Micheal Myers vs. SpongeBob is an episode created by Gojirules54.


it's halloween night in bikini bottom , but this halloween will be unlike any other before it ! spongebob is returning home from work , and is being watched by a certain some1 , this some1 comes out of his hiding place , and is revealed to be micheal myers ! but why is he in bikini bottom ? well , it seems he got bored with haddonfield and decided to go after new game in a new hunting ground , and spongebob was the perfect target ! micheal attacks spongebob , and squidward , who was on his way home from work , sees that spongebob is in danger , and , not wanting to get in trouble with mr. krabs cuz spongebob wuz killed , he fights micheal , allowing spongebob to escape , but micheal kills squidward and goes after spongebob ! spongebob rushes into his house and locks all the doors and windows ! but just as he thinks he's safe , he hears a noise coming from the kitchen , at 1st he's frightened , but is relieved to see that it's just patrick looking for something to eat ! spongebob tells patrick the story of what happened and they barricade themselves in spongebob's room ! micheal busts down the front door and heads upstairs and breaks down spongebob' bedroom door , and spongebob and patrick start throwing things at micheal , and micheal attacks and kills patrick , and tries to do the same with spongebob , but spongebob escapes and heads to the krusty krab as mr. krabs is closing shop for the night , and mr. krabs wonders what spongebob is doing there then sees micheal coming toward them and tries to fight him , but has his head twisted off ! then spongebob rushes into the restaraunt and barricades the door and locks it ! but micheal breaks it down and spongebob heads into the kitchen and makes bomb shaped krabby patties and throws them at micheal , but micheal doesn't feel burnt any and proceeds to attack spongebob ! spongebob attempts to call the cops , but just as he tells them what's going on , micheal kills spongebob , but is arrested a few minutes later !

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