SpongeBob and Patrick meet the Jagermonsta is an episode created by Gojirules54.


This takes palce during the events of " life of crime ": Patrick gets his candy bar from SpongeBob and says "thanks SpongeBob ! i think i'll eat it now !" but just as he is about to do so , he hears a noise in the distance , the Jagermonsta , who comes and flails all around spongebob and patrick's campsite and spongebob and patrick panic and hide behind a rock , and patrick asks "WHAT IS THAT THING ?" spongebob says "i don't know patrick , but whatever it is , it's horrifying !' then spongebob formulates a plan to tame the jagermonsta and ride it out of the bikini bottom city limits ! " i have a idea !" spongebob says ! "what ?" patrick asks ! "we should tame this thing and ride it outta bikini bottom !" spongebob answers ! spongebob explains the plan , saying "ok , i'll jump out and grab it's horns , then you jump on and we ride outta here !" spongebob jumps out and grabs the jagermonsta's horns ! once he succeeds in his plan , he says "got it !" then he shouts to patrick "COME ON PATRICK !" patrick jumps out on to the jagermonsta's back , and sits in front of spongebob , who says "now , let's get outta here !" then they both shout "HOORAY !" then the jagermonsta runs outta the bikini bottom city limits , and spongebob and patrick toast their candy bars and ride outta the area and begin a new life , on the run from the law !