The Naughty Nautical Adventures of Patrick Star is a comedic spin-off created by Fa. It was originally created on October 10th 2013 to a strong amount of fanfare. However Fa's departure from SBC in late 2013 doomed the show's initial run two episodes in. In September 2015, Fa revived the show, giving it more a stoner edge and randomness. It is rated Mature.

Characters Edit

Patrick Star: The "protagonist" of the series. Patrick is usually stoned or attempting to get stoned. Many episodes have the central plot of Patrick trying to fulfill the goal of earning food, seaweed or usually both. He speaks of some neighbors of his, but little is known from this point on. He works at the Krusty Krab as a "garbage inhaler."

Squidilius: Squidilius is the name of the alien monster that has taken host in Squidward Tentacles' body following his freedom from the Trail Mix Cake Mix. He has appeared to be very strong and artistic, even in Squidward's body. Although he plans to destroy the lifeforms of Earth, especially humanity, he shows a sort of remorse towards Patrick for freeing him. Still he is vain and egotistical of his power.

Eugene Krabs: Employer of Patrick at the Krusty Krab. Considered a crustacean asshole.

Episodes Edit

Season 1:

Episode 1: Patrick tries to get a new Fishbox (airdate: 10/10/13)

Episode 2: Patrick attempts to get his Boating License (airdate: 10/14/13)

Episode 3: Patrick tries to Make Dinner (Airdate: 09/3/15)

Episode 4: The Big Pink Machine (Airdate: 09/4/15)

Episode 5: Clarinet Sounds (Airdate: 09/5/15)

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