SpongeBob and His Friends is a new spin-off made by ClassicNickelodeon Fan 1.

Airdate: February 15, 2012 (Sneak Peek/Premiere of Short #1)/February 18th, 2012 (Official Premiere)

Genre: 2012 Mystery PG

Plot -Edit

Season 1 Edit

A very suspenseful tale about SpongeBob and His Friends in a great depression due to the death of Mr. Krabs. With help from Squidward and others, SpongeBob will track down the murderer of Mr. Krabs.

Season 2 Edit

A new Mystery Man has been christened by the old. SpongeBob and friends must track down the new Mystery Man and Dr. Squid as they nearly escape every twist and turn, in the 2nd season of this epic action-packed program!

Season 3 Edit

New Mystery Man. New teammate. Sexual situations. All the same action you've come to love. A new Mystery Man is on the loose, and this new teammate seems to know a lot about him. The only problem is, it's a girl! SpongeBob can't seem to focus on stuff as he is only focused on his new teammate, Sandy Cheeks. Will SpongeBob get back in the game? Will the Mystery Man be caught? Join SpongeBob and friends in the ride of their life in the most action packed season of SpongeBob and His Friends ever!

Episodes -Edit

Season 1 -Edit

Episode 1- A Suspensful Tale (Airdate: Feb. 18th, 2012)

Episode 2- The Death of Mr. Krabs (Airdate: Feb. 26th, 2012)

Episode 3- The Journery Begins (Airdate: March 4th, 2012)

Episode 4- The Next Victim... (Airdate: March 10th 2012)

Episode 5- I Got A Job At The Goofy Goober! (Airdate: March 24th 2012)

Episode 6- A Trip to Glove World (Airdate: March 25th 2012)

Episode 7- What's Your Secret? (Airdate: March 31st 2012)

Episode 8- Patrick: The Enemy? Part 1 (Airdate: April 11th 2012)

Episode 9- Patrick: The Enemy? Part 2 (Airdate: April 14th 2012)

Episode 10- You've Been Warned (Airdate: April 28th 2012)

Episode 11- The Secret Plot (Airdate: April 29th 2012)

Episode 12- The Big Battle Part 1 (Airdate: May 6th 2012)

Episode 13- The Big Battle Part 2 (Airdate: May 12th 2012)

Season 2-Edit

Episode 14 - New Season, New Mysterys, New Villian! (Airdate: September 29th 2012)

Episode 15 - The Mystery Restarts (Airdate: October 9th 2012)

Episode 16 - Breakout (Airdate: October 13th 2012)

Episode 17 - A Spooktacular Halloween Nightmare (Airdate: November 1st 2012)(Was originally scheduled for October 20th, but was pulled at the last minute.)

Episode 18 - On The Farm (Airdate: November 10th 2012)

Episode 19 - Back in Black Part 1 (Airdate: November 17th 2012)

Episode 20 - Back in Black Part 2 (Airdate: November 23rd 2012)

Episode 21 - Slime Time (Airdate: November 25th 2012)

Episode 22 - The Price Is Wrong (Airdate: December 1st 2012)

Episode 23 - Off To Mexico (Airdate: December 8th 2012)

Episode 24 - Escape or Die (Airdate: December 16th 2012)(Was originally scheduled for December 15th, 2012, but was pulled because of forgetfulness. It was aired the next day.)

Episode 25 - The Beginning of the End (Airdate: December 22nd, 2012)

Episode 26 - Some Crossover We Don't Care About Part 2: Honor Thy Fallen (Airdate: January 3rd, 2013)

SP. A Christmas Mystery (Airdate: December 25th, 2012)

Season 3 - Edit

Episode 27 - The Return (Airdate: June 1st, 2013)

Episode 28 - TBA (Airdate: TBA; originally scheduled for June 15th, 2013)

Episode 29 - TBA (Airdate: TBA)

Episode 30 - TBA (Airdate: TBA)

Shorts -Edit

Episode 1 - A Valentine's Day Murderer (Airdate: Feb. 15th, 2012)

Episode 2 - A Visit from The Lorax (Airdate: March 3rd, 2012)

Episode 3 - St. Patrick's Day (Airdate: March 18th 2012)

Episode 4 - An Eggtastic Easter! (Airdate: April 9th 2012)

Episode 5 - April Fool's Day (Airdate: April 1st 2012)

Episode 6 - The Anime Convention or A Meeting With Astro Boy (Airdate: May 20th 2012)

Episode 7 - SpongeBob, Astro Boy, and Sonic: Anime Heros (Airdate: May 20th 2012)

Episode 8 - Getting Ready For The Big Battle (Airdate: May 5th 2012)

Episode 9 - Happy Birthday CNF1! (Airdate: May 20th 2012)

Episode 10 - Season 2 Recap (Airdate: December 29th, 2012)


Episode 2 was originally scheduled to air on Feb. 25th 2012 but was delayed to Feb. 26th 2012

Episode 3 was originally scheduled for March 3rd 2012 but was delayed to March 4th 2012 at about Noon

Episode 5 was originally scheduled for March 17th 2012 but was delayed to March 21st 2012 but was delayed again to March 24th 2012

Episode 6 was originally scheduled for March 24th 2012 but due to SBJ running later than normal, the episode was delayed until March 25th 2012

Episode 17 was orginally scheduled for October 20th, but was pulled at the last minute. It was then scheduled for October 31st, but due to forgetfulness, the episode aired the next day.

Short 1 was originally scheduled to air on Feb. 14th 2012 but was delayed to Feb. 15th 2012

Short 2 was originally scheduled to air on March 2nd 2012 but was delayed to March 3rd 2012 at about 9AM

Short 3 was originally scheduled for March 17th 2012 but due to the SBC Blackout/SBC Shut Down, the episode was delayed to March 18th 2012


Shorts 6-7 and 9 aired as part of the Short-O-Rama marathon hosted by BOT on May 20th 2012, as part of CNF1's Birthday Celebration Month.

The show was originally going to end after the 2nd season, but CNF decided to continue it after that.

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