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The Life Of Living Patrick!   Edit   Comments0 6,969PAGES ON


The life of living Patrick! is a currently ongoing/active spin-off of SpongeBob SquarePants by LKAD. After being taunted and laughed at by Squidward, Patrick decides that he is indeed an idiot and decides to leave Bikini Bottom forever for Starville, where he meet new friends, acquaintances, villains and others as he starts a new life. EVERY SEASON CONSISTS OF 20-25 EPISODES. Anyone can edit this as long as there's nothing wrong with the episodes!

This show airs everyday on the regular Nickelodeon at 6-8 AM, 5-6 PM and 9-10 PM. It also airs on Sundays through Thursdays at 8-9 PM, Fridays at 10-11 PM and Saturdays at 11 PM-1 AM in Nick at Nite (at the request of the Nickelodeon directors). There, it receives a TV-PG rating.

Nickelodeon had originally planned to cancel the show after Season 3, but continuing popularity and strong merchandise sales eventually convinced Nickelodeon to let the show continue on.



Patrick leaves Bikini Bottom after being laughed at by Squidward and eventually stumbles upon Starville, which eventually hosts Patrick's new home. He meets some new friends and acquaintances, such as Mayor Alastair MacFish. Unfortunately, Tattletale Strangler is Vice-Mayor and wants to remove Patrick as a first step towards revenge at SpongeBob (who pays a visit occasionally with other friends).

In Season 2, Squidward moves to Starville just to attend class by the legendary James Clarinetstar. His long-time archenemy Squilliam moves there too and buys a nearby copper mine. The continuation of their rivalry is a sub-plot in this show, which mainly takes place in or around the mostly starfish-inhabited Starville.

In Season 3, Starville has had many more adventures take place that are action-packed which was shown in the previous two seasons as well but not as concrete as the season 3 adventures were. Also,Strangler resorted to poisons to kill Patrick with depsite the poisons failing all the time. The poisons have been used ever since.

In Season 4, the show officially started to show more robust flashbacks and adventures outside of the Starville community. Squilliam and Patrick's relationship became more strained after Patrick tried to force him to blac out Squilliam And Season 4 also marks the first season to ever show a flashback from the original Spongebob Squarepants cartoon. See the season 4 finale for more information on the Spongebob flashback.

In Season 5, as season 4 showed the best adventures, Season 5 was the first season to have a minor hiatus in the show and also the season where the 100th episode special aired. This season seemed to have risen more politically such as more background on the Mayor and The Strangler creating his biggest evil plan yet. The finale aired on April 20, 2015 thus, bringing a conclusion to this show's fifth season.

Season 6 brought on much new storylines to the show such as introducing The Krusty Burgers, a successor of The Krusty Krab, tackling on issues such as internet trends and copyright, The Strangler's fallout as Vice-Mayor and a mini-Clown saga to wrap up the season. All in all, this season provided a great game-changer to the show and the following Season 7.

Season 7 is to pick up right where Season 6 left off, and is expected to be just like any other season. It will begin in Summer 2017 and carry on from there.


See List of characters in Patrick's New Life {See the other Spongebob Fanon Wiki for more info on this topic}


Season #

  1. 20 episodes ; September 17, 2008 - March 21, 2009, DVD release: January 5, 2010
  2. 20 episodes ; October 8, 2009 - April 14, 2011, DVD release: February 26, 2012
  3. 20 episodes ; December 27, 2011-August 15, 2012, DVD release: June 17, 2013
  4. 20 episodes ; November 3, 2012 -June 17, 2013, DVD release: April 16, 2014
  5. 25 episodes ; September 2, 2013 - April 20, 2015, DVD release: May 2, 2016
  6. 25 episodes ; August 23, 2015 - February 13, 2017, DVD release: August 10, 2017
  7. 25 episodes ; Summer 2017 - TBA, DVD release: TBA

Season 1 {2008-2009} Edit

September 2008

1. Goodbye Bikini Bottom, Hello Starville: After being taunted and laughed at by Squidward for doing numerous foolish things, Patrick leaves Bikini Bottom, against the wishes of his friends (except Squidward), for Starville, where he buys a house sold for free next to the House of the Mayor and gets to meet Mayor Alastair MacFish and Vice-Mayor Tattletale Strangler when they visited Patrick, who still wants revenge at Patrick's best friend SpongeBob (see the SBSP Season 3 episode SpongeBob Meets the Strangler on how the Strangler meets SpongeBob) and seeks to remove Patrick as soon as possible.

First appearance: Patrick Star, Alastair MacStar, Tattletale Strangler, SpongeBob SquarePants, Squidward Tentacles, Sandy Cheeks, Patty Rechid, Ty Cobbstar, Jack Beanstar.

2. No More, Clarinet-a-James: SpongeBob, Sandy and Squidward (reluctantly) pay a visit to Patrick in Starville. Patrick brings them to the Clarinet Palace to attend lessons from national clarinetist celebrity (and Squidward's idol) James "Clarinet-a-James" Clarinetstar. Squidward's horrible playing causes disaster, and Clarinetstar gives Squidward a week to improve his clarinet playing, otherwise he'll leave Starville and force the Clarinet Palace into bankruptcy.

First appearance: James "Clarinet-a-James" Clarinetstar, Selma Clarinetstar, Quentin Tay, Anna Tay, Ollie Ettimoore, Chris Doneganstar, P. E. P. S. I. Hooray.

3. Community Patrick: Patrick is forced to do community service for 47 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds after littering in front of Jay Giftstar's gift shop, the Starville Gift Shop, but he only adds more littering. Mayor MacStar and Vice-Mayor Strangler get into a televised (Patrick's idea) debate on what to do with Patrick, with Strangler suggesting that Patrick be executed and MacStar sending Patrick to a mental institution. The debate is inconclusive.

First appearance: Judge Pietro MacStar, Jay Giftstar, Mary-Sue Giftstar.

October 2008

4. Patrick-o-Advertise: Jay and Mary-Sue Giftstar hire Patrick as the cashier in their Starville Gift Shop. Patrick messes up with his job, but instead of firing him, Jay exploits Patrick as a tool for television advertising. "Mr. Gift Hero" becomes suddenly popular and, aside from appearing in commercials, Patrick is trusted to give gifts to customers after Jay deals with the payment.

November 2008

5. President the Stupid: A series of mistakes in procedures result in Patrick, instead of Mayor Alastair MacFish, being nominated for President of the United Cities of Bottom. With the other candidates withdrawing in protest of an idiot being nominated, Patrick is automatically elected President and started making policies which are either foolish or totalitarian in nature, so former President Joshua Swad instigates a national revolution to return to power.

First appearance: Joshua Swad.

6. Me, The Judge and The Clarinetist: Patrick and his new friend, none other than Judge Pietro MacStar, attend a James Clarinetstar lesson in the Clarinet Palace, only to be told, along with all other students, that Clarinetstar is planning for a clarinet show on the stage. Patrick and the others train rigorously in preparation for the show.

7. Stop the Debate: The citizens of Starville travel to "human land" with Sandy Cheeks as the guide. Traveling to San Francisco, Patrick mistakes the dynamites for bottles and mislead the other Starvillians into believing him. Finding that the bottles cannot be used, Patrick and the Starvillians throw it to the Golden Gate Bridge, blowing up parts of it. As Patrick faces life imprisonment, Sandy tries to negotiate with city authorities to ensure Patrick's release.

December 2008

8. No Smoking is Star: Patrick and the gate guards Ty Cobbstar and Jack Beanstar appear in an anti-smoking commercial. Patrick mistakes a lit cigarette in the commercial for a drinking straw and takes it right before the camera. Patrick soon finds himself becoming a star as a result of the commercial while smoking every single day. He realizes that he hates being a star and tries to stop smoking and put the commercial out of broadcast.

9. The Starville Bowl: Cobbstar and Beanstar volunteer to join the underachieving Starville Rockets in the Starville Bowl against the Starville Jets. In a major upset, the Rockets win and football teams from neighboring cities try to take Cobbstar and Beanstar. When Mayor MacStar refuses to let them leave Starville, representatives from other cities come to fight against each other, including against Starville's representative with the winner to take the two.

Note: First episode not to feature Patrick as the main character.

10. Patrick the Journalist: Part 1 (A History of Glory): Patrick poses as a journalist and asks some of the more older men in Starville of their involvement in the Bikini Bottom Naval Mutiny of 1969.

First appearance: Mr. Krabs (flashback), the Bikini Bottom Naval Mutineers of 1969.

11. Patrick the Journalist: Part 2 (Alastair on the Fast Lane): Patrick asks Mayor Alastair MacFish of his years as an underwater champion racer and why he shouted "Holyfield madman!" while attending the second Holyfield-Tyson fight in June 1997 (for which Alastair made the Sports Illustrated cover in July) despite the fact "that in that fight, Tyson was the true madman".

12. Patrick the Journalist: Part 3 (The Magnate's Daughter): Patrick asks fellow James Clarinetstar class student Ollie Ettiemoore on why she ran away from home and the unimaginative strict, business-like life under his father, business magnate Albert Ettiemoore.

First appearance: Albert Ettiemoore (flashback).

January 2009

13. Read My Lips: More and More Taxes: After an economic downturn, Mayor Alastair announces that he is raising existing taxes and creating new ones. The public enraged, Patrick steps in to find a solution to the downturn "with my stupidity" and eliminate the necessity of raising and creating new taxes.

14. The Sea Dragon's Curse: Having been rude to Uno the Sea Dragon (whom he views as a "stinky monster") Patrick is given credit for motivating Uno to place a 1000-year curse on the gift shop. Patrick, Jay and Mary-Sue go to Uno's lair and have to complete several puzzles to lift the curse. Eventually, Uno becomes the new cashier, while Patrick (much to his happiness) becomes a janitor as the lair is bulldozed for a real estate project.

First appearance: Uno the Sea Dragon.

15. The Starville Gift Shop Training Video: A training video for the Starville Gift Shop directed by Jay and Mary-Sue, starring Patrick, Mayor Alastair and Vice-Mayor Strangler, who uses the opportunity to try remove Patrick from the scene.

February 2009

16. Coin Scare: Part 1: After homeless Sano Torino enters a coma after touching a coin on the street, a "coin scare" ensues in Starville as people avoid using coins. Patrick finds out that the coin Torino discovers is actually intended to kill Patrick (whose house is right in front of the place Torino finds the coin) but somehow misses the target. However, instead of securing the arrest of Tattletale Strangler, Patrick accuses "bad environment" for "poisoning" the coin, rendering the results ineffective.

First appearance: Sano Torino.

17. Coin Scare: Part 2: Uno is unconvinced of Patrick's investigation and launches his own investigation, concluding that Strangler is indeed behind the coin. He and Patrick go to the Starville Hospital where Torino regains consciousness and reports seeing a mailman dropping the coin. Asking mailmen in Starville, Uno and Patrick instead comes to a conclusion that the coin has been accidentally exposed to dangerous chemicals, and the investigation is closed without any clear result.

First appearance: Jack the Mailman, The Mailmen Association of Starville.

18. The Strange Story of an Encyclopaedia: The Starville government commissions an encyclopedia, titled the Encyclopaedia Starvillica. Patrick recruits Sandy, Mr. Krabs and also Tattletale Strangler to make the encyclopedia. Strangler hires a group of thugs to kill Patrick while he is reviewing Strangler's revisions, but the thugs are instead recruited by Krabs as he hunts for the supposedly magical Crystal of Starville in the forests near Starville, further delaying the encyclopedia's completion.

First appearance: Mr. Krabs (present-day).

March 2009

19. You Furnish the Paper, I Furnish the Chaos: As a result of sagging sales, Jay Giftstar starts the Giftstar Examiner newspaper to make sensationalist and highly unrealistic articles about the gifts in the shop while revealing highly-classified government "trade" information. When collectors from all over the seas come to take the government's (instead of the shop's) belongings, Mayor MacStar declares martial law and Patrick is sent to persuade the Mayor to change his mind.

20. Riding the Stupidity Wave: Jockcar and Sons Company is asked to make a limousine for the Mayor and Vice-Mayor. They recruit Patrick (seen as an ideal designer) to make the limousine. Despite having a reported value of US$1.500.000, Patrick's limousine turns out to be a monstrosity, with an extremely noise engine, nearly nonfunctional steering, leaking roof, a radio only able to produce a noisy "Ooooo" sound and bright light from lamps causing temporary blindness. The company declares bankruptcy and Patrick returns to the gift shop.

First appearance: Jockcar and Sons Company, Javier Greenstar, Millie Greenstar, Silius Sconstar, Alastair's Robot, Old Man Jenkins.

Season 2 {2009-2011} Edit

On September 27, 2009, The Life of Living Patrick! got renewed for a second season. The show's Season 1 turned out to be a success for Nickelodeon, so they decided to order Season 2 and let the show continue.

October 2009

21. I, Tattletale Strangler: In this 1-hour TV movie, follow the rise of Tattletale Strangler from an impoverished little boy in Bikini Bottom to one of the most prominent crime figures and the Vice-Mayor of Starville from the viewpoint of the Strangler himself.

22. Hey, Old Man Jenkins!: Old Man Jenkins is arrested after being accused of robbery in Starville. Patrick becomes his lawyer and in the court he starts making "stupid" statements about Old Man Jenkins which leads Judge Pietro MacFish to think that Jenkins is "unsuitable" for a robbery and frees him.

23. The Great Clash: Reality vs. Fiction: Patrick, Mayor Alastair and Vice-Mayor Strangler sues LKAD for exploiting them. LKAD then rallies Stephen Hillenburg and Derek Drymon to his cause. Hillenburg becomes involved in a taunting match with Dr. Milton Sumter, Patrick's lawyer. Strangler attacks LKAD and a brawl ensues. Judge Pietro MacFish declares the case closed and orders all records of the court session destroyed.

First appearance: Dr. Milton Sumter.

24. Sir Dead or Alive: Mr. Krabs comes to visit Patrick, and forces him to make an internationally-televised broadcast on TV Starville declaring his wishes to have his money in his grave when he dies. The next day, viewers protest and demand Krabs' arrest for "being cheap to the grave".

First appearance: Marty O. Jonstar, TV Starville.

December 2009

25. Big Pizza Splash: While creating the Starville Special Pizza following the "Guide to Making Starville Pizzas", Patrick forgets to add the "green spice" and unassumingly adds "red Philippine sauce" followed by boiling water and eats it. The next day, feeling unwell, Patrick is told by doctors that he has created a bomb which is to detonate in 5 hours, and an emergency surgery is held to have the bomb extracted.

26. Two Squids For Two Reasons: Squidward and Squilliam become the first two squids to live in Starville; Squidward to attend James Clarinetstar's class and Squilliam to take over the nearby copper mine.

27. The Fall and Rise of James Clarinetstar: James Clarinetstar's class is closed due to budget cuts. Squidward and Patrick reluctantly work together to have the class resurrected.

28. A History of Chaos and Happiness: Mayor Alastair MacFish tells Patrick, Squidward and Squilliam the "chaotic and happy" history of Starville after its establishment by the 7 starfish patriarchs in 1924.

January 2010

29. Squilliam in on Mine: Workers in the copper mine go on strike after Squilliam refuses to pay them money. When Squilliam is "arrested" by the miners, Squidward and Patrick try to rescue him, with some help from a very reluctant Tattletale Strangler.

30. Patrick and Friends in Chernobyl: Part 1: Going on a venture with Sandy, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs to "human land", Patrick tours Chernobyl and, without knowledge of authorities, slip into the remote corners of the power plant with his friends. Unfortunately, due to "playing" with the buttons, Patrick activates all reactors and then starts a massive meltdown.

31. Patrick and Friends in Chernobyl: Part 2: All reactors suffer a meltdown. The city of Kiev is evacuated along with Patrick, Sandy, SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs. Feeling guilty, Patrick disembarks to extinguish the fire, and the others chase him from behind, trying to stop him from going.

32. Patrick and Friends in Chernobyl: Part 3: Patrick steals protective clothing and equipment from several firefighters, who then chase him along with Patrick's friends. Patrick then extinguishes the massive fire in Chernobyl. He and his friends are sentenced to life in prison, but Mayor Alastair comes and secures their release, and return to the underwater.

33. Outrageously Fancy with Squilliam Fancyson: Squilliam has his own talk show in TV Starville, called Outrageously Fancy with Squilliam Fancyson. Watching Squilliam act as both the host and guest, Squidward decides to show off his "artistic" skills and storms into the show, causing a disturbance.

34. Patrick, Tattletale and the Barbarians: Going on a trip to the forests near Starville, Patrick and Tattletale Strangler are separated from the others and end up in a barbarian society. Tattletale finds it easy to adapt, and he uses the tribal chief to ensure Patrick's removal, but some tribesmen hear of this plan and protect Patrick from harm. Meanwhile, Squilliam buys fancy clothes.

March 2010

35. Resurrect for Reborn: Squilliam dies drinking a poisonous Caffeine-Free Pepsi in a can while doing a commercial with P.E.P.S.I. Hooray and the Tay siblings. The Flying Dutchman agrees to resurrect Squilliam, but he must never again be cheap. Squilliam finds it difficult not to break this pledge.

First appearance: The Flying Dutchman.

36. Behold the Pantheon: Squidward is arrested by King Neptune's Divine Army after insulting Neptune for "not having the artistic skills of mine" and brought to Atlantis. With SpongeBob's help from Bikini Bottom, Patrick and Mayor Alastair prepare a statement defending Squidward, but Squilliam is bribing the judges in an attempt to have Squidward frozen to death.

First appearance: King Neptune, Princess Mindy.

May 2010 and June 2010

37. Honoring Swat: Patrick is sent as a "goodwill ambassador" to the nearby Sultanate of Swat. However, Sultan Ruth throws Patrick to jail as a result of "stupid and inappropriate conduct" and wages war against the "stupids" in Starville. Feeling guilty, Patrick escapes from jail and tries to stop the Swatians from invading Starville.

First appearance: Sultan Ruth.

38. Finally to the Class: Squidward finally attends James Clarinetstar's clarinet class in the Clarinet Palace with Patrick and Judge Pietro MacFish, but it turns out that James is suffering from exhaustion, so Squilliam is brought in as a temporary replacement.

December 2010

39. No More Star: Patrick is fired after using so-called "alternative words" which turn out to be Starville-style insults. Determined to get his job, Patrick starts composing a "Dictionary of the One True and Righteous Style of Words for Starville". Eventually, Patrick is rehired in the gift shop.

April 2011

40. Professor of Decoration: Mayor MacFish and Vice-Mayor Strangler decide that the House of the Mayor needs to be redecorated, and Squidward steps in, having recruited Patrick and Selma Clarinetstar to his cause.

Season 3 {2011-2012} Edit

On December 30, 2010, The Life of Living Patrick got renewed for a third season. Season 2 was successful with viewers on Nick and Nite, so Nickelodeon authorized the creation of a third season, hoping to cash in on the series' increasing popularity.

December 2011

41. Anger and Snowshoes: As Strangler tries to create a poison to weaken Patrick, he suddenly creates a highly-dangerous chemical which, after being exposed to elements of environment, turns the land around Starville into a complete winter wasteland. As people throw snowshoes as a sign of protest, Strangler reluctantly turns to Patrick to campaign for "redemption and forgiveness".

42. Reform-what?: At his robot and Patrick's suggestion, Mayor Alastair declares the 10 Laws of Reform to improve civil and human rights. Unfortunately, the Mayor is overthrown by mob rule, and Strangler seizes this chance to gain power "temporarily". Patrick, Squidward and Squilliam come to the rescue.

43. Turn Around and Run: Mayor Alastair, Vice-Mayor Strangler and Patrick race to be the first to run around the House of the Mayor 100 times in a row.

January 2012

44. To the Mariana Trench: Old Man Jenkins defies old age as he leads Patrick and some adventurous citizens from Starville as they explore the Mariana Trench.

February 2012

45. Citizens Day: On Citizens Day, Patrick and Squidward are banished from Starville for refusing to do community service like all other citizens, and they look for a way to return to Starville.

46. Banish! Banish!: Mayor Alastair decides that non-starfishes are destroying Starville's "culture" and orders their banishment from Starville. Squidward, Squilliam, Old Man Jenkins and even Alastair's robot (who is granted an exception) protest.

47. Mistaken Charity: Patrick mistakes a group of gangsters for a charity foundation, so when people start hating him for giving money to gangsters, Patrick runs away from Starville.

48. On Our Past: Patrick and Mayor Alastair visit the sunken ships on the seafloor around Bikini Atoll.

March 2012

49. The Sale of Copper: After yet another dispute with miners, Squilliam is forced to close down his copper mine and falls into poverty. After being convinced by Patrick, Squidward comes to help Squilliam regain his copper mine.

50. Patrick the Historian: After reading several history books, Patrick becomes a historian, but he finds it hard to keep his job.

April 2012

51. In the Name of No Neptune: When a thief tries to steal from Patrick's house, Patrick mistakes him for the God and worships him, followed by other citizens. Angered that he is no longer worshiped there, King Neptune comes with his warriors to punish Starville's citizens for their transgression.

52. The Official Virus-Producing Website: At Mayor Alastair's encouragement, Starville's very few computer programmers create an official website for the government, but when over 3000 viruses across the world are reported to come from the website, Alastair is forced to speak before the United Nations in New York City.

53. Patrick's YouTube: Patrick somehow gains a lot of money from the First Nautical Bank back in Bikini Bottom and buys YouTube, moving all its human employees underwater to the House of the Mayor in Starville. Mayor Alastair and Vice Mayor Strangler try to remove the employees from their official residence.

First appearance: YouTube.

54. Big Time Wrestling: Squidward tries his hand at promoting wrestling fights in the brand-new Starville Astrodome.

55. You Know It When...: Vice-Mayor Strangler is known to have lots of secrets. Patrick, working together with Uno the Sea Dragon, tries to uncover the secrets.

August 2012

56. You're Done, Uno: Uno the Sea Dragon is falsely accused by Vice-Mayor Strangler of being involved in a corruption case in an attempt to demoralize Uno's friend Patrick. With the help of a now-athletic Old Man Jenkins, Patrick attempts to stop Uno's scheduled hanging outside the House of the Mayor.

57. Warming the World: Mayor Alastair teaches viewers all about global warming.

Note: This episode is non-canon.

58. Burn the Bakery: Patrick invents some new cakes and opens a bakery of his own, but when all the cakes turn out to be poisonous, the angry citizens arrive to burn Patrick's bakery.

59. Yes Sir, I Know: After ridiculing a group of "strange-clothing people", Patrick accepts their challenge to a street fight. Recruiting a reluctant Strangler, Patrick doesn't know that he's dealing with a crime syndicate, and that the cops are secretly observing the fight.

60. World Journey of Enlightenment: Jay and Mary-Sue Giftstar get into a fight and file for divorce. Horrified, Patrick and Uno consult Father Jay Rollofish, who takes Patrick, Uno, Jay and Mary-Sue on a "round-the-world journey for enlightenment" in an attempt to halt the divorce.

First appearance: Father Jay Rollofish.

Season 4 {2012-2013} Edit

On January 1, 2012, The Life Of Living Patrick! got renewed for a fourth season. Season 3 was originally supposed to be the show's final season, but continuing popularity and strong merchandise sales convinced Nickelodeon to keep the show alive.

November 2012

61. Ring of Destruction: Patrick finds a magical ring in the nearby Cave of Horror. The ring, which is cursed, turns out to be destructive, as Starville is reduced to rubble and its citizens flee in a mass exodus. Patrick tries to find a way to destroy the magical ring.

62. It's All Squilliam's Balloon: Squilliam invites Patrick, Squidward and Old Man Jenkins to the first flight of his all-new "Royale" balloon. However, ignoring advice from his crew, the arrogant Squilliam leads his balloon to a crash amid bad weather in the Altamei Mountains, and the group have to find their way back to civilization.

January 2013

63. The Dancer and The Cheater: Part 1: Patrick and Mayor Alastair organize the Starville Dance Competition, and Squidward (despite his lackluster skills) and Squilliam (thanks to both good performance and bribing) are the finalists. Both finalists send spies to observe each other's moves, but Old Man Jenkins discovers this.

64. The Dancer and The Cheater: Part 2: After 2 days of cheating in training, Squidward and Squilliam are angry that the competition is declared a draw and send their spies in to a brawl. Squilliam's stronger spies win and Squilliam declares himself the winner, but Old Man Jenkins appears and provides evidence of cheating, which leads to both finalists being arrested and the competition aborted.

65. Chaos on Arbor Day: On Arbor Day, Patrick foolishly cuts down the trees in Starville, having assumed that they generate too much pollution.

66. You Try It: At Patrick's suggestion, the Starville government creates a zoo, but Patrick mistreats them and they start attacking civilians, forcing Mayor Alastair to unleash the Starville Army under Vice-Mayor Strangler's command.First appearance: Starville Army.

67. Flu of a Lifetime: Patrick's friends (SpongeBob, Squidward, Sandy, Mr. Krabs) come to see Patrick, but at the same time Vice-Mayor Strangler catches flu which spread to Patrick's friends. With the staff of the only hospital in Starville on holiday in New Kelp City, Patrick and Mayor Alastair have to treat them.

February 2013

68. Burned at the Steak: The Tay siblings introduce steak to Starville. The citizens like it so much, the Starville Gift Shop starts serving steak in their brand-new "mini-restaurant", but when Patrick starts mixing ingredients of doubtful quality, Starvillians stop eating the steak and force Patrick and the Tay siblings to undergo a 3-day community service.

March 2013

69. A Documentary on The Patriarch: A documentary-style 1-hour TV movie centering around William Silvers of Edinburgh, Scotland a.k.a. William Solomonstar, the earliest in a line of "patriarchs" of Starville, a sailor who frustrates James Cook so much that he curses him into turning into a starfish off Hawaii Island.

70. The Indy Idiocy: With the gift shop temporarily closed, Patrick, Uno, Jay and Mary-Sue go to see the 2013 Indianapolis 500. Thanks to his idiocy, Patrick finds himself on the track forcing A.J. Foyt out of the pace car (thinking that he "steals the toy") and then driving around the track wildly during the start, forcing several drivers to retire as a riot erupts among angry spectators demanding refunds.

May 2013

71. Blowing Up Patrick: After several "idiotically troubled" visits to the House of the Mayor, Vice-Mayor Strangler is given the green light to use Patrick as a one-time target practice for bazooka users. Upon realizing this, Jay, Mary-Sue and Uno go to stop Strangler.

72. Headquarters Sabotage: The headquarters of the Squilliam Group Ltd. is to be opened in a few days, and Squidward enlists Patrick to help him sabotage the headquarters before the opening ceremony.

73. Another Good Visit: SpongeBob and friends visit Patrick and Squidward in Starville. Meanwhile, the gate guards argue after purposely stealing a balloon and a copy of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 just because they have no money.

June 2013

74. Looking at Yourself is Not Easy: Vice-Mayor Strangler learns that he is dying from pneumonia. Looking back at the past, Strangler tries to reconcile with Patrick while at the same time preparing for a journey to Atlantis to demand a new "lease of life" from Neptune. Eventually successful at getting the lease of life and promising to be nice, Strangler returns to his sinister roots, and an enraged Neptune goes to Starville to "punish" Strangler.

75. The Star-Spangled Confusion: Patrick creates a "stupid, confusing and disorienting" national anthem for Starville, but when he calls the anthem "The Star-Spangled Banner", Starville is forced to confront the United States government.

76. Madness in Starville: Patrick claims to discovered a new type of liver inflammation, which he calls "Hepatitis ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ", but when a vaccine is created for this "illness", nearly everybody in Starville turns into madmen, and it's up to Patrick to solve the situation.

77. Black-and-White of Patrick: Patrick buys an antique black-and-white TV set, but when everybody starts using black-and-white TV sets like Patrick, Starville seems to be heading back to the past.

78. All Blacked Out: It's June 2013 and Patrick encourages everyone who owns a website across the world to have their websites blacked out in opposition against SOPA and PIPA , but when Squilliam refuses to have the official website of Squilliam Group Ltd. blacked out, Patrick and Squilliam start arguing.Note: This episode is non-canon.

79-80. The Times in '04 (Season Finale): Patrick creates a video for Starville, which is a flashback of Patrick's adventures when he and SpongeBob went looking for Neptune's crown.First appearence: Dennis (flashback), King Neptune (flashback)

Season 5 {2013-2015} Edit

On November 11, 2012, The Life Of Living Patrick! got renewed for a fifth season.

September 2013

81.' Bigger Boot: A nearby convenience store is ransacked, and all the investigators are completely dumbfounded. Patrick is asked to investigate, and recieves the only three clues the forensics team could discover. A pair of sunglasses with smashed lenses, a stray bandana, and a large message on the floor, formed with crushed seanut brittle. Patrick asks what it says, considering that he can't read. A police officer reads out slowly "'BIGGER BOOT" Terrified of who he thinks it might be, he flees Starville, hearing a faint motorcycle engine in the distance...

82. Bigger Boot, Part II: After two days of continuous running, Patrick arrives in Bikini Bottom. He informs all of his previous friends (and Squidward) of the coming storm. No one understands his concern besides SpongeBob, whose only plan is to run. Patrick arrives at a dusty, empty, searat-infested rock that he once called home. "Just how I left it!" Patrick happily remarks before cowering in fear under the rock. He lie there for days, finally accepting that the robber in Starville was Dennis, and praying that no-one would find him. After a week of waiting, he hears an engine's purr outside. Mere seconds later, the rock is thrown up with immesurable force. Standing before Patrick is a thin, musclebound, unshaven, but still very much cruel-looking Dennis. After explaining his survival, financial failiure (because of being an assassin who couldn't manage to kill two unarmed idiots, miles away from civilization,) poverty, and oath of revenge. He begins chasing Patrick around the rock. After a few minutes of running, SpongeBob emerges from the pineapple's window. SpongeBob screams "PATRICK, I have an idea!" And lifts a piece of paper, a scissors, and a flashlight. After some cutting, SpongeBob shines the light throught the paper, and into the sky. Patrick and Dennis look up to see a large "M" in the sky. Almost immediatly, MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy appear. Then Patrick blacked out.

83. Bigger Boot Finale: Patrick wakes up in a hospital bed, with information that after a long battle, Dennis rode off on his motorcycle, and right after that, Dennis hit Patrick. Patrick was told it was OK, and so he quickly ran out to confront Dennis. Will these be a walk in the park? Or has Dennis got a little surprise behind his sleeves?

November 2013

84. Starville Vanilla: Patrick is walking in Starville's Mall, when he sees the ice-cream shop. Everybody is in there, and Patrick asks why. They reply that Starville now has Villa Vanilla. Patrick tries it, and he loves it so much he wats it all with the other starfish. But the supplies run out, so Patrick must find more Vanilla.

85. Starville Movers: More and more Bikini Bottomies move to Starville. More and more movers must be forcefully hired. One of the movers is Patrick!

'86-88. Trapped': All the citzens of Starville are trapped inside the city! Can Patrick solve the problem?

May 2014

'89'. SpongeBob Visits: SpongeBob visits Starville, but he doesn't want to leave when it's time! Can Patrick convince him to leave.... and does he want to convince him to leave?

90. The Big Boom: An explosion goes off in Starville. Patrick must help the citzens recover!

January 2015

91. The IceStorm: Patrick Star gets notified that a big storm is headed for Starville but he promised to mine out some rarer copper for Squilliam. The storm will bring a lot of snow, lightning, ice, and other blizzard conditions.

92. What's Going On?: Patrick Star along with Squidward, Squilliam, and all of the other starfishes attend Mayor Alastair's and Vice Mayor Strangler's town meeting by passing new laws for no more Bikini Bottomites to move to Starville since this is meant to be a starfish community. Patrick actually agrees since he moved away from Bikini Bottom. He tries to tell the others to get lost but they don't want to and torture Patrick.

93. When The Squid's Come Knocking : Patrick Star witnesses a pathetic battle that Squidward and Squilliam are placing on each other which is to play ding dong ditch the dog poop. One of the squids will go to another squid's door, smother dog poop all over the walls, ring the doorbell, and leave. Patrick Star and Spongebob (who happened to be visiting) try to talk the squid's out of this stupid battle.

94. Patrick Star, You're Fired! : Patrick Star was in his backyard playing in the snow from the ice storm but then Jay Giftstar walks onto his property, gives him a notice telling that he is fired from the gift-shop since he has not showed up to work for over 7 days. Patrick Star gets mad and punches Jay in the face leading to arrest. Patrick Star now needs to escape jail and clear his name.

95. Prison Breakout : Patrick Star along with a few other starfish inmates attempt to break out of the Starville Prison. Patrick eventually successfully escapes with the other prisoners after a very long battle with starfish police, K9 dogs, and James Clarinetstar who got a part time job as a prison guard. Patrick is able to clear his name and apologizes to Jay and is re-hired since the new teenage janitor Jay hired sucks at the job. Anyway, Alastair and Patrick then witness the other prisoners now back on the streets terrorizing other citizens. Patrick must bring them back to jail or Patrick goes back to jail.

February 2015

96. It's Time to Rumble! : Patrick Star is invited by Mayor Alastair to attend the 176th annual Starville Royal Rumble. The Strangler decides to enter Patrick as a wrestler into the rumble but Strangler talked with the other wrestlers to remove Patrick from the scene by destroying him. Spongebob hears this during a visit and with 10 days of training, Spongebob and his Uncle Sherm ; who used to be a professional wrestler train Patrick to be a good wrestler and take down the others and foiling the Strangler's evil plan.

97. Squidward's Army : Squidward gets shocked after him and the other starfishes get robbed of all their values during clarinet practice at James Clarinetstar's clarinet palace. Squidward wants his clarinet back since that was his value stolen as well as other clarinets stolen. Squidward takes a road trip from Starville to Tentacle Acres and reunites with all the squid's there. At first they want to arrest him for coming back after getting banned from the events in the SBSP episode, Squidville. But then, Squidward explains the situation and eventually recruits a squid army to go into battle against the clarinetists ; the robbers who stole the clarinets in the first place. Patrick Star makes a short cameo in the end making this memorable quote from bad clarinet playing, "FINLAND!"

98. Patward TentacleStar : Patrick Star leaves his house getting ready to go and work the night shift at the gift shop. Upon arrival, Patrick sees the newest gift in the store which is snow globe shaped morph machines. After turning down warnings from MarySue, Patrick Star and Squidward who happened to be in the shop looking for some canned bread morph together and become a starfish/squid mutant. Squidward does not like this one bit since it reminds him of him and Spongebob morphing together one before. Instead of seeing Sandy which made the situation worse, the mutated Patrick/Squidward go and see Alastair's robot who is a robot and smart (well most of the time). The robot helps them out and either can unmorph them under six hours or they will be stuck together forever. What happens? Find out

99. Patrick's Booty Call : Patrick Star is bored as usual during another day of work while cleaning the floors since he is the janitor after all. But anyway, Patrick then gets a call on his I-Phone 6 and immediately has to leave to go to a secret place in Starville that he must not mention to anyone at all cost. MarySue Giftstar and Jay Giftstar as well as Uno the sea dragon, Squilliam Fancyson, and James ClarinetStar quietly hide in the back of Patrick's pick-up truck and find out that he is part of a butt touching club and gets to slap female starfish butt for free and for the benefit of it. MarySue is very appalled by this toilet humor and makes numerous attempts to burn down the butt touch club but to no avail. Patrick does not find out at all that his friends followed him there. What an idiot.

100. The Good Ol' Days of 08 to 15 : To celebrate the 100th episode of "The Life of Living Patrick," James Clarinetstar, who is hosting the 100th episode special plays back all the episodes of TLOLP that got us to this point; from "Goodbye Bikini Bottom, Hello Starville" in 2008 to "Patrick's Booty Call" in 2015. Episodes 1-99 are shown in this 3 1/2 hour special with ClarinetStar making his beneficial commentary every 15 episodes played. At the end of this event, the whole cast of TLOLP appears and makes some beneficial comments of their own and are looking forward to their new adventures for Episodes 101+!

March 2015

101. Sombrero Squad : Patrick Star has heard there are five new arrivals bringing Starville's population up to 800. Anyway, the new arrivals however are revealed to be an invasive species of weird starfish from the Gulf of Mexico off the coast of Mexico City. Patrick despises mexican origin except for mexican food which he loves but he hates mexican lifeforms. Patrick then decides to bully the new arrivals and teach them a lesson that will give them a real "Ay Crumba!" Patrick crossdressed into a sombrero and spanish clothes and did the same thing Squidward did in the SBSP episode, "The Camping Episode," Anyway, Patrick tips his sombrero, dances crazily and saying words that are gibberish which is spanish to Patrick, and finally Patrick does a loud, explosive, fart and misprounces Ay Caramba as "Ay Coomba!" The residents are deeply appalled and arrest Patrick. It turns out they are agents from Sombrero Squad. Patrick now realizing he did the wrong thing says, "Ay Caramba" in a more scared tone of voice. The next day, Spongebob back at his pineapple house in Bikini Bottom is reading the newspaper and is shocked to hear that his friend is now in Mexico and being tortured by the spanish people for his offensive moves. Spongebob must save him on his own before he becomes the first starfish made taco.

102. The Negative's Of Being Positively Famous : Squilliam Fancyson is having more trouble with his copper mine after having so many positives and negatives coming towards him. Positive news is that not only is his mine containing copper but he recently discovered gold, diamond, and iron in his mine as well which are just as valuable. But now the negative news is that most of his mining crew has quit since they suffered five years of hell with Squilliam and they leave Starville as well since they think it is such as a terrible community. Squilliam might also be on his way going bankrupt since he is spending his copper like a madmen and it is too hard for him to mine out any left over copper and the new valuables on his own. He turns to Squidward and Patrick suprisingly for help since he does not want to become a gutterrat but will the squid and our resident idiot starfish accept and come to terms with his plea since he never did anything worth their most challenging help possible? Figure it out.

103. I Call It, The DisasterLoaf! : Mayor Alastair invites Patrick, Squidward, Jay, Uno, and MarySue to his own house instead of the house of the mayor which is just his workplace. His normal house is just another ordinary house in Starville but crazy rich and fancy on the inside. Well Anyway, Alastair wants to cook for them but Squidward and Uno show concerns since they heard rumors stating that Alastair has severe inexperience from preparing and cooking the most complex and exquisite cuisines to heating up a TV dinner in the microwave. He returns to the dinner table and lifts off the tray revealing a pile of blob mucus with green, not-nickelodeon, slime, an eyeball, and wrapped in toilet paper that is not two-ply! Squidward bursts into laughter and calls Alastair's dish a disasterloaf! And Jay meanly says, "Where did you buy it? Out of the Chum Bucket Dumpster?!!" And then he bursts into laughter. It is so much for the two that they for a little while pass out from laughing so much. Patrick, MarySue, and Uno are disgusted by what they just witnessed Squidward and Jay got into to. Alastair cries. MarySue does not want this to happen again, so she decides to give cooking lessons to Alastair since MarySue has been voted as Starville's chief of cooking the best meals of all time the past five years!!! Patrick and Uno decided to portray customers who will order meals from menus and MarySue will be the waitress and assistant cook who will help Alastair(the lead cook) in cooking the best of the best and not another disasterloaf. Can Alastair pull it off and become a great cook or will he return to the night of the living disasterloafs?

104. Squidward Tentacles and the horrible, no good, very bad, starfishes : Squidward for some reason is in the mood to prank all the starfishes living in Starville by getting into a fairy princess outfit, sports shoes, lipstick, and a tiara and lie to the starfishes saying that he likes to crossdress and it is his new way of life. He at the last minute decides to do a limited amount of starfishes since he does not want embarassment for life. So he decides to prank Patrick, Jay, MarySue, Alastair, James ClarinetStar, Ty Cobbstar, Jack Beanstar, and finally, The Strangler who is not a starfish. These are the results :










April 2015. The season 5 finale airs on April 20, 2015

105. Conquered It (season 5 finale) ~ Patrick conquers the records for finally earning seniority in being a Starville resident while Squidward and Squilliam have another year to go before they earn their town seniority. However, The Strangler is really displeased with this news and decides to invite Patrick to the House of The Mayor for a congradulation dinner. Patrick however is unaware that Strangler poisoned the food as an attempt to kill Patrick just like that. Alastair is suspicious of this since Strangler usually berates Patrick. Alastair then found out about the food poison and attempts to get rid of the dinner and give Patrick a real dinner before Patrick says his last Wumbo. NOTE : This finale is an hour and half long.

Season 6 {2015-2017} Edit

On December 28, 2014, The Life of Living Patrick! got renewed for a sixth season to air from 3:00 AM to 4:00 AM and 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Nick@Nite. Season 5's finale aired on April 20, 2015 and Season 6 could premiere sometime by Summer 2015 or Fall 2015 but the end date was unknown from April 20, 2015 to August 2, 2015. But it was later announced for a premiere date set for August 23rd. The season is set to air 25 episodes from 2015 to possibly 2016 or 2017.

August 2015

106. Squidifying ~ To compete with Squilliam Group. Ltd, Squidward creates a website titled "Squidifying" which allows starville residents to take selfies, post their selfies to Squidifying and Squidify their noses by adding a squid nose. This website however is deemed inappropriate after graphic unseen pictures are posted. Patrick and a very ambitious Squilliam Fancyson take down the website much to Squidward's dismay and Alastair passes a new law stating no more squidified selfies or else.

107. Star To Star ~ Patrick Star enters a smoked kielbasa eating challenge against MarySue Giftstar and Ty Cobbstar. Strangler however has a plan by adding lots of high cholesterol to weaken Patrick's blood. MarySue and Ty are unaware about what might happen to Patrick but Jay and Alastair who are concerned of The Strangler not showing up know he is up to something with this challenge and attempt to find out. Meanwhile, Squidward wants some "revenge" on Squilliam using super-smoked and super-hot kielbasas.

108. Strange Deal With A Cop ~ Patrick Star after being released from a work day go outside the community gates and wants to trade his 40 dollar paycheck from two weeks ago to a "cop" outside the gates for some triple decker ice cream. After eating his delcious desert, the cop knocks Patrick unconscious and 1 hour later, Patrick wakes up in The Chum Bucket and this cop turned out to be a minion of Plankton and the two forced Patrick to cook some chum on a sticks and advertise the chum in Starville hoping to gain fame there since Bikini Bottom is failure to him. However, just like Bikini Bottom, Starville also despises the chum. An engraged Plankton and his minion hold the Starville residents at laserpoint and force feed them the chum. Patrick recruits Spongebob,Mr.Krabs,and Squilliam to go and save Starville and foil Plankton's plan yet again.

109 : Patrick's Idea A.K.A Jay's Idea ~ Jay Giftstar asks Patrick to give him ideas to advertise the gift shop and gain the attraction of tourists who visit Starville once every year. Patrick comes up with the idea to sell a drink called Pink Starfish Soda(of course not really made of starfishes!) However, the soda turns out to be made from child labor under strict management by Jay whose idea is to recruit all of the children in Starville and force them to make and manifacture the Pink Starfish soda. Patrick along with Squidward,Uno,Alastair,and MarySue try to put an end to this labor and give Jay a proper punishment for this bad deed.

September 2015

110 : Krusty Burgers ~ Mr.Krabs shuts down The Krusty Krab after losing all his customers to Starville and decides to open a new restaurant there and also move into the town with Pearl. The new restaurant is called Krusty Burgers. This joint serves Krusty Burgers(which are revised versions of Krabby Patties). Jay wants to merge so he can share the profits in a greedy way. Mr.Krabs however is not up for this and along with Patrick and Spongebob, the trio try to get the mayor's vote for no merger before it's too late.

111 : Squidward Blues ~ Squidward catches a severe cold and Squilliam is forced to be his nurse much to both Squidward and Squilliam's dismay. Squidward however tries to take advantage of Squilliam as revenge for all the unfairness of him being successful and Squidward not successful. Squilliam tries to stay calm but has a great urge to yell at Squidward. Can Squilliam control his temper or not? Find out. Meanwhile, Patrick and Spongebob have a friendly game of football in their backyards to see who is the true best of the two at this sport.

112 : Old Man Athletics ~ Old Man Jenkins competes against Strangler and Squilliam in the 64th annual Starville racing derby. Patrick and Spongebob however hear that Strangler and Squilliam are planning on contaminating Old Man Jenkin's dinner the night before so he can have constant diarrhea and not be able to race. Patrick and Spongebob try to steal the contamination bottle from Strangler and Squilliam before it's too late.

113 : Krab On The Doorpost ~ Mr.Krabs eavesdrops into a conversation between Patrick and Spongebob discussing selling extra leftover Pink Starfish Soda to gain extra bucks. Mr.Krabs later tries to write a letter to Patrick of interest in having a third partner but he is suffering through severe writer's block. Mr.Krabs looks up methods on his Sea-Pad to overcome writer's block to partner up and gain profits.

114 : The Terrible Onesome ~ James Clarinetstar falls off a ladder and sustains major injuries due to the stupidity of Patrick during a rehearsal for one of his monthly clarinet concerts. James puts Squidward in charge as his substitute before he goes to the hospital and Squidward gladly accepts. Squidward of course though is bad at playing clarinet so he reluctantly turns to Patrick and Spongebob to teach him to play clarinet properly to please the audience for Saturday Night. Meanwhile, Squilliam is angry that James put Squidward in charge instead of him and is planning on sabotaging the Saturday night concert. Luckily, Alastair and Old Man Jenkins overheard this and try to stop Squilliam.

115 : The Two Stooges ~ Patrick and Spongebob accidentally get locked out of the community due to the stupidity of Ty Cobbstar and are forced to survive outside in the chilly wind. They try their best to survive the night until the gate opens tomorrow for tourists who visit Starville every year and "The two stooges" can use this opprotunity to slip in before the gate closes again. Meanwhile, Squidward and Squilliam get into a big fight over who claimed a Starville weekly newspaper and call each other names.

October 2015

116 : You Don't Say? ~ Patrick, Spongebob, Squidward, James, Squilliam and T.J are asked to join in a round of Jeopardy and since there are six players, two teams are formed, TEAM 1 : KING SQUIDWARD AND HIS SUBJECTS (Squidward, James and Spongebob) VS TEAM 2 : PRESIDENT SQUILLIAM AND HIS SERVANTS (Squilliam, T.J and Patrick). The event is hosted by Mayor Alastair and Ty Cobbstar and sponsored by Eugene H. Krabs.

117. Tropical Storm Patrick ~ A Tropical Storm Warning is issued for the areas of Starville, Fishtown, Squidville, Spongeopolis, Krabland, Protozoanville and Bikini Bottom. Patrick is double dog-dared by Squidward to live through the storm and take risks and Patrick accepts this double dog-dare.

118. Race For Riches ~ Patrick, Spongebob, Squidward, Mr.Krabs, Alastair, Strangler, Squilliam and Old Man Jenkins enter another race but this time for a surprise that involves riches. Patrick think's it is unlimited coupons for Krusty Burgers, Spongebob thinks it is a Golden Spatula, Squidward thinks it is hair, Mr.Krabs thinks it will be his 3,000,000th dollar, Alastair thinks it is a lady robot for his robot, Strangler thinks it is a formula on to create new poisons for Patrick, Squilliam thinks it is a new copper mine since the one he has has been 95% cleaned out and Old Man Jenkins thinks it is Powerade to further support him being an athlete.

November 2015

119. Thank You Spongebob!(THANKSGIVING SPECIAL) ~ It is Thanksgiving Day, Patrick is excited because, he loves turkey, so this is his day! Spongebob decides to cook up something never attempted before, A Krabby Turkey Burger. Meanwhile, Squidward attempts to steal three live turkeys Squilliam wants to kill and eat so Squid can eat them instead before Squilliam gets the honor.

April 2016

120 - The Krabs Effect = Eugene Krabs wants to use some gifts from the giftshop to enhance The Krusty Burgers restaurant. He must get permission from MarySue and Jay but they are out of town for one week and Patrick is in charge.

121 - Starville Monthly = Patrick Star is sick of seeing of all the big accomplishments he sees in the Starville Monthly magazines and wants to perform a memorable magic trick to make the cover as "top story."  Patrick is later lectured by Uno for tips to succeed. Squilliam meanwhile wants to get Squilliam on at least one page of the magazine.

122 - The Lame Farm = Patrick is given the task by Jay to deliver some cow figurines as part of a cow junction at Whopper's Farm down the street from Starville. The elderly owner of the farm named Martha Montgomery likes Patrick's work ethic and wants him working as a farmer at  her farm. Patrick wants to go back to Starville finding the farm life boring but must not hurt Martha's feelings and also Jay might fire him again.

123 - Eight Sides = Alastair is angry that he can't bring Six Flags Amusement Parks into Starville due to copyright infringement so he decides to create his own amusement park named Eight Sides which shares so many resembalances to Six Flags. The FBI find out about this and arrest Alastair. Patrick and Squidward work together to convince the FBI to let Alastair go. The Strangler meanwhile takes temporary leadership in Alastair's place and becomes power hungry.

124 - No More = Patrick and Squidward are able to get Alastair back to Starville and through MarySue and Squilliam, they find out the Strangler is planning on turning Starville into his evil empire now that he is "mayor."  The five characters must stop the dictator and Alastair might have to remove him  out of office.

- NOTE : After being vice-mayor for 122 episodes and mayor for only 2 episodes, The Strangler is finally fired by Alastair and banned from Starville. This definitely will not be the last of him.

125 - The Next Accomplishment = Squilliam is appointed as the new vice mayor of Starville succeeding The Strangler. Squilliam wants to try all he can to get a raise and a promotion by Alastair. Squidward does not approve.

NOTE : Despite being a Patrick Star centered series, Episode 125 marks the first episode Patrick does not officially appear in. 

126 - Mining Out Memories = Squilliam learns that since he is vice mayor now, his copper mine is legally being shut down for good since every piece of riches was mined out. Squilliam starts a petition with Patrick and Spongebob to keep the mine open. Their petition is not popular and hence, the mine is shut down. Squilliam goes into despair.

127 - Rivals = Carl, the Selling Out manager, is the next Bikini Bottomite to move into the Starville community. He challenges The Krusty Burger's restaurant by opening a new restaurant formerly Squilliam's mine named Carl's Cafe. Squilliam gives assistance to Patrick, Spobgebob and Mr.Krabs to attract as many customers to The KB as possible. Despite, the KB's rise in customers, Carl's Cafe remains open to the public.

128 - Hundreds Of Clowns = Alastair, Squilliam and Patrick Star give Dougie Williams, a 57 year old clown, permission to bring his flock of clowns into Starville for a month of mighty fun and jokes. The clowns start to go out of control with the pranks and Patrick is on his own with nobody else to ask Dougie and his clowns to leave the community so they can return to peace. Dougie and his clowns are resistant to leave and declare a war on Starville.

February 13, 2017

129 - Clownville = Starville has been taken over by Dougie and his clown cartel. In order to find a way to stop the clowns from ruining their lives, Squidward and Squilliam have to team up to show them who's boss. Patrick also finds his Spy Buddies equipment.

130 - The Starville Army = In order to save Squidward and Squilliam, who have been taken hostage by the clowns, Patrick needs to challenge his idiocy and inspire the whole town to rise up and fight for their freedom. SEASON 6 FINALE

Season 7 {2017} Edit

The Life of Living Patrick! has been renewed for a seventh season on Monday, February 13, 2017. The season is expected to premiere this Summer, probably around August. Premiere date TBA. Just like Season 6, this season will have 25 episodes bringing the episode count up to 156.

Summer 2017

131 - A Starville Divided = Still not liking what Alastair did for the clowns, Starville residents are now divided and are leaving the community. Patrick has to work on his own to "sweet talk" them in coming back.

132 - Super Duper Pooper Burger = Jay goes into a self-esteem crisis after receiving mixed reviews on a burger he created to rival Mr.Krabs and The Krusty Burgers. Only Patrick can help out his boss.

133 - Starry Resources = Patrick, Jay, MarySue and Uno go looking for starry resources to try and get a bigger starfish population in Starville due to the non-starfishes making up 53% of the population.

134 - Who Let The Squids Out?

135 - Patnik

136 - Once A Star, Always A Star

137 - Reap What Was Sown

138 - P.A.T.R.I.C.K

139 - Best Cashiers

140 - TBA

141 - TBA

142 - TBA

143 - TBA

144 - TBA

145 - TBA

146 - TBA

147 - TBA

148 - TBA

149 - TBA

150 - TBA

151 - TBA

152 - TBA

153 - TBA

154 - TBA

155 - TBA

156 - TBA

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