Spongebob n' Friends

Summary: Spongebob n' Friends(originally called The Many Misadventures of Spongebob and Friends) is a series made by tvfan95. This spin-off is very popular in other words. This spin-off portrays the same plots as the original Spongebob Squarepants, with somewhat new characters. When tvfan95 was banned in February, another used named Pandamoo2, was given the rights to the Spongebob n' Friends series. In July, a user named SeaSpongez announced that he's actually tvfan95 and posted the finale for it on July 20th. * Was the finale until Tvfan decided to continue it.
Premiere Date: July 17th, 2007
End Date: July 20th, 2009
Created by: tvfan95

Episodes Edit

Season 1:

1.Pat's Place/Best Friends Forever
2.A Trip to the Vet/Sandy vs. Randy
3.Patrick Star, the Teacher/Goofy Goober's Rock
4.Krabby Kapers/The Ghostest
5.Squilliam's Quest
6.Pet Care/Randy Returns
7.Pineapple Pals/Real Men
8.Report Card/Grand Re-Opening
9.Bad Food/Hardly Air-able
10.Bad News Bottomites/Patrick and Plankton
11.Pat-Taters/Lil' Bob
12.Sheldon Squarepants/SpongeGal
13.Hairy Interesting/Spongebob's Revenge

Season 2:
14-Spongebob MansionPants (TV MOVIE)
15.Patrick Does Moldywood/ Clean and Succeed
16.-Sandy Goes Nuts/ Go-Go-Go Karts
17.Squid This, Done That
18. MermaidMan and Barnacle Boy 3000/Blob Story
19. Dive Thru/ Scooter's Very Own Episode
20. Brain Pain/ Oh Baby!
21. Clown Fears/ Randy Rocks
22. SpongeBlob LovePants/ Snails Vs. Worms
23. Horror Story/ Mega-Plankton
24. Pat's Place Training Video/ Uncle Sherm's Visit
25. Jingle Jumble/ SpongeBlob's New Job Part 1
26. SpongeBlob's New Job Part 2
27. Sponge Vs. Squirrel/ Plankton's Goodbye
28. The Test/ Dome Sweet Dome
29-30. Mother of Pearl! ( TV Movie and "Finale")*

Season 3:
30. Work Station/ New Girl In Town
31. Pity Date/Star Love
32. Defeat The Parents/ Vacation
33. Squid 'n' Friends
34. Friends and Rivals
35. Squidvivor/ Jealous Pants
36. Patrick's Car/ Video Game Invertabrae
37. Spongebob Squarepant's A Christmas Carol
38. Plankton Pays/ Squid's Girlfriend
39. Ski Lodge/ The Test
40. Double Trouble Double Date/ Love Again
41. It's A Krabby Life
42. You Bet/ The Koi's Are Back In Town
43. Who Shot Mr. Krabs? ( Part 1)
44. Who Shot Mr. Krabs? ( Part 2)
45. Squid Got Dumped/ Last Of The Puff Mommas
46. A Sponge Without Love
47. Mrs. Puff The Chef
48. The Test/ Video Game Wars
49. PatTube/ Squidward's Revenge
50. Squidward's Snail
51. High School Reunion
52. Love and Marriage