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Species Mouse
Status Fictional (Itchy & Scratchy)


Occupation Cartoon Mouse
Relatives Itchy Jr. (Son)

Micro Itches (Grandpa)

Allies Simpsons Family (possibly)

Street Gang

Patrick Star (Bob SquarePants) (possibly)

Enemies SpongeBob SquarePants


Mario (Bob SquarePants)

Toad (Bob SqaurePants) Luna Lovegood


First Appearance A New Enemy (Bob SquarePants)
Fanon User Bonestudios15
 Itchy is a cartoon mouse from Itchy & Scratchy (Simpsons). His arch-enemy is Scratchy, who he usually kills at the end of an episode. He is also the enemy of Spongebob SquarePants and his friends. he is the main antagonist of Bob Squarepants

Bob SquarePantsEdit

When he is caught vandalizing the school by SpongeBob and gets arrested, he threatends SpongeBob and swears revenge for turning him into the police.


  • Itchy is a parody of Jerry from Tom & Jerry.

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