Investigation is the second episode of The Bikini Bottomen and the second episode of Season 1.

Genre: 2014 Drama/Action PG

Summary Edit

Larry and the twins have formulated a plan to investigate Victor Hollins - having Larry apply for a job at Vycro Tech in order to find out if Victor has the Mayor there. Meanwhile, the Jules' family is still having a tough time with Jullian's disappearance. Larry's investigation at Vycro Tech seems to be succeeding, with Larry overhearing from a conversation between two workers that a prisoner was being held in the building's basement. Larry notifies the Sophie and Joseph of the news. Thinking it could be the twins' father, the group takes off at night to Vycro Tech. Upon making it to the basement, they find that two guards are protecting the prison hold down there. Joseph takes them out with his telekinesis, and Sophie reads their minds to get the pass code to the prison hold. They enter and see a man tied up, but when they free him, it turns out not to be their father. The man blasts fire at them and then escapes Vycro Tech.

Meanwhile, Victor Hollins meets in a dark alley with Head Officer, Jell Masterson (who first appeared on Team SpongeBob) and they discuss how Victor's plans are coming along, revealing that the two are working together.

Notes Edit

  • Victor Hollins and Jell Masterson are working together.
  • Larry has gone undercover at Vycro Tech.
  • Larry learns that a prisoner is being held at Vycro Tech.
  • Larry and the twins discover that the prisoner is not Mayor Jules, but a strange man with the ability to shoot out fire.

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