Titlecard # Title Airdate
1 Squidward vs Plankton
Squidward have to stop Plankton before he steal the krabby patty secret formula.
The Maze
2 The Maze
Squidward, Spongebob, and Mr Krabs have to get out from Plankton's complicated maze before he steal the krabby patty secret formula
3 Race Across The Pacific Ocean
Squidward took place on a race from Sidney (Australia) to San Francisco (USA) across the Pacific Ocean
4 Squidward Adventure In The Alternate Universe
Squidward transported himself into another universe using Sandy's teleportation machine
5 The Wreck Of The Titanic
Squidward visiting the wreck of the RMS Titanic. Everything is going well until Spongebob and Patrick show up
6 It's All My Fault! {{{airdate}}}
Pearl gets kidnapped by Dennis so Squidward and the gang started a search for him

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