A series by Webizoid345 that premired July 16th 2012.


The famous actor Marco Ashford the mudskipper who is filming his next big movie; Lt. Skipper. In the film are Scarlet Claypool, another famous actor who has a thing for Marco, and his best friend Andy Schwimmer, who has had a part in all of his movies. The director is Oscar-winning Stuart Bass, a hot-headed, get-things-done kind of person. When they begin filming at a crime scene, the NKCPD (New Kelp City Police Department) comes to shoo them off and investigate. Marco tags along with Mindy Summers, Will Marsh, Dr. Gabriel Marsh, and new recruits Ross Stein and Jasmine Ziskey. Meanwhile, a mysterious gang wrecks havoc about the city.


Season 1:

Silver Screen to Crime Scene (1)

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