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Creator: Da God Of SpongeBob Fans

The Further Adventures Of SpongeBob is a spin-off of SpongeBob SquarePants about the further adventures of everyone's favourite Sponge! It started on the July 31, 2016


SpongeBob has more adventures!

Production Edit

Awesome Entertainment was founded to work on this show for Nickeldon after SpongeBob cancellation in 2019.The idea was created by Da God when missing SpongeBob but the fans of the classic series was worried that Da God would ruin the show (Or make it worse at least) but they were wrong! as he had saved the show!

Theme Song Edit

  • SpongeBob: I am a little sponge!
  • Patrick: I am a erm...
  • Squidward: I am an artist!
  • Sandy: I am a underwater Squirrel!
  • Mr. Krabs: I am a crabby crab!
  • All: And we're all friends!
  • Squidward: Except me!
  • All Except Squidward: The Further Adventures Of SpongeBob!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • (Everyone moves forward except Squidward as the shows title falls on Squidward)
  • Mr. Krabs: When do I get payed?

Voting Edit

Is This Show Great?

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Who's da best character?

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Episodes Edit

Season 1 Edit

Name: # Description: Title Card:
Patball 1a The description and episode available on SpongeFan.Wikia/wiki/The Further Adventures Of SpongeBob Prevouis Wiki
Alien Attack 1b Same as above Previous


Krusty Con 2a Same As Above Prevouis Wiki
Kenny The Can 2b Same as above Previous


The Parent Mystery: 3a SpongeBob learns a secret about his parents..................
The Parent Mystery
Pirate Sandy: 3b Sandy learns about her pirate ancestor and her adventure to find The Dutchmen


Pirate Sandy

Trivia Edit

  • Every episode has at least 1 Easter egg.
  • The show has more viewers than ever!

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