The Teenjverse is a fictional shared universe of action/super-hero themed Spin-Offs produced by teenj12. The universe began unofficially in 2010, with the premiere of Team SpongeBob.

Conception - Edit

In 2010, teenj12 created his very first spin-off, Team SpongeBob. By 2015, teenj expressed interest in adapting the International Justice League of Super-Acquaintances into a spin-off, which was to be set in the same universe as Team SpongeBob. However, he decided to retool the idea, and tell the stories of the I.J.L.S.A members separately, all leading up to an eventual I.J.L.S.A show. The first show intended to build this inter-connected universe was Miss Appear, which premiered in 2016.

Spin-Offs - Edit

  1. Team SpongeBob (July 27, 2010 - Present) 9 Seasons
  2. Miss Appear (January 30, 2016 - Present) 2 Seasons
  3. Captain Magma (July 18, 2016 - January 26, 2017) 1 Season
  4. The Quickster (TBA)
  5. Mermaid Man vs Barnacle Boy (TBA)

Crossovers - Edit

Storm Racers (with Team SpongeBob; 2 Episodes) Edit

Team SpongeBob crossed over with the popular series, Storm Racers (created by Jjsthekid), in the second episode of it's sixth season, 'Team Undersea Force'. The episode established that the world of Storm Racers exists in an alternate universe to the shows of the Teenjverse. In Storm Racer's third season, the shows crossed over again in an episode called "Team Undersea Force Redux", when an Undersea Force member once again accidentally ends up in Team SpongeBob's world through a dimensional breach. In the tenth episode of Team SpongeBob's eighth season, "Domination (Part 2)", Senato from Storm Racers is briefly seen when Debbie Rechid is inside the Gateway, viewing different dimensions and universes within the Multiverse.

2017 Crossover (TBA) Edit

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