Characters names written normally mean they are alive. Italicized means they are dead. Underlined means they are undead. Bold (aside from their category) means they are at an unknown status as of now.

List of Characters
SquarePants Family SpongeBob Grandma
Star Family Patrick Gary
Bikini Bottom Squidward Sandy Mermaid Man Barnacle Boy
Krabs Family Pearl Mr.Krabs Kara
Puff/Jenkins Family Mrs.Puff Dan Jake Tabitha
Police/National Guard Lieutenant Mills Captain McKeith Lieutenant Baldspring
The Beach Larry Lobster Paul Redmond Squilliam Fancyson Bubble Bass Don Whale
Selby Family Patricia Selby Hector Selby
Downtown Smitty Mae
Alpha-Beta Manor Abuelito Nacho Rosa Anthony Raisin
Mexicano Jack Ruth Benita
Manor Newcomers Natasha Brick
Wilson Family Johnny Joshua Gregory Jane Anita
Man-Ray's Group Man-Ray Connie Montgomery Ronald The Dirty Bubble

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