This DVD will be released on April 19, 2011. Two days after

The End of An Era?'s Premiere. It contains 6 episodes, including the special. One is from Season 7, while the others are from Season 8.


The End of An Era?

An Earthquake is predicted to ravage the town, causing major chaos in Bikini Bottom

Rodeo Daze

SpongeBob and his friends go to Texas to see Sandy in a Rodeo.

Squidward, You Broke My TV!

SpongeBob's television accidentally gets destroyed by Squidward!

Texting in Bikini Bottom

SpongeBob texts everybody in Bikini Bottom and tries to invite him to his Birthday Party.

Hot Dog Patties

The Krusty Krab sells Krabby Patties with not buns, but with hot-dogs.

Gary Gets Glasses

After thinking SpongeBob is such a blurry ol' sponge, he gets a eye-doctor appointment and gets glasses so he can see much better.

Special FeaturesEdit

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