Nick The Goldfish Slayer is a spin-off created by SBC user ClassicNickelodeon Fan1 on May 31st, 2010, as part of the Spin-Off Festival 4. The spin-off revolves around a mass-murderer in the streets of New Kelp City.

Plot Edit

CNF1 has provided the plot in it's topic.

"Join a fish named Nick, who is a part of a dysfunctional family that doesn't care about him at all - which has led him to become a mass-murderer of whomever he sees while walking through the dark streets of New Kelp City."

Episodes Edit

Eight out of 13 episodes have been aired. It is unknown if the remaining episodes will be aired.
File:Nick the Goldfish Slayer.jpg

(1) 1. The Beginning (6/7/2013)

(2) 2. Rampage (6/14/2013)

(3) 3. Attack (6/21/2013)

(4) 4. On The Run (6/29/2013)

(5) 5. The Beautiful Girl (7/5/2013)

(6) 6. The Date (7/12/2013)

(7) 7. Beware (7/19/2013)

(8) 8. Return (8/14/2014)

(9) 9. Unknown (TBA)

(10) 10. Unknown (TBA)

(11) 11. Unknown (TBA)

(12) 12. Unknown (TBA)

(13) 13. Unknown (TBA)

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