Creator: SquidwardTentacles35.

Series Premiere -> May 29, 2017

WARNING - Rated R for Strong Graphic Violence, Not a place for ages 10 and below, viewer discretion is advised, any nightmares are not held accountable by me. 

Spongepocalypse, is an American horror and drama wikia series created by SquidwardTentacles35 on May 29, 2017. The series follows Spongebob and friends as a zombie apocalypse rages through Bikini Bottom day by day. The stakes rise as the once peaceful world of Bikini Bottom dissolves into a nightmare of dead and war.

Series Regulars Edit

Spongebob Squarepants (age:29) - Calm but firm, will evolve into something more.

Patrick Star (age:29) - Dimwitted at first glance but can be deadly with numb-chucks.

Squidward Tentacles (age:47) - Cynical, No-Nonsense and strives for independence.

Eugene H. Krabs (age:64) - Selfish and the 1% that uses money in a zombie world.

Sandy Cheeks (age:29) - The definition of a survivalist, another leader-type.

Mrs.Puff (age:54) - The damsel-in-distress, but capable.

Pearl Krabs (age:17) - Eugene’s teenage daughter with the attitude of a toddler.

Mermaidman (age:80) - Provides Medical Skills and Weapons.

Larry The Lobster (age:35) - A tough guy who looks out for people and can survive.

Norma Rechid (age:44) - A mother who has had a tragic beginning with the apocalypse.

Monroe Rechid (age:8) - A kid who will learn that he won't be able to have the average childhood.

Notable Main Deaths Edit

Season 1 Edit

Gary The Snail


Sheldon J. Plankton

Season 2 Edit


Rules Edit




Season 1 (2017) Edit

Season 1 will have ten episodes and has commenced on May 29, 2017 and concluded on July 31, 2017.

1.1 - Pilot - 5/29/17

1.2 - One Job, That's All - 6/5/17

1.3 - Mad Dogs - 6/12/17

1.4 - Give Me A Gun (Spongepocalypse) - 6/19/17

1.5 - The Compound - 6/26/17

1.6 - Downfall - 7/3/17

1.7 - DTOATO - 7/10/17

1.8 - Closed Doors - 7/17/17 

1.9 - Truth Be Told - 7/24/17

1.10 - Sacrificial Survivor - 7/31/17 

Season 2 (2017) Edit

Season 2 will have ten episodes and will commence on October 23, 2017 and will conclude on December 25, 2017.


- Spongebob snipes a walker in the head with a crossbow while continuing to count the days that pass in the apocalypse. Mermaidman wheels up in a wheelchair. "Feeling better?" Spongebob says to him. "Once you get my age, you eventually don't care." Says, Mermaidman. "Any words on what Mr.Krabs has in store for us." Spongebob sets down his crossbow. "I don't consider him the leader." He says.


- A door is kicked open and entering is Monroe armed with a gun and aiming to make sure zombies aren’t nearby. Larry the Lobster gives the all clear signal. Mr.Krabs takes a piss beside the bookshelves. Sandy and Patrick enter. Patrick claims that he is worried about Monroe. Sandy tells him, it’s a new world now Pat. Sandy walks in to garyer supplies. Patrick stays back to keep watch and takes a look at something behind him. “What is that?” He asks, getting the attention of Sandy, Monroe, Larry and Mr.Krabs.

2.1 - Desolation - 10/23/17

2.2 - Uncharted Lands - 10/30/17

2.3 - An Eye For An Eye - 11/6/17

2.4 - TBA - 11/13/17

2.5 - TBA - 11/20/17

2.6 - TBA - 11/27/17

2.7 - TBA - 12/4/17

2.8 - TBA - 12/11/17

2.9 - TBA - 12/18/17

2.10 - TBA - 12/25/17

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