• SpongeBob: todays the first day of summer gary.
  • Gary: meow
  • Spongebob: i wonder whos knocking on the door.
  • Patrick: hi spongebob
  • SpongeBob: hi patrick where do you want to go
  • Patrick: sure lets go to dairy queen
  • Spongebob: hi i would like chocolate ice cream please
  • Harold: here you go
  • Patrick: i would like vanilla chocolate black raspberry and coffe ice cream
  • Nat: here (falls down) ow!
  • SpongeBob: now lets go to water park
  • Patrick: yay!
  • Spongebob: look at the wonderful waterpark lets go
  • Children: laughing
  • Patrick: hey spongebob want to go on the water slide
  • Spongebob: yes!
  • Patrick: come on spongebob slide down wee! That was fun right spongebob, spongebob? *Spongebob: im stuck help!
  • Patrick: i will call sandy
  • Sandy: what is it patrick!
  • Patrick: spongebobs stuck
  • Sandy: i will be right here! Alright wheres spongebob
  • Spongebob: right here sandy s
  • Sandy: dont worry i will get you out!
  • Patrick: sandy its breaking
  • Harold: run! Boom! Ow! That really heart.
  • Squidward: i finally get to relax
  • Spongebob and Patrick: laughing
  • Squidward: oh no. Screaming!

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