This Episode is About Squidward making his own TV Show, With the Help of SpongeBob And Patrick.

Tominator's SpongeBob SquarePants Episode 6

The PlotEdit

The Episode Starts  At the Krusty Krab, Squidward Doing his Work as Usual, One Customer comes Up to Squidward, And Orders a Big Meal That is so large that it Costs $898.56, And Squidward is Impressed By how large the Meal is, And it was Found out the Guy they Served was a TV Producer, Jack Fishelson, And Signed Up Squidward for a One Year Deal, But Squidward Doesn't know what to make, So he Asks SpongeBob For help, "Relax Squidward, I know what to do, Just wait till after Work, and i'll tell you." And Mister Krabs Wonders What this is About, So Squidward Tells Him, And Krabs is interested, And Krabs Gives Some Good Advice to Squidward.

So Squidward Sets up his TV Show, and it's a Show About A Fish Living Next to 2 Unique Neighbors That Sometimes Please him or Annoy Him, So Squidward Makes an Episode of His Show Called "Good Neighbors" Where the Jeff And John Annoy Lenny to the Point of Installling A Secuirty System in his House and then The Secuity System Takes Lenny's House, The Episode gets Bad ratings And Squidward Feels Nervous About this, SpongeBob Tells Squidward "It's Ok Squidward, So it was a Dud, People Often Make Mistakes on their 1st Try, if you keep Trying, You'll Get Better, Trust Me" So Squidward Feels better,.

Squidward Then makes an Episode About The Duo Jeff and John Making Creative Stuff out of Sand, Like Giant Sand Castles And Sand Planes Etc..., And the Episode Gets Good Ratings And Squidward is Proud of This, So he Goes the Krusty Krab to see his Fans Happy to see him, and Squidward Takes out his new Laptop and Squidward's Show is named SpongeJeff Roundpants, It stars a Sponge named SpongeJeff in Bikini Town Where he has has a Best Friend Brian, A Seadog That is Very Intelligent, and his Sea star Best Friend Forever, John, Who lives under a Rock, And They have a Job at Burger Krab,With his Boss, Mr Pincher.

and Mr Pincher is Seen Drinking Coffee in a Cup that says:" Krabby, till i get my Coffee", And SpongeBob is impressed with the Show, He is Proud of Squidward, And Squidward Enjoys his Success With his Work,  The Episode Ends The Same way as Both InSPONGEiac (Tominator's SpongeBob SquarePants) and Smoothe Jazz at Bikini Bottom (Tominator's SpongeBob SquarePants).

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