Spongebob: Diaries of a Serial Killer was a shirt-lived spin-off series by spin-off creator fa. It was his 5th created spin-off since coming to SBC. It focused on Spongebob becoming a mad serial killer after a freak plane accident. The show was criticized harshly for several similarities to Elastic Dawg's literature, Rusty's Raping Rampage, especially after the episode 4EverTouched. As a result, Fa cancelled the series in Feburary 2011, allowing Jjs to give it a dare episode to give it some sort of closure.

Episode GuideEdit

Season 1Edit

1. Pilot (Victim = Patrick)

2. Your Fucking Mediocre (Victim = Squidward)

3. Money Bags (Victims = Mr. Krabs and Pearl)

4. Treedome of Horror (Victim = Sandy)

5. 4EverTouched (Victim = 4EverGreen)

6. SpamBob The Monster (No Victim)

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