Release Date June 10, 2014
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Karate...Not is the seventh episode in Season 1 of SpongeToons. This is also the first episode in the extended Season 1.

Plot Edit

One day, SpongeBob and Patrick ask Sandy if she wants to join a karate match. Sandy accepts and immediately joins and ignores SpongeBob's talk with her. She accidentally signs up for a comedy contest and calls her cousin Randy. When the contest begins, she and her cousin knock SpongeBob and Patrick. The two make jokes and make everyone laugh. At the end, Sandy and Randy knock them out and they lose all their teeth. The winners were announced, first place were...SpongeBob and Patrick! Second, third, and fourth were another 3 fishes, and last were the squirrels. Sandy was wondering why they were last, and SpongeBob told them that it was a comedy contest and that the karate contest was yesterday.

Extension Edit

The Recital was supposed to be the last episode of SpongeToons. But due to the revival and extension, the supposed to be cancelled project of SpongeToons was used. The plot had no changes and production only took short time.

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