SpongeBob SquarePants: Hit and Run - Level 1 is the first level of SpongeBob SquarePants: Hit and Run. The location is the suburban neighborhood and the playable character is Spongebob.


Level 1, Mission 1 : SMART Sponge!

- The first mission of the game. In this mission, Spongebob hears that Mr.Krabs is handing out Employee Of The Month Awards, Spongebob then races Squidward to the Krusty Krab to get the award.

Level 1, Mission 2 : Goofy of the Goofiness

- The second mission of the game. In this mission, Mr.Krabs is starting to bankrupt since there are not too many customers. Mr.Krabs wants Spongebob to claim some croutons at Goofy Goober's so he can save his business.

Level 1, Mission 3 : Wait...Wait... GO!!!

- The third mission of the game. In this mission, Spongebob meets Squidward's mother, Mama Tentacles. She wants Spongebob to destroy the limo of her former boss. Mr. Luke Cheapskate. You will then have to purchase an iron truck from Patrick to do this!

Level 1, Mission 4 : Down With The Robber!

- The fourth mission of the game. In this mission, Sandy Cheeks has been robbed! She wants Spongebob to chase down the robber and bump into his car and steal back the 9 science tools he stole.

Level 1, Mission 5 : Petty Little Spongebob

- The fifth mission of the game. In this mission, you watch a news bulletin focused on numerous robberies around town. You then have to follow the robber using your car to figure out why.

Level 1, Mission 6 : To The Chum Of The Chum Of The Chumless I

- The sixth mission of the game. In this mission, Plankton needs your help to get his 10 pieces of chum sticks from the chum delivery truck. You also need to avoid Mr.Krabs during this chummy mission.

Level 1, Mission 7 : Ratting Out The Dump

- The seventh mission of the game. In this mission, after consulting with Patrick drunk from tons of sugar. You will be racing the robber to the Bikini Bottom Dump to talk serious to the hobo living there.

Bonus MissionEdit

BONUS # 1 : Oh Man! School!

- The first bonus mission of the game. In this mission, Mrs. Puff needs Spongebob's help to claim advanced (better) school supplies to get her school good ratings. Her hot rod boatmobile will be unlocked if you pass this mission.

Given VehicleEdit

- The given vehicle in Level 1 is the boatmobile seen in the Spongebob episode, "Gone".

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