitation, Spongebob shoots his grandma off camera putting her out of her misery and preventing her reanimation. The season closes as Spongebob breaks down in anguish and the camera zooming out of the complex and the ruined city. 

Season 2 (JUNE 2015- JANUARY 2016) Edit

Season 2, Episode 1 ~ No Man's Land - It is now Day 49 in the walker outbreak, 38 days after the events of the Season 1 Finale. The group has run out of food entirely going through all of the supplies they got from The Krusty Krab. Spongebob is now the leader of the group and is shown to be more stable than he was in Ep6 of Season 1 but not happy go lucky like he used to be. Spongebob says that the complex is starting to get unsafe now that the walkers from Season 1 as well as new walkers from other areas have infested the city. Squidward believes the world has ended and the dead have taken over and Spongebob only agrees with the takeover of the dead but believes the world has not fully ended and can still be lived in with carefulness since they have to constantly look behind or to the side of them or in front of them or even below constantly due to being in very dangerous territory. Kara agrees that it is mandatory to move now since it is very dangerous to be at a complex with very little defense. Spongebob says they have to get out of the city, less urban, less walkers, possibly more life. Squidward and Dan meanwhile stumble across a parking lot seeing just two cars and a camper. Dan attempts to jumpstart the camper, a walker sneaks up on him but Squidward stabs it in the head. More walkers start coming out. Dan has trouble starting the camper and Squidward tells him to leave it but at the last minute, he finally gets it running. Squidward climbs in to the passenger seat and with Dan driving, the two drive off driving over and flattening many walkers in the process. They eventually make it to where the others are and order them to get in. Most get in but the camper gets really crowded. After Eugene and Pearl climb in with everyone else, Kara attempts to get in panicking since walkers start to close in. Her slipper however makes her slip and fall to the ground. Much to Eugene's screams, the walkers topple Kara and rip her apart limb from limb. Eugene is fear stricken seeing his own wife being torn apart in front of him. Mermaidman closes the camper door and they drive off trying to get out of the city. Meanwhile, in the crowded camper, everyone but Kara is present. Spongebob has heard that Kara has not made it, Pearl cries softly and Eugene sits on the toilet(he's not using it) and pouts that he failed his wife hoping to let her survive longer. Squidward is still in the passenger seat and Dan is still in the driver's seat, Squidward asks Spongebob what's their next move. Spongebob is about to say to go more inland but then he gets an idea and tells Dan to drive to the far off outskirts of Bikini Bottom in between the beach and the hills. They are going to try and survive on the coast.  

Season 2, Episode 2 ~ Not So Dead - Dan follows Spongebob's new plan and drives everyone to the area between the beach and the hills. Poppy hopes they will have some safety, Eugene has come out of the bathroom and angrily ridicules Poppy calling her stupid thinking that they are as good as dead since this will just be another pipe dream. Poppy starts to cry, Mermaidman calms her down though and yells at Eugene to leave her alone. Eugene says, "Baaah."  Eugene pushes Tabitha out of the bathroom making her land on her brother Jake. Eugene closes the door loudly and locks himself inside. Mermaidman says "a*shole"  under his breath. Dan is still driving and looks angry that Eugene verbally assaulted his sister and physically assaulted his grandniece and indirectly assaulted his grandnephew. Eventually, the group makes it to Spongebob's promised land. They get out of the camper. Patrick is glad to stretch his arms and legs and Sandy agrees. Spongebob sees only two weak walkers stuck chained in mud puddles and many kayaks leaning against the seawall. They see a beach house on top of the hill and what appears to be a lifeboat stationed out on the water. Spongebob tells Squidward, Dan, Mermaidman and Pearl to check the beach house, they do so although Pearl does reluctantly since she is still devastated about her mom's death. Spongebob, Patrick and Eugene(he angrily volunteered) decide to use the kayaks to sail out to the lifeboat and see what that's about. Sandy and Poppy stay behind keeping their eyes on Jake and Tabitha. At the beach house, Squidward arms his gun when he hears a noise. Thinking it is a walker, Squidward gets ready to open the door, he does but instead of finding an undead cannibal freak, he finds a lobster survivor. The quartet gets their weapons ready but the lobster says he is not a threat. The lobster waves a white flag, seeing no weapons on him, the quartet lower their weapons. The lobster introduces himself as Larry Lobster, a 35 year old lobster surviving the outbreak in this beach house with one other buddy. Squidward asks him where this "buddy" is. Larry says his name is Don The Whale and he is on a run in the city right now. Squidward calms down and says to Larry that it is okay to go down to the beach right now since there are no walkers on it right now. Larry asks if Squid is sure, Squidward responds, "As sure as can be."  Larry emerges and sees that Squidward was right. He then notices other survivors kayaking out to a lifeboat. Squidward tells Larry that the kayakers are part of their group. Spongebob, Patrick and Eugene make it to the lifeboat and see five survivors occupying it. They beg to join Spongebob's group since they have been stranded on this lifeboat since the start and have just run out of clams yesterday. Eugene crudely says, "We're not looking for new people."  Spongebob tells Krabs to shut up and says the survivors can join them. The survivors are relieved. Patrick asks for their names. The survivors introduce themselves as Patricia Selby(age : Early 30's), a seaworthy captain who looks out for her group, she is their leader, the others introduce themselves as Hector Selby(Patricia's Dad; age : Mid 60's), Bubble Bass(age : Late 50's), Squilliam Fancyson (age : Late 30's) and Paul Redmond(Patricia's boyfriend ; age : Late 20's). Patrick takes out a bungee cord and ties it to the lifeboat and Spongebob, Patrick and a reluctant Eugene tow their new friends back to the beach.

Season 2, Episode 3 ~ Tactician - Spongebob, Patrick and Eugene have towed Patricia, Hector, Bubble Bass, Squilliam and Paul back to the beach. Squidward, Dan, Mermaidman and Pearl have returned with Larry. Sandy, Poppy, Jake and Tabitha also greet Spongebob. The others meet the lifeboat survivors and Spongebob, Patrick and Eugene meet Larry. After getting to know each other, Larry tells everyone that Don is stuck in the city and needs their assistance, he had just received a message from him through his walkie talkie. Spongebob asks Larry why Don is in the dangerous city all by himself. Larry says Don and him ran out of supplies a while back so Don decided to go into the city to find more. Larry reveals the message was that Don is stuck in a cafe' with several deadies surrounding the place. Patricia volunteers to go look for him but Hector tells her that this is the city full of walkers being discussed about and he does not feel comfortable with her risking her life. Spongebob says he will go since he has more of an idea to be safe in the city. Squidward and Sandy refuse to have him go alone and volunteer to go with him, Patrick also volunteers. Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward and Sandy are getting ready to go and order the other survivors to stay behind and figure out a base since this beach won't be clear forever precisely putting Dan and Eugene in charge. They accept. The scene cuts to a herd of walkers surrounding the Seatown Cafe' as revealed by Larry. Two walkers have rocks in their hands and begin pounding the rocks against the glass. Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward and Sandy are in the alley across the street pondering on what to do to rescue Don. Squidward suggests firing off gunshots in a different direction and then hide while the walkers lure themselves a different direction. Sandy suggests using agility to run and jump across the rooftops and then they can infiltrate their way into the cafe' in the back, kill any walkers back there, rescue Don and heading back to the beach without incident. Spongebob thinks both ideas are risky since the walkers could come into the alley way and they could fall off the roofs and make noise to attract them. Spongebob reveals he failed Gym Class when he was in school, so he goes with Squidward's gun plan. Squidward stations himself by the sidewalk while the walkers are still distracted and fires off two gunshots with his pistol and then runs fast and hides behind a brick building in an alley way. The walkers hear the gunshots but think it came from down the street and most break off roaming down the street. Ten walkers still remain at the cafe' window. After the 30+ walkers have went far away, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward and Sandy can easily take down the ten remaining walkers. The walkers notice them and attempt to attack them but the four quickly take them out with Squidward's crossbow, Spongebob's hatchet and Patrick's numb chucks while Sandy defends them. As they finish, they turn around and much to their horror see a new herd of 50+ walkers coming down a street two blocks away hearing the gunshots as well from earlier. The four panic since they can't take all those ones. Squidward finds a crowbar on the sidewalk Don probably used and he pries the others and himself inside. They eventually make it inside. Squidward and Sandy grab pieces of wood and hammer it onto the doors. They put one last piece of wood in between the door handles(just like in the DON'T OPEN DEAD INSIDE doors in Rick's hospital) just as the walkers arrive pounding at the doors and windows. The other herd from before turn around and see the new herd and realize they were tricked and advance their way back to the cafe' as well. Inside, the four survivors meet the person they fought walkers through to meet and rescue, Don.

Season 2, Episode 4 ~ Up Up And Away - Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward and Sandy introduce themselves to Don and say they are friends of Larry. Don, a bit mistrustful asks how old Larry is. Squidward replies with 35 years old, Don trusts them. Don says he was trying to scavenge supplies when that huge herd of walkers ambushed him. Don thanks them for leading the first herd away but they came back as well as a new herd and there are now about 80 walkers total outside. Don sees the crowbar in Squidward's hand and takes it claiming he dropped it in fear when he ran inside seeing the walkers. As the walkers continue to struggle getting inside, Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and Don discuss tactics on how to escape. They can't use Squidward's gun method anymore because, even though they are not extremely intelligent, they probably won't go in an opposite direction. Don thinks they should go up to the roof and wait it out, they will have to move on eventually. Spongebob thinks it could work but he does not want anyone else back at the beach to continue starving and possibly die of starvation. Patrick thinks all hope is lost but he glances out the window and through a small space not covered by walkers, he notices a propane tank on top of the roof of an adjacent building. Patrick then hatches an idea, he theorizes that if they go on top of the roof, they can spot the propane tank and use their guns to aim at it and shoot it and make it explode which will attract the walkers the other way, doing just a gunshot in another direction might not work. Spongebob thinks it is a bit far fetched but since they have no other options, they decide to go with Patrick's propane idea. Sandy also suggests that as soon as the walkers are lured that way, they can use their agility skills to run across the rooftops. Sandy reveals a rope and ties it around Spongebob's waist and hooks the rope onto a keychain on her butt and says to Spongebob to hold on to her shoulders, she did agility and track in High School before with someone on her shoulders and still succeeded. Patrick says he will try his best and Squidward and Don reveal they have long legs so they will be fine jumping. They finally enact their plan. They go on top of the roof. They see two construction worker walkers on top and push the walkers to their doom by pushing them off the building. Then they hear crying, Squidward goes around an air duct and sees two survivors, one young man crying and a young woman with her insides spilled out, the construction worker walkers torn into her. The young man notices Squidward and begs him to put her out of her misery as he can't do it. Squidward immediately does so by shooting an arrow into her head. He asks for the man's name, he says his name is Smitty, he is 17 years old and does not know what to do with himself anymore. The wounded girl was his girlfriend, Mae who was only 15 years old. Spongebob asks if he is dangerous. Smitty says, "Of course not."  Spongebob says he can join their group and they are about to get out of the city. Smitty asks how as there are many walkers below them. Smitty, Squidward, Spongebob, Sandy and Don then see Patrick aiming his pistol at the propane tank across the street. After two gunshots, one bullet hits the tank and the tank explodes. 

Season 2, Episode 5 ~ Messed Up - After the tank explosion, the walkers turn around and start roaming across the street. Back on the roof, Patrick orders them to stop standing around and jump. Patrick jumps and makes it safely on the roof. Squidward and Don do the same succeeding as well. Sandy and Spongebob run and jump and make it barely. Smitty is nervous and Squidward tells him to hurry up, they don't have all day. Smitty runs and jumps barely succeeding. Patrick has already jumped two buildings and orders the slowpokes to get a move on. After some agility and track shown, Spongebob and Sandy make it to the last building where Patrick, Squidward and Don are located at. It is Smitty's turn. He makes the run up but slips and falls off the building. He lands down in an alley way impaling his back and belly on a gated fence top. Three walkers were in the alley way. Sandy looks down and Smitty yells at them to escape. Patrick grabs Sandy and they as well as the others get down using a ladder on the other end. The walkers go up and bite into Smitty's face and body eating him alive while he screams. As soon as they get down, Smitty's screams while he is being devoured attract the 80 other walkers and they see Spongebob and the others and start roaming their way. The five survivors escape running back to the beach. At the beach, Poppy is worried about the other five thinking they are wasting their lives. Mermaidman eases her tension and philosophically says, "As long as you believe, you will succeed."  Poppy hopes so. Larry sits down on the seawall hoping that the other five will return. Hector Selby sits next to him eating a clam he found on the beach and the two engage in a conversation. Larry hopes his friend is okay as well as his new friends. Hector says he needs to have faith that they will make it out of the city alive. Larry asks what Hector did as a job before the world went to s**t. Hector says he was an English teacher getting ready to retire when the apocalypse hit. He favors quotes just like Mermaidman making him and Mermaidman the elderly moral compasses of the group. Hector says he has got to go find Patricia as the sun is setting but says to Larry if he wants to learn more English, he can ask him tomorrow. Larry accepts. Hector leaves to find his daughter who is having a conversation with Pearl. Outside the city, the group is catching their breath, they are just a half mile away from the beach. They see the walkers in the distance and they continue to run away to the beach. After some time, they finally arrive almost passing out from all that running. Larry and Don happily reunite with each other. Eugene is by himself looking out to the ocean and notices Larry and Don embracing each other, Eugene growls under his breath still in a bad mood and continues looking out to the ocean. After Hector and Patricia meet Don, they are all about to build their base when they see the oncoming walkers approaching the entrance of the beach.

Season 2, Episode 6 ~ Not Giving Up Yet ~ The survivors begin to group into one big group and run for the hills as the walkers start coming onto the beach land. The sun has set and the sky is mostly dark with light purple on the bottom. Eugene is still looking out to the ocean and hears screams, he turns around to see Tabitha stuck in quicksand and walkers approaching her. Eugene looks like he is about to rescue her but then realizes that she never did anything for him and leaves her running away. Bubble Bass sees her and runs as fast as he can. He pushes some walkers and frees Tabitha. As Tabitha runs away, Bass trips on one of the walkers he pushed earlier. He orders Tabitha to go and be with the group. The walkers topple him, bite him in the back neck as he groans in pain and he is overtaken and devoured by walkers while Poppy cries with anguish in the far off distance as she was becoming great friends with Bubble Bass off screen. The survivors relocate to the beach house. Squilliam is freaking out thinking they need to get to safety. Spongebob claims that they should hunker here but Squilliam yells at him saying that there are so many walkers down at the beach, they killed Bubble Bass and are heading up the hill. Spongebob tells him to shut up and trust him. Eugene sarcastically points out, "How original."   Spongebob, really starting to get annoyed of Eugene's rage, punches Eugene in the face and tells him to keep his yap shut as nobody asked him. Eugene glares at Spongebob and Spongebob gets an idea. He says that they need to fight the walkers, the time for running is over, now they need to have use in the world. Squidward agrees. Larry grabs weapons in the kitchen and gives them to the survivors without weapons and he tells them to go for the head or back neck. Stabbing anywhere else will not kill the zombie. Poppy then says somebody got to stay behind with the kids. Dan asks her to do it but Poppy refuses and says while she loves the kids, she fears for their safety and points out Tabitha almost died out there. Mermaidman says he will stay behind because, he is the oldest, 83 years old is not easy. Mermaidman, Jake and Tabitha go upstairs and lock themselves in a bedroom. The rest of the survivors go outside to defend their base from the undead freaks. As soon as the door opens, walkers begin to go for the survivors. Squidward shoots arrows into many walkers, a walker attempts to attack Patrick but Patrick picks it up and throws it into other walkers making them fall down the hill injuring themselves. Sandy shoots many walkers in the heads and Dan inserts his screwdriver into a few walker's heads. A walker that fell down rises up but is stuck on something, after some time, it frees itself but all of it's flesh is torn off in the process. The walker attempts to attack Don, Don gets the upper hand until another walker tackles him to the ground and bites into his neck. Don screams. Larry freaks out and Squidward stabs the walker in the head. Larry sees more walkers coming along and gets angry and starts rampaging and killing many of them at once. The group looks on seeing Larry finally snapping and rampaging the 40+ walkers left to deal with.

Season 2, Episode 7 ~ Self-Care ~ The group helps Larry since he can't take on all those walkers at once. Paul Redmond has killed a few more walkers with his knife but he sees three more walkers attempting to go for Patricia. He kills them but another walker bites his arm. He stabs the walker and Patricia and Spongebob help him into the house. Squilliam meanwhile stares at Spongebob. Spongebob bangs on the bedroom door for Mermaidman to let him in. Mermaidman opens the door and is shocked to see that Paul was bitten on the arm. While they are freaking out, Paul says, "Take it off."  They are shocked that Paul wants them to cut off his arm. Paul says it will be painful and barbaric but they need to do it otherwise he is done for. After some hesitation, they decide to do it and Mermaidman and Patricia tell Spongebob his place is here. He finally agrees. Mermaidman puts a cloth over the bitten arm, grabs Spongebob's hatchet and after a few seconds, slices the hatchet into the arm. Paul screams in agony. Mermaidman continues to slice the hatchet in, the arm eventually comes off and Paul falls unconscious. Patricia is crying and Spongebob looks disgusted that this world(not Mermaidman) just finds new ways to be even more cruel, barbaric and disgusting. Meanwhile outside, there are only 15 walkers left. Eugene kills many walkers but continues to be haunted by his memories of Kara in his mind. One walker goes on top of him and does not bite him but almost does. Squidward kills the walker by shooting an arrow into it's back neck. Squidward tells Krabs to thank him for saving his sorry a*s. Eugene looks around for a minute and sees Dan, Poppy, Patrick and Sandy killing the remaining walkers and says, "No way."  Eugene runs off to separate himself from the group. Larry looks at him running off after killing another walker and glares at him since he is becoming very unhinged. Larry looks at least more stable than Krabs is since he lost a friend and not a family member and has no family members left so there is nothing holding him back anymore. In the house, Mermaidman has wrapped up where Paul's arm was but tells Patricia that he is in critical condition and might not make it. Patricia sobs but tells Mermaidman to try his best. Mermaidman says he will. Spongebob exits the room and closes the door to get some fresh air but is tackled to the ground by Squilliam. Squilliam tries to stab his throat but Spongebob is doing all he can to hold back Squilliam's knife. Mermaidman and Patricia come out hearing all this ruckus. Squidward also comes into the house and prepares to shoot Squilliam. Squilliam however is shot twice in the stomach not by Squidward, not by Mermaidman, not by Spongebob, not by Patricia and not by Tabitha. Jake reveals that he took Patricia's gun and has shot Squilliam. Everybody is shocked. Spongebob thanks him and tells Squilliam if he has any last words. Squilliam weakly gives Spongebob the finger and Spongebob gets out his pistol and shoots a bullet into Squilliam's head silencing him for good. Then they hear another gunshot. The six survivors come out to see a group of living survivors revealing themselves by the seawall armed with guns and pointing said guns to the core group. They say, "Let's talk."  The screen fades to black.

Season 2, Episode 8 ~ Señor ~ Spongebob tells these new strangers that they can talk if they put their weapons down. After some time, the leader says, "Affirmative" and makes some finger gestures which is a signal for his group to lower their weapons. Squidward asks for their names and they better not be bad news. The leader introduces himself as Abuelito (33 years old and someone who looks out for his group). His partners are his two sisters, Rosa and Benita (both 30 years old), his only african american friend 41 years of age named Raisin and Raisin's 58 year old father, Anthony. They claim they were walking by when they saw a huge herd of walkers chasing some people and hearing screams. They watched the whole "show."  Eugene comes along eavesdropping on the conversation and angrily ridicules them of being blasted spies. Spongebob kicks him in the shin to shut him up and asks Abuelito where their base is. Paul Redmond meanwhile, has survived his amputation but is in great critical condition. Patricia asks Spongebob whose those people are. Spongebob says they are a hispanic group who are taking shelter at Alpha-Beta Manor and have four other guests there. Patricia asks Spongebob if they can be trusted especially since Squilliam turned on them. Spongebob tells Patricia that if they are bad, they will be the ones that will lose since it is 15 vs 9. Patricia hopes that they can finally be away from the walkers and start living again. Spongebob hopes so. The scene cuts to the group being led to the Alpha-Beta Manor by Abuelito, Rosa, Benita, Raisin and Anthony. Abuelito takes a deep sigh while smiling and opens the doors and says, "Welcome to the Old World." The group goes inside along with Abuelito and his group and much to their surprise see a huge goldmine of supplies, banquets of delicious food, drinks, snacks and deserts, plenty of meds and even crutches, plenty of beds and even an actual place to go to the bathroom. Patrick and Jake are overcome with joy and enjoy themselves. Spongebob is very impressed and asks Abuelito how he managed to have all this. Abuelito says that a rich couple used to live here and when the dead rose, the military supplied them a goldmine of toiletries to survive on, unfortunately for them, they did not know how to fight the walkers and met horrible demises to them. We then found this place the week after and have been surviving here ever since. Abuelito says the guard also put up a very secure wall around the premises as well as a gate door so they should not have any trouble with walkers whatsoever. Abuelito tells them to relax and stay a while as this manor is more secure and safer than that beach. The four survivors Spongebob mentioned about that Abuelito told him then show up, Abuelito introduces the Parker pair, Jack and Ruth, Jack : age : 27, Ruth : age : 28, Abuelito's best friend, Nacho, age : 35 and Nacho's dad, Mexicano, age : 60(Mexicano looks so good that he looks 50 despite being 60). Mermaidman asks Mexicano what his trick is. Mexicano is confused. Mermaidman says he is 83 years old and looks like an old fart not ready for this world and wants his hair and beard to be like Mexicano's dark hair. Mexicano says that he does not have hair dye which Mermaidman is kinda disappointed in hearing that. Abuelito orders Ruth who has medical experience like Mermaidman to treat them well and that they should stay awhile.

Season 2, Episode 9 ~ Welcome Back ~ It is now Day 55 in the walker outbreak but Spongebob and friends are spending their fifty-fifth day of surviving a horrible epidemic in happiness. Sandy does not really want to let her guard down but has a good feeling about this place and how it is exactly like the world they knew and lived in before. Jake, Tabitha and Patrick are in swimsuits and go swimming in the swimming pool. Mermaidman and Hector are the lifeguards. Squidward gets to use his crossbow for fun instead of killing undead monsters with it by practicing his aim on the archery range field. Poppy is helping Pearl and Mexicano clean the dishes and putting more food onto them. Finally, Spongebob is on the roof sightseeing the differences between their bubble of safe haven and a dead world surrounding them. Abuelito comes up to the roof and the two have a heart to heart talk about their leadership skills. Spongebob is honestly glad and happy to finally be away from a world of rampant death and agony and returning to civilization, or at least a part of it and that Abuelito and his gang are true live-savers. Abuelito appreciates his words and says that according to him, the world has not ended and that he is planning on using tools to expand the wall and hopes by in one year, he can have a wall surrounding the whole city and to kill every walker inhabiting the unsafe parts and with a few tweaks, make them voluntary safe-zones. Abuelito says that Donald Trump is his biggest inspiration and if he is even alive or not in the apocalypse, he would want a wall built for people at peace while walkers get to experience death and agony as they have been doing on innocent people that never did anything to the dead before. Spongebob claims he wasn't really a Trump supporter but he would be a guy to have around in the apocalypse. Abuelito is glad to hear that. After talking some more, they hear screams. Abuelito grabs his binoculars and looks out to see a pair of survivors, a young woman and a middle aged man wearing glasses fighting off a herd of about 40 walkers. Abuelito grabs out his machine gun and shoots down many walkers. Two walkers take the middle aged man by surprise and one of them bites him on the arm. The young woman screams before slicing her hatchet into both of the walker's heads. Then she sees Abuelito and Spongebob on the roof and Abuelito yells out to her to bring her partner and herself into the gate. Seeing Mermaidman and Poppy open a gate and several more walkers behind them. She grabs the man and makes a run for the gate. She makes it in and Mermaidman closes it on time. The rest of the group is outside and meet the two new faces. The young woman hugs Abuelito and thanks him for saving not only herself but her father as well. She introduces herself as Natasha(a 27 year old U.S Navy Seal in training) and the bitten man is her 49 year old father, Brick. Brick asks for the doctor. Ruth steps up and asks Mermaidman to help her since her and Mermaidman have the most medical experience of the whole group. Mermaidman agrees and tells Brick that they need to take off the arm if he wants to live. Brick is not looking forward to it but reluctantly agrees if it can save his life. Meanwhile, a few hours have passed. It is now 2 PM. Abuelito announces to everyone in the foyer that Brick may or may not live and to leave him alone while Ruth and Mermaidman work on him. Abuelito says he wants to expand the wall tomorrow so he wants to take Jack and Squidward to y him to get wall tools tomorrow. Squidward accepts and Jack seems hesitant but wants to earn his keep and agrees anyways.

Season 2, Episode 10 ~ The Northern Lights ~ The next day has arrived. Squidward, Abuelito and Jack are getting ready to go. Ruth kisses Jack and wishes him good luck, Rosa and Benita both kiss Abuelito and wish him good luck and finally, Poppy kisses Squidward and also wishes him good luck. The three set off. Meanwhile, Sandy is on watch duty and Mermaidman accompanies her. Mermaidman says that Ruth wants some privacy in treating Brick so Mermaidman accompanies Sandy. Sandy says she likes it here and while she does have a good feeling, something in her brain is telling her that this also could be just a facade and something darker they just can't see. Mermaidman says he is too old to notice any differences but thinks this could finally be their relief from their darker days. Mermaidman claims he still misses Barnacleboy but if he was still alive, he would try every chance to have him enjoy the old rules again. Mermaidman also says they might not have full on society back like they used to enjoy but that this is a good example of what was before and that Sandy should follow her heart and see what it has stored for the future. Sandy thanks Mermaidman as his morals always cheer someone up, kisses Mermaidman on the cheek and is relieved of her duty and goes to find Patrick, who is next.  Mermaidman smiles. Meanwhile, Poppy goes inside the medical office. She apologizes for intruding seeing Ruth work on Brick but Ruth says it's okay. Ruth says that the infection is really trying to get through and one simple mistake and it's all over for Brick. Ruth also reveals hedgeclippers Mexicano gave to her to use on Brick's head so he won't turn. Poppy asks her she is not trying to be snoopy but asks Ruth if she ever lost anyone in this world. Ruth sighs and says her parents were killed by walkers around the fifth day when everything went bad and her sister on the twenty second day since the walker outbreak went global. Ruth says she misses them and wished they had more of a chance. She also says that Jack is all she has left. Poppy, although she never knew them, offers her condolences. Ruth thanks her and the two hug. Outside the gates, Abuelito, Squidward and Jack have arrived at a construction site. They see many walkers in the distance. Jack gets nervous and asks them to hurry up and get what they need before they see what their insides look like. Abuelito says the walkers are far away and have very poor eyesight and as long as they are quiet, they can get what they need. The three begin to get what they need while a creepy soundtrack plays. Squidward packs some wall pieces in Abuelito's truck but sees even with a naked eye, a very faint light north of their position, Abuelito sees it too but thinks it is a fire and tells Squidward they need to get back to the manor. Squidward does what he says but still has a hunch that there could be survivors out that way. Before going, Jack sees one last piece on top of a back hoe and attempts to get it but slips and his hand accidentally turns the keys in the hoe's ignition turning it on. The back hoe is also very loud and the walkers hear it. One walker turns around to reveal it's warped face with an eyeball popping out and it's jaw hanging as low as it's breasts attached to stringy gums from the mouth. The walkers start roaming toward the location of Squidward, Abuelito and Jack.

Season 2, Episode 11 ~ Heart Failures Reveal ~ Abuelito turns off the back hoe and just when he is about to scold Jack for putting their lives in near danger. Squidward alerts him saying the walkers are coming their way. Abuelito, worried, quickly loads the supplies into the truck trunk. All three get in but when they do, they are surrounded by several hungry and angry walkers. Meanwhile at Alpha-Beta Manor, after having a chat about prostitutes and how the walker world finally got rid of them. Sandy sees Eugene and makes a joke to him about his wife and how she could've been a prostitute. Eugene, carrying his macaroni and cheese, slams it down to the floor in anger and angrily asks Sandy this question, "Are you cracking wise?!"  A Mickey Rooney reference.  Sandy, nervous, apologizes but Eugene does not accept her apology and asks Sandy why she thought it was a great idea to call his late wife a prostitute considering he is trying to get over being widowed. Sandy tells him to calm down as she was just joking and that Kara wasn't really a prostitute. Eugene says he will try to get her back for this. Mermaidman, Dan, Patrick and Pearl arrive trying to keep the peace. Eugene says he is not in the mood for fighting but warns Sandy to sleep with one eye open tonight. He pushes her and leaves while kicking over a rosebush. Sandy begins to cry that Eugene just assaulted her like that while Dan and Mermaidman calm her down. Spongebob meanwhile is trying to jumpstart a 1969 Chevy Oldsmobile but only for rusty and smelly oil to squirt in his face. Spongebob groans and goes to the bathroom to wash up. When going into the bathroom, he turns on the light and much to his horror sees the severed, zombified head of Mexicano with his head hung from the bathroom light. Back in the open, the three are able to get through the walkers but the walkers continue to chase after them. Abuelito does not want them led to the manor and Squidward gets an idea. At the Manor, Spongebob is informed with Eugene's altercation with Sandy earlier by Patrick. Spongebob storms into Eugene's room, grabs him by the shirt and lifts him up to the light fixture and calls Eugene a fat son of a b**ch for laying his filthy claws on Sandy. Eugene says that Sandy started it but Spongebob warns him to never do something that stupid again. Spongebob also tells Krabs if he murdered Mexicano. Eugene says he did no such thing nor would he want to. Spongebob glares at him and leaves. After they leave, Eugene opens a drawer in his room and takes out a pistol and loads five rounds in it. Outside, Squidward, Abuelito and Jack have returned to the beach from a few episodes ago. After putting down a zombified Bubble Bass. Squidward siphons some gas from the tank. The walkers begin to advance toward the survivors. Squidward takes out his last match he had on him and ignites it and pours the gas over an area. He throws the match onto it. Him, Jack and Abuelito escape as the walkers that chased them are engulfed in a huge fire. Evening has arrived at the manor, The group is cooking out at a campfire. As they are about to eat garlic mashed potatoes, Eugene comes along pointing his pistol to Sandy and Spongebob and says, "Fu*k you" to them. After exchanging some glances, Spongebob grabs out his pistol and shoots twice at Eugene but misses since the bullets go past in between his eyestalks. Sandy kicks Eugene in the stomach with her foot when he tries to shoot her air helmet to crack so he can kill her. He gets back up and screams with anger and is about to shoot Sandy but pauses. While Spongebob and Sandy point their guns to him. Eugene is gripping his heart and says, "Oh sh*t."  Eugene takes a few steps back to the side and falls down unconscious. Pearl is crying and yelling at her Dad to wake up. Mermaidman attempts to revive him but finds no pulse. Mermaidman refuses to do CPR in case if he turns. Spongebob gets out his knife. Sandy and Dan restrain Pearl and Spongebob stabs Eugene Krabs in the head ultimately killing him. Eugene's hand twitches since body parts do twitch after death but it knocks down a towel hanging up revealing tons of chained, jawless, walkers tied up in a straight line on a gated fence.

Season 2, Episode 12 ~ Hoarders And Psychos ~ The group is really shocked seeing the chained up walkers. Nacho, Rosa and Benita come out hearing the gunshots and see the walkers as well. Sandy confronts Nacho about this. Nacho says that walkers always tried to get into the premises and that this is a defense maneuver. Poppy, keeping her cool, says that there are plenty of other methods to keep their base safe but Nacho immediately disagrees saying that keeping the severed heads like this will hide their scent so when other walkers walk by, they will just walk by the building and continue on their trip. Sandy says this better be the reason and Nacho reassures him that it is. Nacho puts the towel back in hiding it again. Thunder is then heard, Nacho says it looks like a storm is on the way and it is a better bet to take shelter inside instead of cooking out. As they go inside, the group then remembers about Raisin and Anthony. Sandy asks Nacho where there at. Nacho says they are exhausted from fueling the generator all day that they went to bed early. Nacho says, "No more questions, go eat dinner and get ready for bed."  It is dusk.  Spongebob meanwhile, has finished eating smoked sausages and is getting ready for bed. He sees Patrick, Dan, Poppy and Sandy chatting by the staircase. Dan asks Spongebob that him, Patrick Sandy and Poppy are talking about that this place might be too good to be true and something darker might be linked to it after all. Spongebob says this is rather weird timing and notes that he found the severed and zombified head of Mexicano in the bathroom and he checked in the other bedroom earlier off camera and did not find neither Raisin nor Anthony. Sandy says that she no longer has a good feeling about this place and is hoping for Squidward, Abuelito and Jack to return and hoping to confront Abuelito about this since he is the leader of this place. Nacho then walks into the room and says it is exactly 8:33 PM. He asks them if they are going to bed yet. Dan asks why he wants them to go to sleep so bad. Nacho says, Abuelito is making a strict curfew when he gets back and it is set for 8:30 PM. After some hesitation, the five survivors finally go upstairs to rest. They close the door, dim the lights so Nacho won't come back and Poppy reveals that while she was doing laundry, she heard walker moans coming from a room. Pearl(who is still a bit mad at Spongebob that he had to kill her father) as well as the rest of the core group are in the room as well. Jake also tells his Grandpa Dan and Grandaunt Poppy that Tabitha went missing. Dan says that when everyone else goes to sleep, he will accompany Spongebob, Patrick and Poppy to this room to see what is the true hidden secret of this manor. Spongebob agrees and says their move is at midnight. Later, midnight has arrived, the halls are dark, everyone is asleep. Spongebob, Patrick, Dan and Poppy emerge from their bedroom quietly. Poppy leads them to this room with her and the others tip-toeing to make sure nobody is woken up. They finally arrive at the door, it is locked but Dan takes out a pin from his wedding ring and pries it into the doorknob lock and eventually gets the door open. Dan opens the door and much to his surprise and everyone else's, they see hundreds of decapitated walkers and chained walkers as well as the severed and zombified heads of Mexicano, Raisin, Anthony, Brick and........ TABITHA. Dan and Poppy are horrified seeing their granddaughter/grandniece decapitated and zombified. Spongebob then hears a noise and the four turn around to see Rosa and Benita and they glare at him saying they were not supposed to see their walker factory. Spongebob then hears three thuds, he turns around to see that Nacho has pounded Patrick, Dan and Poppy unconscious and he does the same to Spongebob as screaming sounds are heard.

Season 2, Episode 13 ~ Sickened To The Core ~ After some moments of going in and out of consciousness. Spongebob finally regains consciousness and so has Dan, Poppy and Patrick. They are hanging over a barbecue pit and their arms strapped on to a pole. Sandy, Pearl, Jake, Larry, Don, Patricia, Hector, Paul, Natasha and Jack(he returned) are also hanging over the pit. Squidward and Abuelito are nowhere to be seen. But then, emerging from the shadows is Abuelito, Nacho, Rosa and Benita and Abuelito says, "Ding Dong, the a*sholes are up."  Spongebob angrily demands what they are doing. Abuelito goes into story mode and claims that they found out their actual purpose for the future of the apocalypse. Abuelito claims he does not want to build more walls and he wasn't an actual Trump supporter. Abuelito says food and a shortage of it can eventually make survivors go insane and turn on each other. Abuelito does not like that at all and says he finds survivors out in the open for them to become part of his "campaign to revert the world to how it was once before"  and then he deceives them into trusting him and on their lowest guard, they will have their heads taken away from them in one huge slice to the neck, let the severed head reanimate and then stick it on the gates to mask their scent so they can live in peace and not agony. Abuelito hopes to kill the whole world so he and his people will have it all to themselves. Sandy calls them sick, twisted, monsters that are too cowardly to be straightforward. Nacho steps up and says that cowardly is not the correct word to use. Nacho then takes out his pistol and in only two shots, shoots the bounds holding Jack free making Jack fall into the fire. Rosa dumps more gasoline and Benita throws a match in the fire fueling it snd burning Jack more. Jack stops screaming, he has burned to death much to the horror of everyone else. Nacho says they are not to be messed with. They decided to spare Ruth and Mermaidman since they are doctors and they need them but everyone else will meet their deaths today. Abuelito in Spanish says, "Hasta luego"  while laughing and walking away. Benita is on watch. The survivors lay there hopeless thinking this might be it for them. Jake is shaking a bit. Pearl asks him why he is shaking, Jake says he really needs to pee. Sandy then gets an idea and whispers to everyone that they need someway to take their pants off and urinate on the fire putting it out and somehow tricking the others to escape. Spongebob thinks it is far-fetched but tries it. Suddenly, they see a gunshot go by and a bullet snipe Benita in the head killing her. Squidward arrives and says he has got a better plan. Spongebob asks what it is. Squidward turns on the sprinklers and after time passes, it puts the fire out. Squidward shoots their bounds free but instead of fire, they land safely on the mound the fire was on. They thank Squidward and they discuss methods on how to rescue Ruth and Mermaidman and escape this nuthouse and return to the beach house. While they discuss, Rosa reveals herself and Squidward goes up to her. She tries to shoot him but her pistol does not work as she has run out of ammo on target practice. Squidward takes her knife and Squidward slits her throat and stabs her in the head quietly.

Season 2, Episode 14 ~ Hounded Around Every Corner ~ Spongebob is visibly shocked that Squidward, the octopus he has known for many years has just slit someone's throat open but since Squidward is providing them a chance at freedom, they listen to everything he does. Many group members go outside. Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward, Sandy, Dan and Hector go to find Nacho and Abuelito to kill them. Hector tells his worried daughter that he will be alright. Spongebob, Dan and Squidward are one group to go find Nacho while Patrick, Sandy and Hector go to hunt Abuelito. Spongebob, Dan and Squidward stop by the swimming pool but hide behind one of the archery targets when Abuelito comes out to tell Nacho that in a few minutes they will burn the "squirrel slut" and the "bi**h a*s starfish"  and can't wait to have their very first two charred walkers. After Abuelito goes inside, Nacho continues watch. Spongebob, Dan and Squidward discuss how to kill Nacho by surprise. Spongebob says they should go right into attack mode, Dan says they should climb to the roof and jump on him and shoot him before he realizes who took him by surprise. Squidward says both ideas are stupid and risky. Then they hear a whisper saying, "How about stabbing a sponge, old man and octopus instead?"  They turn around to see Nacho with a bowie knife in hand. Nacho stabs Squidward in the hand but Squidward is able to get away. Nacho attempts to stick the bowie knife into Spongebob's throat but Spongebob is able to push him off. Just as Nacho attempts to get into attack mode again, Squidward impales Nacho through the back by throwing a harpoon at him. After some struggling and worming around, Nacho finally dies. Meanwhile, Patrick, Sandy and Hector are attempting to rescue both Ruth and Mermaidman. Ruth and Mermaidman meanwhile, have developed a plan to escape. Ruth pretends to be on Abuelito's campaign to claim the world for himself so when they leave, Abuelito won't be suspicious. They hear Abuelito's big boots walk by and Ruth yells at Mermaidman to stay before he receives a bullet to the throat. They hear silence for a minute but the boot sounds return but fade away since he walked away. Ruth continues to pretend yell at him. Patrick is right outside but thinks Ruth is actually bad since he does not know of the plan. Patrick cracks the window and shoots Ruth in the head, killing her. Mermaidman is upset and asks what that was about. Patrick however does not have time for questions and orders Mermaidman to get his butt out here. Mermaidman gets out and realizes they are escaping and tells Patrick that Ruth was deceiving Abuelito. Patrick realizes what he has done and totally regrets putting a bullet in Ruth's head. Sandy however says, they can mourn later because, they need to go. As they leave, Abuelito enters the medical ward and sees the dead Ruth and a broken window and grows enraged thinking Mermaidman killed Ruth and escaped. Spongebob, Dan and Squidward catch up with Patrick, Sandy, Hector and Mermaidman as well as the rest of the group. Squidward reveals that Nacho is dead and Mermaidman reveals that Ruth is dead. After some moments of escape planning, they are getting ready to escape but Spongebob is shot in the leg from afar. Abuelito reveals that he shot Spongebob's leg with a colt python revolver and gets ready to shoot Spongebob in the head but Hector intervenes attempting to stop Abuelito from making a huge mistake. Abuelito looks visibly annoyed, then gets even angrier and grabs Hector by the shirt and slams him up by the gate and grabs Nacho's bowie knife he recovered and slices open Hector's throat with it. Patricia immediately snaps and tackles Abuelito to the ground and beats him up for him hurting her father. Squidward and Mermaidman attempt to stop the blood gushing out of Hector's throat but it is too much at once and they are immediately overwhelmed and can not help Hector. Hector dies. Abuelito overpowers Patricia and is about to kill her but the reanimated corpse of Rosa bites him in the neck. As he deals with the undead Rosa. An undead Nacho bites him again, this time on the back. Poppy and Pearl reveal themselves and reveal that they opened the walker factory and released all the walkers inside. The walkers overwhelm Abuelito and devour him. Spongebob is not dead and is okay but his leg hurts and he sees Hector's corpse and is saddened since Hector was a good man. Patricia tells someone to step up and stab his head since she does not want to see him as a walker. Sandy steps up and gets ready to stab Hector in the head out of mercy but Poppy stops her and says she will do it. After being weak since Season 1, Poppy finally grows some balls and stabs Hector in the head as a mercy action and Poppy looks disgusted doing her first apocalyptic action to someone she knew. They pack up some supplies from the manor and abandon the manor planning on returning to the beach house. Season 2 closes off as more walkers start coming onto the premises eating what's left of Abuelito.

Season 3 (JUNE 2016-JANUARY 2017)

The Walking Dead : Spongebob has been renewed for a third season on October 5, 2015 and the season is set to premiere some time in Early or Mid June 2016 and the first half should be over in August and then the second half from December 2016 to January 2017.

Season 3, Episode 1 - Receive No Relief = The season opens with the sounds of chaos. Spongebob is then shown during night time looking at The Beach House which is being engulfed in flames. The scene cuts back to day time where the group is trying to recover from the events of 214. Poppy strangely is acting like nothing happened after she had to put Hector out of his misery and survives like usual. Sandy and Squidward are building a wall using supplies left over from the manor. Squidward decides to leave wanting to see if Poppy is alright. Spongebob and Sandy have a chat about what to do from here on out. Sandy thinks this house is not safe but Spongebob reassures her that there is nowhere else and she needs to look at the pro's. Sandy sighs and says ok and decides to leave to relax. The next scene cuts to Patrick teaching Jake how to catch clams secretly wanting to keep him a kid a little longer. Jake looks interested. The two then hear the sounds of helicopters and see them flying over them. Everyone else notices as well. Mermaidman thinks they have been saved this time by some good military. Spongebob is prepping Patrick, Sandy, Dan and Pearl to check this out to see if it is true. The four survivors leave to also find some supplies as well. The scene cuts to Patrick Star leading everybody to follow the helicopters and they are drawn to the city full of walkers. They watch but see the helicopters dropping objects. The objects explode afterwards. Sandy is confused but then recognizes the objects as bombs of napalm. The military has arrived and is napalming Bikini Bottom 58 days into the outbreak. The survivors lay there hopeless that their one chance of saving turned out to have been a facade. They turn back not wanting to see anymore napalming. Bikini Bottom is shown being fully napalmed. The scene cuts to dusk at the beach house, the group is cooking out with the clams they were able to catch. As they make the best of the situation. The helicopters have returned and spot the survivors. However, the military follow protocols from Operation Cobalt from Fear The Walking Dead. The survivors run away as the military begins to napalm bomb the beach house. The scene is back in present day, Spongebob finally stops staring at the growing fire and helps Patrick, Squidward, Sandy and Pearl transport supplies to the RV as this time, the beach house can not be saved. After Mermaidman and Jake put some supplies inside, they see walkers approaching the outer fences knocking them down attracted from the bombings. The group gets some more supplies in. Poppy fights off lots of the walkers. Natasha orders her to go and she will  fend them off but Poppy says she needs help but Natasha says she's got this and begins to shoot down walkers but runs out of bullets. Poppy tries to save her but it is too late and Natasha is grabbed and torn apart by the walkers. The surviving group members escort Jake to the RV and everyone except Natasha is accounted for. With Dan driving, they drive off as the Beach House is overrun with walkers once again but this time, permanently. The scene cuts to day time where the group is on the side of the road. The group is feeling hopeless but Spongebob forbids them to feel that way. Spongebob says they can't be pushed around anymore, from now on, they decide to be wary of strangers they come across so nothing like that happens again. Spongebob then stabs a walker in the head. 

Season 3, Episode 2 - Ground Zero = It has been one month since the cataclysmic events of 301. The group is taking shelter at a law firm in some suburban town. Squidward comes outside to check the traps which shows some dead sea-urchins and a dead worm which is good enough for him and he consumes the dead animals. The survivors hear a bell ring which is the warning mechanism they set up in case walkers decide to visit. The group slaughters a few walkers that approach the premises but everyone is forced back onto the road when more and more walkers begin showing up. The group continues walking along but hears the sounds of tents blowing in the wind behind a gated fence. They turn to see a seemingly abandoned National Guard camp. The group proceeds inside where they find decent amounts of supplies and Poppy also finds letters. Suddenly, they hear a gun click and everyone turns to see a little kid slightly older than Jake but not much and still pretty young pointing a pistol at them ordering them their names. Spongebob has everyone relax and they introduce themselves. Before more happens, an older man reveals himself and orders the kid named Johnny to get back into the station. He scampers off entering the guard station where an older woman and two teenagers are seen at. The older man asks what he can do for them. Spongebob says, "We won't hurt you if you won't hurt us."  The older man says he has no intentions to hurt them and says his name is Joshua Wilson. The kid from earlier is his son named Johnny. Joshua says they are just a family trying to live what this world became. Spongebob says he and his group are practically homeless and any past places they had did not work out in the future and they need somewhere to lay low until they figure out a safe zone. Joshua says they are welcome to stay here but warns that his other son and his wife have a bit of trust issues but they are good people. Joshua leads them inside the guard station. The scene cuts to Sandy and Poppy checking out the place and striking a conversation with Anita, Joshua's wife and the mother of their kids, Gregory, Jane and Johnny.  She says they seem like good people but it's pretty hard to trust anybody these days. Poppy agrees and they have a chat about what they did before the world became this way. Poppy reveals she used to be a boating teacher and Anita used to be a shop employee. Spongebob and Joshua are in the adjacent room talking about their survival instincts and the two instantly bond since both their people went under similar circumstances. Joshua offers Spongebob a cigar but he turns it down. Jake is talking with Jane and Johnny. Johnny apologizes for threatening them with his gun and reiterates what his mom said about trust issues. Jake understands and says he probably would've done the same. The two youngsters laugh and also bond quite well. Johnny also introduces Jake to his sister, Jane, who is pretty shy and not really talkative. Pearl and Gregory get to know each other and do a little more than bond. Squidward is leaning against a wall smoking a cigarette when he notices the same walkers from earlier entering the premises. Squidward tells everybody they got company. Spongebob, Patrick, Squidward and Sandy go out to deal with the zombies but Joshua and Johnny join them thinking they could use some help. The six survivors are doing good in dealing with the zombies but have to stop due to low ammo. There are about ten zombies left and although they are dealt with by knives by the other survivors and arrows by Squidward, it is revealed they got in through a breach. Joshua says that he and his people were going to leave before their new friends showed up and after this, it is a pretty good move to do now. Spongebob says he doesn't know where to go but Joshua suggests a hospital about 5 miles away as it is well guarded and looks safe, he has had his eyes on it since a supply run ages ago. The survivors decide to go for Joshua's plan and everyone leaves the camp but Jake notices an injured but still alive walker which he puts down which impresses Johnny. 

Season 3, Episode 3 - Survivors = One of the military jets that was seen in 301 is flying by and the military soldiers inside are satisfied with what they did with the napalm bombs but then a gunshot is heard and more gunshots start putting bullet holes into the jet causing it to go out of control. The jet is seen from a distance spiraling down out of control to the ground where it explodes and crashes until a huge puff of black smoke is seen. Some unknown survivors that are neither the main heroes nor the Wilson's are walking up to the crash site and see the dead soldiers who begin to reanimate as walkers. The soldiers are put down and one of the survivors(assumed to be the leader of his clan) orders three of his people seen in the camera which is a young man, young woman and a fat bubble to collect any supplies left and leave nothing behind before bashing in the dead soldier's head brutally with the butt of a shotgun. The scene then cuts to the main cast on their way to this so called hospital. Spongebob and Sandy have a chat. Sandy likes the Wilson's but they gotta make sure another "Abuelito" won't happen ever again. Spongebob says that will never happen again and says they got the firepower if the Wilson's are not good news. Poppy and Squidward are kissing each other back and forth and back. "Popward" anyone? Suddenly, they as well as everyone else see the jet from earlier crash into the distance and they see the explosion and smoke. The Wilson's run off in that direction to see if the survivors are okay and Spongebob and the group follow in pursuit. They are seen running into the direction which leads them to the hospital. Some members want to check this out but Squidward thinks it is a waste of time and says they should investigate the hospital first. They eventually agree. Everyone gets their weapons ready and are going to go and check to make sure no undead freaks are living in the hospital. They enter and split up. Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Pearl, Dan, Jake, Joshua and Johnny are investigating lots of rooms but find no walkers but when they get to the cafe,'  they see numerous dead corpses(some do not even look like walkers) and one measly walker wandering around. Patrick dispatches the zombie by using a rock to bash it's skull in. Squidward and Poppy meanwhile lead Mermaidman, Larry, Paul, Patricia, Anita, Jane and Gregory to unexplored parts of the hospital. A walker appears out of nowhere and almost bites Anita but Gregory kills the zombie by shooting it in the head with his shotgun. The noise attracts about eight zombies down the hall. They all do pretty well in taking them down. Anita goes to kill the last zombie but much to the oblivion of everyone else, this zombie scratches her on her right shoulder. She kills the zombie and does not want anyone seeing this and she hides her scratch. The survivors later regroup outside in the courtyard and every place has been checked and all nine zombies are down. As they prepare to move in, the same survivors from earlier emerge making them back off nervously and the leader is shown who says, "This is our territory."  303 concludes with a shot of the ground as numerous gunshots are heard off camera and blood is on the ground.

Season 3, Episode 4 - Go Away = The episode begins with blood on the ground. The scene cuts to one of the antagonists who has been shot by Sandy. He coughs up blood. A shootout is occuring. Man-Ray orders them to leave and that this place has already been claimed. Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy and Poppy are taking shelter by a car and discussing on how to take this hospital from these loons. Sandy suggests to shoot back like they did before with Abuelito. Patrick sees one henchman coming along ready to kill them but he is able to shoot him in the head first. Patrick then kicks his corpse into approaching walkers since they were attracted by gunfire. The scene cuts to Jake and Johnny taking shelter beneath dead walkers. Jake comes across a live walker but is able to stab it in the head. Johnny thinks they should try and shoot the men on their own but Jake says that it is better to hide or they will be eliminated fast. The two hide under corpses as The Dirty Bubble and others run by. Man-Ray has entered into the hospital and is using a room as a place to try and kill the survivors from. Squidward is dodging bullets and he sees a walker approaching. Squidward takes his knife and cuts the head off while taking cover and he throws the head to an unsuspecting attacker and the head rips out the attacker's jugular as he is devoured in agony by more approaching walkers. Man-Ray sees that his group is being eliminated one by one and he tries to call for backup but Connie, Man-Ray's rude girlfriend says they are at the dock factory. Man-Ray orders his people to abandon the hospital. Man-Ray is running out and sees Spongebob. Man-Ray tries to shoot him but Spongebob shoots first and misses Man-Ray's head nailing some other attacker in the head instead. Man-Ray, Connie and six other men escape mostly unharmed although one was shot in the foot but not killed by Patrick. Spongebob and the group continue clearing out the walkers at the hospital. After they finish, Spongebob is going to enter the med room to find some antibiotics but he sees The Dirty Bubble, one of Man-Ray's people bound on the chair and Patrick, Sandy, Poppy and Jake keeping guard.

Season 3, Episode 5 - Stolen = Spongebob asks the quartet how they captured this psycho. The Dirty Bubble, in his loud southern accent yells at him to shut up only to be punched by Sandy. Patrick says he and Sandy got ahold of his gun when he dropped it after being shot by Poppy during the battle and they bounded him soon after. The Dirty Bubble threatens the group saying that Man-Ray will wage vengeance if they don't let him go. Poppy coldly responds saying that they handled them before, they can handle them again. Poppy then asks the group to leave saying she will keep an eye on "S**t for brains."  Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy and Jake leave as Poppy duct tapes The Dirty Bubble's mouth not wanting to hear another word out of him. The scene cuts to Squidward who is being examined by Mermaidman for a cut he received as he was grazed on the back shoulder by a bullet during the battle. Squidward is determined to leave but Mermaidman says he must stay, he is at quite a risk for blood loss if he remains active. Squidward stays silent for a minute but then asks Mermaidman if he ever had a ruined childhood. Mermaidman says he didn't but his father and him were pretty sour at each other for years due to a dispute on summer jobs. Squidward reveals to Mermaidman that his father ruined his childhood too but in a different way. Mermaidman bandages up Squidward's cut and orders him to rest much to his dismay. The scene cuts to an ugly looking factory by a dock with chained walkers on the outside. Connie is seen walking down a hall frustrated over their loss of true sanctuary before delivering a slug to a relaxing Man-Ray. Man-Ray uses a hammer and beats the slug's brains in with it. He then swallows the slug. Man-Ray tells Connie that they will win this conflict. Connie snobbishly asks how. Man-Ray reveals he stole Squidward's crossbow and is thinking of popping Squidward right off the bat with one arrow. Before Connie could judge Man-Ray's motives, Man-Ray hears a voice which is Spongebob's on his walkie talkie. Spongebob attempts to strike up a deal with the man. Man-Ray surprisingly agrees which infuriates Connie. Man-Ray asks him to meet him at Catalina Dock around 2 noon if he still keeps track of the time. Connie tries to spill her anger onto Man-Ray but Man-Ray says it is a ruse to kill them quicker. Connie smiles now relieved. Man-Ray gets up and says he will use the chained walkers and is going to "polish them."  Man-Ray leaves and Connie follows in pursuit. The scene cuts to a clearly dying Dirty Bubble and Poppy sharpening her knife. The Dirty Bubble lies in these words, "We are not bad people! You attacked us first and we only fought back in self defense, you practically just stolen our sanctuary!"  Poppy says, "Nice try, being a teacher for 30 someodd years, lies are easy to detect."  As she finishes, she sees The Dirty Bubble just about dead and Poppy decides to finish him off by punching him off-screen, something Jake witnesses in disgust. Spongebob is about to get the Dirty Bubble but Poppy stops him. She says she already took care of him. Poppy shows Spongebob TDB now reanimated as a walker in the movers truck. Spongebob looks on and says, "It could work."   The scene cuts to the same van driving by the dock. Exiting is Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Poppy and Jake and they face Man-Ray, Connie and the others. Spongebob tells Man-Ray that their guy is in the storage and they may retrieve him. Man-Ray signals for everyone else to hold the group down as he inspects. He opens the doors only for a zombified Dirty Bubble to barge out. TDB bites Man-Ray on the leg and Man-Ray screams before being able to stab and pop The Dirty Bubble.

Season 3, Episode 6 - Thank Me = 306 opens with Man-Ray looking hopeless. He orders Connie and the others to kill them all before brutally slicing off his own leg as he screams even louder and more painfully trying to keep the infection from spreading. Connie shields the whole army and they use garbage can lids to block gunshots. An attacker named Freddy blocks a gunshot from Sandy and is able to shoot Patrick in the arm but also just grazing it. Sandy shoots Freddy in the head killing him. Connie says they are bringing out the big guns and runs off to get some stuff as two more members of her army are killed by Sandy and Spongebob. Meanwhile at the hospital, Mermaidman is reorganzing his hospital when he notices Anita in the hallway looking like she is in pain. Mermaidman walks up and Anita tries to run away but Mermaidman has already noticed her scratch, or even bite, on her shoulder and notices she is much paler than usual. Pearl Krabs and Joshua Wilson are called down and Joshua is mad that Anita has been keeping this a secret for how ever long. Anita can't respond though since she is starting to succumb to the infection. After a moment of hopelessness, Pearl Krabs breaks the silence and says they need to put her down which stuns Joshua and Mermaidman. Back at the loading dock, Man-Ray crawls into his office with only one leg and has lost lots of blood. He is desprately looking for bandages but finds duct tape. It's good enough. He wraps the slice to prevent even more blood loss. Man-Ray crawls away from sight and then... passes out. Connie is on the dock with eight more men and the two from before after calling backup and they shoot back. Sandy Cheeks shoots one of the men but is grabbed in a headlock by a psychotic lunatic who is part of Man-Ray's group and he has a hammer and reveals his name to be Ronald and he threatens to crack her air helmet and as an example, cracks it a little bit. As Spongebob and Poppy try to stop him, Sandy kicks Ronald in the frontal area and uses karate on him and then grabs his hammer and brutally hammers his head in while screaming. Spongebob, Patrick, Poppy and Jake are shocked. Patrick Star is then grazed on the arm again and as he yelps in pain, he sees his shooter and gets red hot angry and shoots him back along with many other men. They flee like cowards and Connie chases them down. Spongebob says they need to follow but tells Jake to stay behind and help Patrick stop bleeding. Spongebob, Sandy and Poppy go after the surviving antagonists. Back at the hospital, Anita is as white as a ghost and has passed out, well, persay.  Mermaidman is trying to listen for a heartbeat with his stethoscope. Then he takes it off and informs the other Wilsons and Pearl Krabs that she died. Johnny begins to cry and Gregory and Jane comfort him and Joshua just leaves the room in shock. As they are all distracted, Anita's eyes open but not alive, she has reanimated into a walker which freaks out the Wilsons. The zombified Anita tries to attack Mermaidman but Pearl stabs her in the head with Anita's former knitting needles and apologizes as she is put down. Joshua looks stunned. At the loading dock, as Spongebob, Sandy and Poppy advance along, they hear gunshots and run back to where Patrick and Jake were but can not find them. Connie then interrupts and says, "Thank me for the live bait."  Connie then shoots Sandy's air helmet cracking it more.

Season 3, Episode 7 - On The Fourth Wall = The episode opens up with Mermaidman burying Anita and Pearl helping him and Joshua begins to tear up and after some time passes on that, he walks away presumbly to break down. Mermaidman tells Pearl to follow him and comfort him which she does. The scene cuts to a barely conscious Sandy with 3/4 of her helmet cracked and water is beginning to tinker in a bit. Spongebob is beginning to panic and does not want to lose Sandy. Poppy then reminds Spongebob that Patrick and Jake are also in danger. Spongebob is at an absolute conflict right now if he should save his best friend and a little kid first or his girlfriend. Before he can answer though, Poppy says she will rescue Patrick and Jake and Spongebob thanks her and says he will do all he can to save Sandy. They then both kill a few walkers approaching them. As Poppy enters the same room Connie entered and Spongebob picks up Sandy and they go elsewhere, a huge herd of walkers is approaching the docks attracted from all of Episode 6's gunfire. Meanwhile, Patrick Star and Jake have duct tape over their mouths and are bound facing away from each other. Jake tries to escape but Patrick Star whimpers as a signal not to. Jake doesn't listen but then feels someone touch him and it is one of Man-Ray's henchmen named Montgomery and he orders the little kid to stop struggling or he will get a stick up his butt. Jake assumes Montgomery is a pedophile and is able to kick him. Montgomery grows furious and tries to discipline Jake until Connie walks in telling him to save his strength. Connie then rips the duct tape forcefully off her captive's mouths. After just Patrick screams and whimpers in pain, Jake is angry and tells Connie to let them go. Connie says she can not do that and that they started this problem in the first place before slapping Jake. Connie then reveals that they are both dying today and they will be used as a trap so they can capture Spongebob and Poppy and kill them. Montgomery asks Connie if the squirrel b**ch is dead. Connie then gets annoyed and says that she shot her air helmet and Ronald cracked it earlier before he died and it probably caved in. Montgomery sighs and then gets weird and says if he can touch Jake which Connie turns down and calls her partner a pedo and instead says to guard them and make sure they don't escape. Connie leaves to hunt down the others. Montgomery sits on a chair and stares at Jake which creeps him out. Montgomery then falls asleep and Patrick whispers to Jake telling him to use his finger nails to cut them out. Jake decides to and starts doing that. Poppy is carefully walking about the room and hears the walker crowd outside but she pays no attention to that and is looking for Patrick and Jake. After inspecting a few rooms, she enters one room and finds one of the henchmen and he tries to attack her but Poppy stops him and stabs him in the head and grabs his mask, knife, gun and all his clothes and camoflauges herself as one of the henchmen and now walks normally. Later, Spongebob sees the walker crowd and desprately tries to flush the water out of Sandy's helmet. Sandy tries to say something but can't. Spongebob begins to panic which draws the attention of a couple of walkers. Having no other choice, Spongebob is forced to take off the helmet and throws it elsewhere making it shatter and drawing the walkers over there. Spongebob then sees that Sandy has fallen unconscious and quietly goes into the dumpster they are at and looks for something to use. At the Hospital, Joshua is by Anita's grave and Pearl walks up to him and says she is sorry for his loss. Joshua however is not pleased and says to Pearl how would she know how he feels. Pearl starting to get a bit aggravated says she lost her mother to zombies which sent her father down a path of destruction and later his own death and knows what is happening. Joshua simply tells Pearl to stay away from his family before walking away. Pearl sighs and walks the other way. Back in the room, Jake finally is able to cut the ropes which wakes up Montgomery. Montgomery just laughs and says that he wants this the hard way and grabs Jake by the butt and begins trying to take off his clothes and Jake begins screaming for help. Patrick tries to help but is stopped in his tracks by Connie with a double musket shotgun asking him to sit down if she was him which he does. Poppy is nearby and hears her grandson's cries for help and enters the room. Connie and Montgomery see her but mistake her for a henchman and Connie asks her "him" to help. Poppy in response shoots Connie in the gut and shoots Montgomery in the butt. Poppy then reveals herself to them and Jake zips up his pants and hugs her and so does Patrick. Montgomery groans and Jake goes over the "fourth wall" and grabs a rock, Patrick knows what he is going to do and tries to talk him out of this but Jake ignores him and Jake begins bashing in Montgomery's brain calling him a disgusting, dirty and foul pedophile. After he is done with that which shocks Poppy and Patrick. Connie begins laughing and says the kid is tougher than she thought but says he is still not strong enough to survive. She then insults Patrick calling him a pussy and then says to Poppy that old ladies don't get to survive. Poppy has heard this before and Connie stands up and surrenders. Before more can happen, a door on the other side is busted open and walkers stumble in. Poppy apologizes before pushing Connie into the walkers allowing them to eat her alive. Patrick, Poppy and Jake leave as Connie is brutally consumed by the dead. Episode 7 ends as Spongebob finds a pickle jar, absorbs the water and puts it over Sandy's head. He gets no pulse but wants her alive.

Season 3, Episode 8 - First, Second And Last = Episode 8 opens with the walkers beginning to advance further into the factory's hallways and now among them is a very skeletal looking and zombified Connie and they can even be seen on the surprisingly still working, security cameras. Man-Ray has regained consciousness and looks for something until spotting the walkers on the camera in his office which freaks him out. The walkers hear a crash noise after Man-Ray accidentally crashes into a table and start moving toward his door. The scene cuts to Patrick, Poppy and Jake running outside but they see over 70+ walkers and no sign of Spongebob and Sandy. They run off still not accepting that their friends are dead but notice some of Man-Ray's men emerging and committing suicide since they saw Connie's corpse and are assuming Man-Ray joined the dead as well. Spongebob, meanwhile is really trying to get Sandy to wake up. Suddenly a walker surprises him and goes over him. After some struggling, Spongebob is able to stab it in the head. He grabs Sandy's body and they enter the dumpster to hide from the other walkers. Man-Ray to continue on, starts to cry thinking this is it for him until he hatches an idea. Man-Ray opens a drawer and finds many puzzling pieces and begins to make something. At The Hospital, Dan and Larry both begin to worry about Spongebob, Sandy, Patrick, Poppy and Jake. Squidward once again offers to go look for them. Mermaidman admits he is worried too but tells Squidward to lay low. Squidward gets a bit aggravated and tells Mermaidman he is feeling up to it but Mermaidman, and the first time ever, yells at the top of his lungs for Squidward to stay here. Squidward sighs and goes to lay down. Larry says he will go and Dan volunteers and so does Pearl. Mermaidman also volunteers and tells Patricia and Paul to guard the hospital. Dan gets the camper going and gets into the drivers seat as Pearl, Larry and Mermaidman enter and they set their destination for The Docks. Patrick, Poppy and Jake continue along until some crazy lunatic as crazy as Ronald comes lunging out and he tackles Jake to the ground. This guy reveals his name to be Snake and says he will kill the kid and says that they ruined everything. Patrick tries talking him out of this. Jake then kicks Snake and Poppy shoots him in the head. They move along but not before Jake grabs Snake's gun which does concern Poppy. The scene cuts to Spongebob beginning to cry as he takes shelter inside the dumpster with Sandy. Sandy coughs a bit and Spongebob is feeling hopeful. Sandy tells Spongebob she does not want to become a walker and also does not want to meet her end in a smelly dumpster. Spongebob in response picks her up and they emerge outside. Spongebob asks Sandy to stay there and Spongebob begins shooting down the walkers. Patrick, Poppy and Jake kill some walkers when they hear Spongebob's gunshots. They walk up and see what has happened. Spongebob is glad they are okay and informs them of what happened. As they converse about this, they hear a crash noise. Man-Ray has busted through his window and begins hopping away into the woods with the walkers following him. Jake wants to go after him but Spongebob tells him not to, it's not worth it and he is as good as dead. Jake does what he says. Suddenly, they see the camper and Dan comes out and orders Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Poppy and Jake to get in. After that, they reunite with Pearl, Larry and Mermaidman. As Dan drives them back, Mermaidman asks Spongebob what happened to them seeing them in their state. Spongebob does not respond but then Jake breaks down. Poppy says something violent happened to Jake sexually and that is all she is saying. Mermaidman realizes what happened to Jake and everyone else and is stunned. Cliffhanger.

Season 3, Episode 9 - Try Me = Spongebob, Patrick, Sandy, Jake and Mermaidman go to begin training for possible future conflict if Man-Ray returns. Meanwhile, Squidward, Mrs.Puff and Paul meet some new survivors but immediately do not trust them and strike first while also taking some captives.

Introducing : Brion - Age : 29

Andy - Age : 37

Sherry - Age : 24

Kenny - Age : 42

Opal - Age : 21

Gambini - Age : 57

3 deaths : Andy - Shot in the head by Squidward. (309-309)

Kenny - Shot in the head by Mrs.Puff. (309-309)

Gambini - Head smashed in with a brick by Squidward when Squid overheard Gambini talking to Sherry about having to kill the squid and the old b***h for killing their friends for no reason. (309-309)

Season 3, Episode 10 - Scratched = TBD

Season 3, Episode 11 - Stars = TBD

Season 3, Episode 12 - Unite = TBD

Season 3, Episode 13 - Two Ways = TBD

Season 3, Episode 14 - Guts = TBD

Season 3, Episode 15 - War = TBD

Season 3, Episode 16 - There’s Always One More Bullet = TBD

Ideas Edit

Season 3's path has been decided, idea poll currently closed. Will reopen in February 2017.

Teasers Edit


Immaturity ~ May 3, 2014 ~ A group of three eighth graders named Carlos, Ricky and Newman are surviving five days into the zombie apocalypse. They make their last broadcast with a camera and want to reenact scenes from the show, Jacka*s using a tied up walker. Unfortunately for them, the walker breaks free after a few stunts and topples over Carlos and rips him apart while Ricky and Newman run away in fear.

Power Plant Struggle ~ May 6, 2014 ~ Two Power Plant Workers named Tim and Ellis are the last two men locked in a control room on the second day of the outbreak and trying their best to keep the power running while their former coworkers are all zombified on the other side of the door. A meltdown then begins after one of the walkers brushed against a lever outside. After some time, the power plant catches fire. The walkers also break through and devour Tim and Ellis. After this, lights out for everyone.

Sea Legs ~ May 9, 2014 ~ Four survivors named Patricia, Hector, Bubble Bass and Paul (who are supporting characters in season 2 and excluding Hector and Bubble Bass, series regulars for season 3) finally emerge from their ranch house on the twenty ninth day of the outbreak. They run for the coast as many walkers chase them. They see walkers eat a fisherman alive and eventually are forced to steal his lifeboat. They sail out to the high seas as the walkers go in the water and go under.


W ~ March 10, 2015 ~ A quick glimpse of many walkers terrorizing a parking lot and Squidward gets in an RV and kills a walker is shown.

Giligan's Island 2.0 ~ April 30, 2015 ~ The group drives to the coast and Spongebob sees a lifeboat and what appears to be people out on the water.


Improbable Kills ~ March 11, 2016 ~ A quick glimpse is shown showing Squidward slamming a shovel into someone's face, Mermaidman kicking two walkers with both his feet down a fire escape, Sandy and Paul stabbing two survivors and Spongebob punching and stabbing a walker.

This Is How We Survive ~ May 1, 2016 ~ A quick teaser is shown showing Spongebob and an unnamed survivor that looks like a good guy having a chat about survival. 4 other scenes are shown showing Dan and Pearl with a shocking look on their faces, a horde of walkers, Squidward with zombie juices all over him and Poppy saying a threatening message to someone. Spongebob also kills a walker.

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