The tenth season was announced during SpongeBob's renewal, in December. It will be the first and only season to have only 10 episodes. It will start in 2012 with Juice Man. A clip of this episode can be seen at, yet it has a pretty long time to air.

181a February 6, 2012 "Juice Man"
181b February 7, 2012 "Traffic"
182a February 8, 2012 "Balloons"
182b February 9, 2012 "The Outfit"
183a February 10, 2012 "Me Money"
183b March 24, 2012 "Pie"
184a March 24, 2012 "SpongeBob Lends a Helping Pants"
184b March 24, 2012 "Suprise Sandy Day"
185 April 2, 2012 "Where's Squidward?"
186a April 16, 2012 "Lunch Rush"
187a April 17, 2012 "Haunted House"
187b April 18, 2012 "SpongeBob vs. Squidbillies"
188a April 19, 2012 "Permission"
188b April 20, 2012 "I Am A Criminal!"
189a July 4, 2012 "Punched Right in the Face!"
170a July 4, 2012 "The Beach Ball that Turn into a Giant Robot and Destroy Bikini Bottom"
170b July 4, 2012 "The Epilogue"
171a July 4, 2012 "Shell Shocked 2"
171b July 4, 2012 "Chum Caverns 2"
172 July 4, 2012 "MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy The Movie"

NOTE: Shell Shocked 2 is the first sequel that is not MermaidMan and BarnacleBoy! It is actually part of an unnanounced spin-off series of SpongeBob called "Shell Shocked".

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