in this episode, SpongeBob has a weird day on Halloween.

Tominator's SpongeBob SquarePants episode 30

under construction

this is the 1st episode with a different opening theme.

The Opening Theme Edit

in the opening theme, rather than the usual theme (which is a remix of the original's theme), this episodes theme goes like this:

  • Painty: are you ready kids?
  • Patrick: no
  • Painty: i cant hear you
  • Patrick: no!
  • Painty: i can't hear you
  • Patrick: NO!
  • Painty: *word 11* you
  • Painty: ohhhhhhhh....
  • *Justin Bieber's baby starts playing*
  • Painty: ohhhhhhh!!!!!
  • Microsoft Sam: who's a pineapple who lives in lava?
  • *record scartches*
  • french narrator: fail
  • *television static occurs*

the episode Edit

the episode starts with SpongeBob waking up to get ready for work, and he finds out that today is Halloween, so then he gets ready to go to the Krusty Krab, and then he finds an invitation to a party, SpongeBob is happy that he got the invitation, meanwhile, Patrick was sleeping as usual, and then his alarm clock went off Alarm Clock: 5:00, 5:00, 5:00 Patrick: wow, it's 8:00, *stretches*, i'm ready for Halloween! , so meanwhile, Squidward is sleeping, and he wakes up and gets a prank call from Mayor West, and then Squidward gets ready for the day, and then he finds an invitation to a Halloween Party, meanwhile, SpongeBob arrives at Krusty Krab, ready for work, meanwhile, Patrick sits down and watches some TV, he sees an ad for a Halloween party, so meanwhile, Mr Krabs is relaxing in his money bath, so then the krusty krab was starting to sell invatations for the party.

and then Dora the explorer comes into the krusty krab, Hank hill sees her and facepalms, Hank: "oh,who invited her here?"

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