The SpongeBob Show is a TV show and spin-off series to the show SpongeBob SquarePants.


These are the shows characters, which can be viewed here: The SpongeBob Show/Characters

Season 1Edit

  1. Welcome to Bikini Bottom
  2. Lobster Troubles
  3. The Ice Cream
  4.  Attack of the Giant Plankton!
  5. Larry SquarePants
  6.  Krusty Krud
  7.  Bash Hinging Kasher
  8. SpongeBob on Land
  9.  Star Family Reunion
  10. The Spatula
  11.  All Dried Up!
  12.  Scary Face
  13.  Sandy vs. Randy
  14.  Travel to Land
  15.  Night of the Walking Gary
  16.  Super-Patrick

Season 2Edit


Unconfirmed season 2 episodesEdit

Bruised Sponge

Time Traveling Doofus'

Its a Me, a SpongeBob!

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