Nega-Timmy Nega-Turner's Laboratory
Industry: Housing
Founder: Mr. Nega-Turner
Mrs. Nega-Turner
Location: Under the Nega-Turner House
Employment: Nega-Timmy Nega-Turner
Employment: Nega-Timmy Nega-Turner
Products: Inventions
First Appearance: Nicktoons: The Heroes Meet Their Match
Fanon User: 120d

Nega-Timmy Nega-Turner's Laboratory is the laboratory of Nega-Timmy Nega-Turner. It is located below the Nega-Turner House.


Main LabEdit

The main lab looks like the Timmy Cave combined with the Crocker Cave. It is a big room with the big computer and tables to do inventing.

Room of Deadly WeaponsEdit

Coming Soon!

Isotopiary GardenEdit

Coming Soon!

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