Leopold Andreas Slikk
Angry German Kid - The Original04:23

Angry German Kid - The Original

General Information
Occupation(s) Using Computer
Fanon user Jcpag2010

Leopold Andreas Slikk (Chinese: 德國瘋小孩, 德國BOY, 鍵盤粉碎機), (Japanese: キーボードクラッシャー, Keyboard Crusher) is the main protagonist of the Angry German Kid series. He is the main antagonist of the iMichael's series and in the first four episode of the pauladrian360's series . He is mostly known as the Angry German Kid or Keyboard Crusher, he was born in Mannheim, Germany, and became famous because of a YouTube video he made (the assumption that he was a butthead). He is 19 in real life (17 in Brian Chiem's series and 12 in CDiFan237's series) years old. In some parody series, he is a victim of child abuse, Tom Chang and other trolls (for example, he always gets beat up by his dad and nobody cares). In Season 2 of pauladrian360's series, he became a less angry person in later series to avoid using his Dark Powers. Most times he is a dick though.

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