The Krusty Train is a spin-off that was created by The_Cartoon.
Premiered : May 4th 2009
Ended : September 10th, 2010
Status: Ended

Plot : The spin-off is about Mr.Krabs making The Krusty Train. He discovers that people make money by having a train service. Along the way, they meet a hobo named Zed and an evil Group known as The M.C.C ( Mind Control Criminals). Season 4 has started, but it ended with only 3 episodes. *Note : There was an episode known as Working Pains in season 3, and it was indeed posted but Cartoon said it would work better later in the series so he pushed it off to the side for now.

Cancellation: Sometime in October 2010, The Cartoon announced he was done with Spin-Offs, thus ending all chances of this spin-off returning. This left it with a big cliffhanger.

Season 1

1. The Krusty Train (Pilot)
2. Vaga-Bonding
3. A Little More Conversation
4. Caribbean Commotion
5. The Smell of Chum
6. Lennying A Hand
7. The Village Fish
8. Big Top
9. The M.C.C
10. English Sea Part 1- The Arrival
11. English Sea Part 2 - Zed's Last Stand
12. English Sea Part 3 - The Castle
13. English Sea Part 4 - Mysterious Waters

Season 2

14. The Boys are Back in Town
15. Nervous & Thrilled
16. The Great Train Robbery
17. New Evidence
18. Plankton's Choice
19. Snowbound
20. Suspicous Minds
21. Ghost Train Part 1
22. Ghost Train Part 2
23. Great Barrier Reef!
24. Behind The M.C.C.
25. Murder On The Krusty Train! Part 1
26. Murder On The Krusty Train! Part 2

Season 3*

27. Arrested Development
28. Hide, Seek, & Not Find
29. Coral Beach
30. Lost
31. The Hobo Brigade
32. Moving On
33. Dangerous Beauty
34. The Tunnel
35. Concession Confession
36. Haunted Train
37. Just Like Old Times Part 1
38. Just Like Old Times Part 2
39. Just Like Old Times Part 3

Season 4

40. Forgotten Memories
41. Behind Enemy Lines
42. Jailfish

This Show is Similar to Krusty Cruise in some ways. Except, this involves a Train, not a boat.

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