Nega-Daniel Nega-Fenton/Nega-Phantom
General Information
Occupation(s) Nega-Hero of Nega-Amity Nega-Park
Residence Nega-Amity Nega-Park
Friends Nega-Tucker Nega-Foley
Nega-Sam Nega-Manson
Family Nega-Jazz Nega-Fenton (sister)
Nega-Jack Nega-Fenton (father)
Nega-Maddie Nega-Fenton (mother)
Grandpa Nega-Fenton
Nega-Alicia Nega-Walker (Aunt)
Mr. Nega-Fenton (son)
Love Interest Nega-Sam Nega-Manson
First appearance Nicktoons: The Heroes Meet Their Match
Fanon user 120d

Nega-Daniel "Nega-Danny" Nega-Fenton/Nega-Phantom is the opposite of Danny Phantom.


He looks exactly like his counterpart, except he has white suit with an "N-D" on it.

Most of his powers are the same as Danny's too. Instead of blue light coming out of his mouth, his Nega-Ghost senses are red.


He is evil and somewhat bossy. He also has a big ego.

Abilities and talentsEdit

Nega-Danny has all the powers that Danny has, except Cryokenisis; instead, it is Thermokinesis. The following are all the different powers involved with Thermokinesis.

  • Thermokinesis - Thermokinesis allows Danny to shoot beams of hot energy from his nega-hands or nega-eyes; radiate hot energy from his nega-body, hot energy waves as well as generate and manipulate fire. His nega-ghost sense is a more subtle manifestation of this power. This ability also gives him an increased resistance to low and high temperatures. When he uses this ability, his nega-eyes turn blue instead of being their usual green. There are other techniques of this power such as:
    • Explosive fireball - Nega-Danny can merge his thermokinesis with his nega-ghost rays in an explosive fireball, filled with ecto-energy.
    • Burning fireball - Nega-Danny can generate a fireball that burns everything it hits instantly.
    • Hot Energy Shield - Nega-Danny can create ghost shields made of hot energy to protect himself from ice attacks.
    • Burning Touch - This power burns people by touch. He can do this from the inside out.


His life is pretty much the same as Danny's life, except with different names, a few different powers, and he plays more of a villainous role.

Antagonistic RoleEdit

He is an antagonist in all of his appearances, except Nicktoons: De-age before Beauty.


He has a few friends in the Multi-verse. He is even in a team called "The Nega-Heroes".

Some of his major teammates are:

  • Nega-Timmy: The leader and Brains of the Nega-Heroes
  • Nega-Jimmy: Although, he is dumb, he makes many of useful weapons.
  • Nega-SpongeBob: He is the brawn of the team.

External LinksEdit

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