The Simpsons Bob
The Simpsons Bob
Season 1, Episode 7
Air Date September 6, 2014
Prod. code 107
Writer(s) Jamari Saint Cyr, Homer Simpson, Shaggy Rogers
Director TBA
Previous Framed
Next Wild Goose Chase

The Simpsons Bob is a crossover episode between the LEGO Simpsons and Bob SquarePants. It will be the 7th episode in Season 1 of Bob SquarePants . 


The Simpsons are on a road trip and their car crash lands in Lego City. Spongebob greatfully takes them in as guests until they get their car fixed.


SpongeBob SquarePants as Himself

Patrick Star as Himself

Luna Lovegood as Herself

Super Mario as Himself

Toad as Himself

Carson Kabra as Ian

Guest CastEdit

Homer Simpson as Himself

Marge Simpson as Herself

Bart Simpson as Himself

Lisa Simpson as Herself

Maggie Simpson as Herself

Ned Flanders as Himself

Ralph Wiggums as Himself (Cameo)

Mr. Burns as Himself (Cameo)

Abarham Simpson as Himself (Cameo)

John Hermendez as Principal Joe 





A leaked video from The Simpsons Bob and right now available to those with a link


  • This is the first crossover in the Bob SquarePants series.
  • This is the second episode to have a sub plot in Bob SquarePants, first being School Bullies .
  • This is the second episode where school property gets vandalized, first being A New Enemy .
  • The date was conforimed on September 4.

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