Rivalry: A Documentary
Episode #: 4A
Airdate: February 8, 2013
Characters: SpongeBob (cameo), Patrick (cameo), Squidward, Squilliam, Nicholas Withers, Mr. Krabs
Guest Character(s): French Narrator
Length: 22 minutes
Previous Episode: EXTREEM SQUIDS!
Next Episode: SquidBlogs
Season: 1
Writer: SpongeFan20


This is the sixth episode (prod no. 4A) of the popular SpongeBob spin-off, Squid vs. Squid.

Summarized plot:Edit

In a poorly-made, half-hour documentary, the French Narrator makes a documentary on Squidward and Squilliam's rivalry. This has been the first half-hour special since the pilot.


  • Mr. Krabs makes a cameo appearance.
  • The Narrator is the only one who speaks in this episode.

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