Plankton: Across The Seven Seas is a spin-off created by JCM. The rights were purcheased by CNF1 on October 24th, 2012. The show was released to mild sucess on both SBC and SBM, probably due to the fact that the last few JCM-era episodes came so late after inital release. CNF1 has said that once some of his other spin-off projects are done and put on hiatus, he may write some new episodes of the show. On June 11th, 2013, CNF1 gave the rights back to JCM due to lack of interest in the show.

Premiere Date: SB Fanon Wiki: Unknown/SBC: August 16th, 2011/SBM: July 24th, 2012

End Date: TBA

Status: Rights reverted back to JCM.


Season 1 -Edit

1. Pilot(Spilt into 2 parts on SBC and SBM, left as one big part on the SB Fanon Wiki)(Airdate: SB Fanon Wiki: Unknown/SBC: Part 1: August 16th, 2011(Re-Premiered: November 27th, 2012) ; Part 2: September 4th, 2011/SBM: Part 1: July 24th, 2012 ; Part 2: July 25th, 2012)

2. Rock Bottom (Airdate: SB Fanon Wiki: Unknown/SBC: November 11th, 2011/SBM: July 26th, 2012)

3. Bass Vegas (Airdate: SB Fanon Wiki: Unknown/SBC: November 12th, 2011/SBM: August 21st, 2012)

4. Tentacle Acres (Airdate: SB Fanon Wiki: Unknown/SBC: November 19th, 2011/SBM: November 27th, 2012)

5. New Kelp City (Airdate: SB Fanon Wiki: Unknown/SBC: July 6th, 2012/SBM: November 28th, 2012)