The Squirrely Adventures of Sandy Cheeks is a spin-off created by CF.

Premiered : August 2009
Ended : November 2009
Status : Ended

The Show is about Sandy going back to Texas and we meet new family members of hers such as Squeaky. She also has adventures at her school and home. The show was sadly cancelled. But CF still thinks she did a good job with it.
Season 1

Ep 1: Back Home in Texas
Ep 2: The Stormy Night
Ep 3: Squeaky's first Day of school
Ep 4: Sandy's Squirrely Boyfriend
Ep 5: School Troubles
Ep 6: A visit to conch city
Ep 7: Prom Night
Ep 8: Zoo Madness!
Ep 9: That's Zit!
Ep 10: The Squirrely Disease
Ep 11: Picture Day
Ep 12: Squeaky's Halloween Adventure
Ep 13: Curiosity Killed the Squirrel

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