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Squid is a spin-off written by tvguy347 and a variety of guest writers. Created in the style of original spin-offs, Squid is the first spin-off grounded entirely in the SpongeBob universe by tvguy since 2009. It is the first spin-off written in the classic since that time as well. It became tvguy's second show to hit #1 on the SpongeBoard after his 2013 hit The Inside Job.

As of December 2016, jjs now runs the spin-off, after tvguy gave him the rights due to not having anymore time to continue it. Season 2 premiered January 16th, 2017.

Season 1Edit

# Episode Name Airdate Writer
1 There's A New Squid On the Block July 13, 2016 tvguy347
2a Clam Stars July 17, 2016 tvguy347
2b Lower Your Abysspectations July 17, 2016 tvguy347
3a The Fat F July 19, 2016 tvguy347
3b Great Barrier Grief July 19, 2016 tvguy347
4a Cleanup on Aisle 7 July 21, 2016 tvguy347
4b Nautical Nepotism July 21, 2016 tvguy347
5a Counseling July 23, 2016 Old Man Jenkins
5b Give 'Em Shell July 23, 2016 Old Man Jenkins
6a House of Horrors July 25, 2016 Cha
6b Fun and Games July 25, 2016 Cha
7a Welcome to the Fin Fraternity: Hazed and Confused July 27, 2016 Aquatic Nuggets
7b Aquatic Animal House July 27, 2016 Aquatic Nuggets
8a Mr. Yes And July 29, 2016 terminoob
8b Cafe... a la Mode July 29, 2016 terminoob
9a Radio Ray July 31, 2016 JCM
9b Shutout July 31, 2016 JCM
10a Squidtastic! August 2, 2016 tvguy347
10b The Daphne Diaries August 2, 2016 tvguy347
11a Homesick August 9, 2016 Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick
11b Return of Squidville August 9, 2016 Mr. Dr. Professor Patrick
12a B2: The Mighty Geeks August 11, 2016 Old Man Jenkins
12b Jellyfish Go Away August 11, 2016 Old Man Jenkins
13a It Takes a Squid August 13, 2016 tvguy347
13b Suave Squid August 13, 2016 tvguy347
14a Instaclam Flexin' August 15, 2016 teenj12
14b Wobbegong Quits August 15, 2016 teenj12
15a Parking Race August 19, 2016 JCM
15b Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin Eater August 19, 2016 JCM
16a Stop the Presses August 21, 2016 Jjsthekid
16b Shell Shocked August 21, 2016 Jjsthekid
17a Just For the Record August 23, 2016 tvguy347
17b It's in the Syllabus August 23, 2016 tvguy347
18a Squilver Bells August 26, 2016 Clappy
18b Peterpus Takes the Fall August 26, 2016 Clappy
19a Fancy Feasts August 27, 2016 Steel Sponge
19b Taking a Trance August 27, 2016 Steel Sponge
20a Carp's Carnival August 29, 2016 tvguy347
20b Look At It This Way August 29, 2016 tvguy347

Season 2Edit

# Episode Name Airdate Writer
21a Snow War January 16, 2017 Jjsthekid
21b Eugene's Offer January 16, 2017 Jjsthekid
22 Jellyspotting January 27, 2017 Old Man Jenkins
23a Punk's Not Dead January 27, 2017 Renegade the Unicorn
23b Of Dunces and Dragons January 27, 2017 Renegade the Unicorn
24a Monster Krabby Headache January 30, 2017 Cha
24b Tensed Tentacles January 30, 2017 Cha
25a Orectolobus Returns February 2, 2017 teenj12
25b Fashion Fiasco February 2, 2017 teenj12
26a Coffee & Doughnuts February 6, 2017 Jjsthekid
26b Skippin' February 6, 2017 Jjsthekid
27 It's Called "Gruzz" February 13, 2017 terminoob
28a Peterpus in Love February 14, 2017 Jjsthekid
28b The Grand Old Squid of York February 14, 2017 Jjsthekid
29a Kappa Squidma February 17, 2017 JCM
29b Bare Necessities February 17, 2017 JCM
30a Squidward & Squiliam February 20, 2017 SpongeOddFan
30b Eellen vs. Magic February 20, 2017 SpongeOddFan
31a The Sea Turtle's Story February 23, 2017 crushingmayhem
31b Scales! February 23, 2017 crushingmayhem


  • OMJ is the first published guest writer on Squid.
  • Episodes 6A and 6B written by Cha were written as 4A and 4B of the series. She was technically the first guest writer of the series, even though OMJ was published before her.
  • "There's A New Squid On The Block", "Jellyspotting", and "It's Called "Gruzz"" are the only double-length episodes so far.

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