The Comic Book is an scapped comedy/variety show by ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1; the show was scrapped on January 24th, 2013 due to lack of interest and delays.

Airdate/Premiere: Scrapped

Genre: 2012 Comedy/Variety G

Plot -Edit

The Comic Book is a spin-off similar to KaBlam!, having many people here on SBC write shorts for the spin-offs, which would be an entirely new creation made by said member, which would all be wrapped around with hosting segments made by me.

Episode Guide -Edit

Season 1 -Edit

Episode 1 - Fight to the Finish! (scrapped before airing)

Episode 2 - Valentine's Day (scrapped before airing)

Trivia -Edit

1. CNF announced on November 11th 2012 that the show, along with fellow spin-off IJLSA Adventure Movies, would go on a hiatus. CNF does not know when The Comic Book will begin airing.

2. On January 24th, 2013, CNF announced the show was scrapped due to delays and lack of interest. All materials made for the show will air on The Archives of CNF1 during it's 2nd season.

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