Industry: Town
Founder: Nega-Dale Nega-Dimm (technically, it was only named after him)
Location: Nega-California
First Appearance: Nicktoons: The Heroes Meet Their Match
Fanon User: 120d

Nega-Dimmsdale is the opposite of Dimmsdale. It is also the main setting of Nega-Timmy stories in his Nega-Verse.


It is an average complex in the suburbs where Nega-Timmy lives. Nega-Dimmsdale has a population of 625,348, quite a large population for such a small-looking city, although many episodes depict Dimmsdale being a much larger and urbanized city with many skyscrapers.

The city was named after Nega-Dale Nega-Dimm, a village idiot in the town’s early history.

Some places, like the Nega-Dimmsdale Nega-Dimmadome (local arena) are in Downtown. Nega-Dimmsdale is in Nega-California.


Nega-Dimmsdale was founded in 1665 by pioneers that were going to name their town Nega-Bitterburg, after Nega-Alden Nega-Bitterroot. However, when his secret was revealed, that he was indeed a witch, Nega-Dale Nega-Dimm stopped him and saved the town. In his honor, they renamed the town Dimmsdale.


The city is located in Nega-California, although its exact location in the state differs. Some maps show it in the northern part of the nega-state and in-nega-land approximately near Nega-Redding, but Nega-Dimmsdale is located on the nega-coast and has shorter nega-snow nega-storms in the nega-winter.

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