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The Adventures of No Name Movie is a Spin-Off movie created by Weasel which released on April 3rd, 2015


In 2011, a movie based on The Adventures of No Name was planned. Steel Sponge gave Old Man Jenkins the rights for the movie, but gave it back to him. Then in February 2015, Weasel talked to Old Man Jenkins in a PM, where OMJ gave him an idea/plot for the movie. In early March, he asked Steel Sponge if he could buy the movie rights. He agreed, and production on the movie was started. The movie was originally planned for release on March 28th, 2015, but was moved to next week. It was also the same day production was finished



No Name and his friends (Angler, Twelvie, and Brain) were on their way to Jellyfish Fields after a long day working at King Jellyfish's kingdom when Brain spots a strange-looking cave. They guess that a monster resides in that cave. That night, Angler couldn't stop thinking about the cave, so he sneaked off. He went to the cave and met a teenage-looking jellyfish. They both went in, and met the antagonist of the movie, the Evil Jellion Overlord. He ate both, and made clones of them. The next day, Brain and Twelvie tell No Name that Angler is missing, and that they were having a unusual day. No Name guesses that he went into the cave, which was true. They went outside, and found a jellion turn a regular jellyfish into a clone. The gang decides to visit No Name's friend SpongeBob for help. They went to The Krusty Krab to see SpongeBob. No Name tells him about the situation. He tells No Name to visit his friend Sandy at her treedome. They go the treedome to visit Sandy. No Name tells her everything. Sandy pulls out her animal book, and told him about the Evil Jellion Overlord and his henchman of jellions. She also read that their weakness was mayonnaise. So, they went back to the Krusty Krab. On their way, Twelvie makes a pit stop. Brain spots a familiar jellyfish. No Name goes up the hill, and it turns out to be a jellion version of Angler. No Name goes down the hill in fear and rushes Brain and Twelvie to the Krusty Krab. When they got there, No Name gets a squeeze bottle with mayonnaise inside from SpongeBob. The friends got outside, and there was a crowd of jellinos, including Jellion Angler. He started squirting the mayo at Jellion Angler, which he dissolved into grey jelly. He squirts at other jellions until he runs out, and that's when the Evil Jellion Overlord appears. Then, Sandy mysteriously appears with a mayonnaise blaster, squirting at multiple jellions. And she uses a super mayonnaise blaster at the Evil Jellion Overlord, and he dissolved. The remaining jellions did the same. After that, No Name and his friends went back to Jellyfish Fields along with Sandy, where they found the real Angler.


The movie released on April 3rd, 2015 at SBC. The movie also got a release on five other sites.

  1. Archive Of Our Own Beta (A03)
  2. FanFiction.Net
  3. FictionPad
  4. SpongeBuddy Mania
  5. Wattpad


The Adventures of No Name Movie: Music From and Inspired by the Movie was released on the same day as the movie with the following tracks

  1. Jellyfish Fields (From Battle for Bikini Bottom)-Yummysoise
  2. Staduim Rave (Orginal 1998 Mix)- Mark Governor
  3. Alien Clones- Alex Wolff
  4. Midnight Madness- The Chemist Brothers
  5. We're Not Gonna Take It- Twisted Sister
  6. The Jellyfish Song-Plus- Tech Squeezebox feat. SpongeBob SquarePants

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