Lobster Troubles is the second episode of the spin-off show The SpongeBob Show.


SpongeBob SquarePants

Patrick Star

Larry the Lobster


Mario (cameo)

Sonic (cameo)

Luigi (cameo)

Tails (cameo)

Don the Whale (cameo)


The episode begins at Goo Lagoon, where SpongeBob and Patrick are making sand castles when all of the sudden a surfer (Scooter) begins to drown. Afraid, they both don't know what to do, and they call for a lifeguard, who is none other than Larry the Lobster. Larry quickly saves Scooter from drowning, but Larry says that SpongeBob and Patrick could've done it themselves. While SpongeBob is trying to explain that they both can't swim (but Larry just ignores him). While Patrick and SpongeBob go back to making sand castles, (Patrick's sand shovel goes into the Lagoon), and he tries to get it back but falls in the Lagoon (Spongebob doesn't notice until Patrick shouts), SpongeBob goes to tell Larry but sees he's taking a break and decided he'll have to save Patrick himself, its then but into a pixel like video game and SpongeBob has 3 minutes to save Patrick along the way the characters Mario, Sonic, Luigi, and Tails also appear in the background as a joke. After it goes back to the normal animation SpongeBob has saved Patrick from drowning, and SpongeBob tells Larry he saved Patrick, and larry is impressed and gives SpongeBob a golden metal and puts it around his "neck" making SpongeBob fall over and the episode ends.

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