SpongeBob B. C. (Before Comedy), is a show about the daily life of SpongeGar, the prehistoric version of SpongeBob. There are also Patchy and Potty segments. The series first premiered on March 5, 2014.

Characters Edit

SpongeGar Segments Edit


SpongeGar Squarepuis, a happy prehistoric sponge who works as a frutia cookla (fry cook).

Patar Starfluis, SpongeGar's best friend.

Squog Tenagic, SpongeGar's coworker and nextdoor neighbor, he works as the rocksher.

Yoogene A. Klabs, SpongeGar and Squog's employer. Patar likes to eat his cousins.

Uno Plankton, The first Plankton in existence, he is Klabs' rival.

Gary the Snailusaures, SpongeGar's pet Snailasour.

Schady the Underwater Squirrel, the Underwater Squirrel.

Patchy segments Edit

Patchy the Pirate, the host of the segment, he is president of the SpongeBob B.C. Fan club. His best friend is Potty.

Potty the Parrot, a parrot from the future, he thinks the past is lame. His best friend is Patchy

X-29, Potty's assistant, his best friend is Cavey

Cavey, Patchy's roomate, his best friend is X-29

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