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This is the DVD of the spin-off Squid Vs. Squid's complete first season.

Episodes IncludedEdit

  • Squidward vs. Squilliam
  • Battle of the (Squid) Bands
  • Pineapple Fancy
  • Flying Colors
  • SquidFood
  • Rivalry: A Documentary
  • SquidBlogs
  • Haircut Day
  • MermaidSquid and ClarinetBoy Parts I, II, and III
  • April's Fool
  • Upside-Down Squids
  • MicroSquid
  • To Squid or Not to Squid
  • Super Squids
  • Krabby Squids
  • Squidarazzi
  • When Squidward Goes Bad
  • Squidward's Novel
  • Awards
  • Squidward Tennisballs
  • Child's Play
  • Bummer Squid-cation
  • Welcome to the Squid Bucket

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