Superlicious is a spin off by tvguy, as well as the first attempt he made at a spin off, although it never made it to the public. Each series or season bares a new name after a dessert or food.
Began: December 14, 2010
End: TBA
Status: New Spin Off


Superlicious follows Squidward opening up his own restaurant and hiring Spongebob and Patrick, as well as two new girls named Rebecca and Velma. They name the restaurant "Superlicious." The Veggie Club is introduced as their rival in the episode "Baseball Team!"


Season 1 FroyoEdit

(1) Superlicious (12-14-10)
(2) Searching for Staff (12-14-10)
(3) Fix-a-Roo! (12-14-10)
(4) Opening Up (12-14-10)
(5) Mr. Dessert (12-15-10)
(6) Baseball Team (12-15-10)
(7) Shopping Addiction (12-15-10)
(8) Hey, Did You Order This? (12-15-10)
(9) The Cereal Biz (12-15-10)
(10) Scary Candy (12-15-10)
(11) Camera Krabs (12-16-10)


Season 1: Froyo
Season 2: Kiwi STA (Soon To Air)
Season 3: Ice Cream STA
Season 4: Gingerbread STA
Season 5: Honeycomb STA
Season 6: Toffee STA
Season 7: Chocolate STA

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