Patrick Star
Gender Male
Born February 26, 1981
Age 34
Color Pink
Eye Color Black
Height 5"4
Weight 225 lb
Family Margie Star - Mother

(1956-) age: 59

Herbert Star - Father (1954-) age: 61 Don Star - Brother (1979-) age: 36 Sam Star - Sister (1975-) age: 39 almost 40 Princess Tulsa - Grandmother (1923-2010) aged: 87 Prince Callows - Grandfather (1920-) age: 95 Maw Titter - Great Grandmother (1897-1997) aged: 100 Billy Bob Billy - Great Grandfather (1897-2007) aged: 110 Queen Mildew - Great Great Grandma (1867-1950) aged: 83 King Amoeba - Great Great Grandpa (1865-1979) aged: 114 Gary The Snail - Cousin (1999-) age:

Location 120 Conch ST, Bikini Bottom, Pacific Ocean

Patrick David Star born:(February 26, 1981) is a dumb sea star that is the second main character on Spongebob Squarepants and the main character on The Life of Living Patrick! He was born 5 months before Spongebob, 2 years after his older brother, Don Star, and 6 years after his older sister, Sam Star.

Personal InformationEdit

Patrick Star was born on February 26, 1981, Patrick first met Spongebob at a town picnic on August 2, 1984 when they were only three years old. They have been best friends ever since. Patrick once burnt his hand on a hot iron when he tried to iron clothes for his grandmother in 1987 at the age of 6. During school days, Patrick was always bullied with crude names such as Fatso, Patrick ChubbyStar and Tubby. Patrick however finally stood up to his bullies in Grade 8 and became a bully himself. Patrick however realized it was not worth it and became good again. Patrick graduated High School on June 6, 1999 only because, the teachers did not want to put up with his stupidity anymore. Patrick went to community college for only a month and then dropped out. His unhappy parents kicked him out of their house and he moved into his rock home where he always hung out at before since 1998.


Patrick Star pretty much had no occupation for 11 years, but he did have two former jobs at the Chum Bucket, he first worked as the frycook for only 1 day at that deserted resturant! He returned to the Chum Bucket in 2007 and worked as a slogan advertiser for the resturant also for only 1 day! He has a habit of farting very rudely as well. He finally got a permanent job as another frycook alongside Spongebob on January 5, 2015 and still has this job as of August 2015.


Spongebob Squarepants

Squidward Tentacles(sometimes)








Bubble Bass


Spongebob Squarepants (rarely)

Squidward Tentacles (sometimes)

Plankton (sometimes)



Spongebob Squarepants (1999-)

The Life of Living Patrick! FIRST SPINOFF (2008-)

Bob Squarepants (2011-)

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