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This is the DVD of the spin-off Squid Vs. Squid's complete third season.

Episodes IncludedEdit

  • Squidwars
  • We Want YOU!
  • Welcome to the Chum Bucket 2
  • Winter Party
  • Squidward's Surprise
  • SmartWard Tentacles
  • Selpl Spell Check
  • Squid-Phone
  • Good Ol' Days
  • Squilliam's Nightmare
  • Squidward and the Dentist
  • The Chum Bucket Redesign
  • Squilliam Vs. The Huge One
  • Squilliam Not-so-fancy-son
  • Slimier Dancing
  • Squid Vs. Strike
  • Krusty Kream
  • Dreams Accomplished
  • The New Idiot
  • Houston, We Have a Squidward
  • The Homework Assignment
  • Summer!
  • Vacationathon
  • Squid Soccer
  • Squids of July
  • Clarinet Chaos
  • Stalemate Squidward
  • Camp Squid

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