Nega-Turner House
Industry: Housing
Location: Nega-Dimmsdale, Nega-California
First Appearance: Nicktoons: The Heroes Meet Their Match (technically below the house)
Fanon User: 120d

The Nega-Turner House is the home of Nega-Timmy, Mr., and Mrs. Nega-Turner.



It looks the same as the Turner House, except the walls and satellite dish are Shingle Fawn colored, the roof is Neptune colored, the chimney is Downy colored, the front and garage doors are Yellow Metal colored, and the curtains are Apricot colored.


First FloorEdit

Living RoomEdit

It looks the same as the Turner House, except the floor is Au Chico colored, the couch is sea green, the walls are Wisteria colored, the curtains are Sandal colored, the lamps are Dingley colored, the fireplace and chimney are steel blue, the coffee table is Clover colored, and the TV set is grey.


It looks the same as the Turner House except, the front of the cabinets, the drawers, the bottom of counter, and the top of the table cloth are black russian colored, the side of the cabinets and the side of the tablecloth are Lotus colored, the curtains are Matrix colored (not the color scheme of the movies), the counter top is solid pink, the walls and floor are Paco (not the color of Paco from SpongeBob) colored, and the sink is Pickled Bean colored.

Second FloorEdit

Nega-Timmy's RoomEdit

It looks the same as Timmy's room, except there is no fishbowl, the wall is piper and Antique Brass colored, the ceiling is Brandy colored, the floor is Brown Bramble, the bed's head and foot boards are Leather and West Coast colored, the doors are Copper Canyon, the stars in the picture are Pickled Bean colored, the picture's frame is Walnut colored, and the nightstand is sandrift and bull shot colored.

Mr. and Mrs. Nega-Turner's RoomEdit

This is the place that Mr. and Mrs. Turner sleep. There is a sandrift colored bed with a tan blanket and cod gray pillows, two donkey brown nightstands with two donkey brown lamps, Roman Coffee and Domino colored drawers with a Rodeo dust and Soft Amber TV set, and a Vanilla and Mongoose colored DVD/tape player. There is also a picture near the door.

Nega-Timmy's LabEdit

Main article: Nega-Timmy's Lab (Nicktoons Crossovers)

It looks similar to the Crocker Cave and the Timmy Cave. It has a large computer and lots of science equipment. There are two other rooms. A room that no one is allowed to enter (Isotopiary Garden) and a room that Nega-Timmy places his deadliest weapons.


Permanent ResidentsEdit

Current ResidentsEdit

Future ResidentsEdit

  • Nega-Tammy
  • Nega-Tommy
  • Either Nega-Tootie or Nega-Trixie

Temporary ResidentsEdit

  • Anti-Cosmo and Anti-Wanda - They have stayed there a few times when Timmy has lost his fairies.

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