Mrs. Nega-Turner
General Information
Occupation(s) Real Estate Angency Owner
Residence Nega-Turner House, Nega-Dimmsdale, Nega-California, U.N.-S.N.-A.
Family Mr. Nega-Turner (Husband)
Nega-Timmy Nega-Turner (Son)
Pappy Nega-Turner (Father-in-law)
Grandma Nega-Turner(mother-in-law)
Nega-Tommy Nega-Turner (Grandson)
Nega-Tammy Nega-Turner (Granddaughter)
Mr. Nega-Turner (Great Grandson)
Nega-Vlad Nega-Vladaslapov (Father)
Nega-Gladys Nega-Vladaslapov (Mother)
Love Interest Mr. Nega-Turner (Husband)
First appearance Nicktoons: The Heroes Meet Their Match (Extended Scene; voice heard in main episode)
Fanon user 120d

Mrs. Nega-Turner (née Nega-Vladaslapov) is the opposite of Mrs. Turner. She is also Nega-Timmy Nega-Turner's mother.


She looks a lot like her counterpart, except she wears a green shirt and black pants.

Like her son, she will not just appear in the crossovers, she will also appear in Fairly OddParents! "episodes."


She is smarter and more evil than her counterpart is.

She is dumber than Mr. Nega-Turner is because Mrs. Turner is smarter than Mr. Turner is.

Similar to Mrs. Turner, and even more so, Mrs. Nega-Turner is very irritable.

Unlike Mr. and Mrs. Turner, Mr. and Mrs. Nega-Turner are usually home. However, they are usually too busy with work to spend time with Nega-Timmy.

Abilities and TalentsEdit

Irritability - When Mrs. Nega-Turner gets irritated, she is horribly mean. People even gave her the nickname, "Nega-World's Worst Woman".


She was born in Nega-Dimmsdale to Nega-Vlad Nega-Vladaslapov and Nega-Gladys Nega-Vladaslapov.

When she was in her 20s, she married Mr. Nega-Turner. They had Nega-Timmy Nega-Turner together.

Antagonistic RoleEdit

She has only one antagonistic role.

World's Best Worst Mom - When Nega-Timmy and Mr. Nega-Turner forget Mother's Day, they must improvise the best Mother's Day ever to avoid Mrs. Nega-Turner being angry.


She is a Real Estate Agency owner. Unlike her counterpart, she was more successful.


Nega-Timmy Nega-TurnerEdit

While Nega-Timmy respects and fears her, she has a more indifferent opinion of Nega-Timmy, unless Mrs. Nega-Turner is angry at Nega-Timmy. She can get very mean.

Mr. Nega-TurnerEdit

The relationship between Mr. and Mrs. Nega-Turner is a very good one. They do many things together.

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