Chapter 1: Lost pencil again! Edit

Above the deep blue sea there was a lady drawing a sketch of a whale. Suddenly a big seagull arrived and attacked the lady. Luckily, the lady was NOT hurt but she lost the pencil and it fell to the sea. "NOOOO!!!!" yelled the lady.

Chapter 2: Domination over the pencilEdit

"UGH!!! I am never going to get the secret krabby pattie formula!!" yelled Plankton as he kicked the table. "That won't make you feel better honey." smiled Karen. "I'm going to take a stroll around town to take that off mind." said Plankton as he got his coat and left out of the chum bucket. "Oh boy.." said Karen. Plankton was walking all mad. "Since when am i going to steal the formula?!" yelled Plankton.

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