IJLSA Adventure Movies was a spin-off created by OMJ, but rights were sold to CNF1 and was in production as a mini-series. After a year long hiatus, CNF1 cancelled the program.

Premiere Date: September 29th 2012 - December 31st, 2014

Rating: PG (For Mild Violence)


Season 1 -Edit

Episode 1 - Mermaid Man: Champion of the Deep (Airdate: September 29th 2012)

Episode 2 - The Quickster: Fastest Sponge In The Ocean(Airdate: January 26th, 2013)(Was gonna be October 20th, 2012, but was pulled last minute)(Was also going to be January 18th, 2013, but was again pulled due to delays)

Episode 3 - The Elastic Wasteband And His Elastic Dog! (Airdate: March 9th, 2013)(Was scheduled for January 19th, 2013 but was pulled at the last minute)

Episode 4 - Captain Magmuff: Volcano Warrior (Airdate: June 1st, 2013)

Episode 5 - Untitled Miss Appear Episode (Airdate: Scrapped)

Episode 6 - The Internation Justice League of Super Acquaintances! (Airdate: Scrapped)


Episode 1 - IJLSA Adventure Movies Recap #1 (Airdate: October 9th 2012)

Episode 2 - IJLSA Adventure Movies Sneak Peek #1 (Airdate: Scrapped)(Was gonna be October 13th, but the episode scheduled for the next week wasn't ready enough for a sneak peek)(Was pulled again from the October 14th slot due to issues with IJLSA Episode 2)(Then it was scheduled for November 10th 2012, but was pulled again due to Episode 2 not being ready yet)(It was announced on November 21st that the shorts have been scrapped)


1. For the longest time, the project was worked on under the name: Untitled IJLSA Spin-Off.

2. CNF announced on November 11th, 2012 that the show, along with fellow spin-off The Comic Book, will go on a hiatus. The remaining episodes are hoped to be aired in December or Early 2013 (This did not happen).

3. On November 21st, 2012, it was announced that all shorts for the show were scrapped as they proved to be useless now that the show was to be burned off.

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