The Squidward vs. Wander Chronicles is a spinoff created by Milkmaidman and President Squidward.

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Wander Over Yonder is a show about Wander, an optimistic, yet sometimes annoying character who saves planets from the destruction of Lord Hater with his Spornak/horse, Sylvia. Several members thought if WOY did a crossover with Spongebob, it would be neat. Two of those members were Milkmaidman and President Squidward. They eventually made a PM in which they talked about possible ideas of the crossover, and one idea came to be the show's first episode. MMM and President Squidward took turns writing parts of the story, and posted the "episode" on SBM/SBC. Some people demanded for a sequel, so the Squidward vs. Wander Chronicles was born.


MMM and PS share and write the ideas for the episodes down in a PM.


List of EpisodesEdit

1. Squidward vs. Wander in the Greatest - November 10, 2013

2. 72 Hours - November 24, 2013

Episode TriviaEdit

One episode has been posted on SBM but not SBC. This is because the episode dealed with events that only took place on SBM.

72 Hours is the first episode where only one person wrote the episode (MMM). 72 Hours is also based on a roleplay MMM and President Squidward at the beginning of the episode's production.

One episode has been cancelled. (The Thief War)

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