"House And Home" is a the second episode of the first season of Miss Appear.

Airdate: February 1, 2016

Genre: PG-13

Plot - Edit

The episode begins with June's parents collecting their daughters things from the apartment she and Katherine shared. June's parents, The Morleys, unfairly blame Katherine for June's death and can't accept that their daughter had powers. The apartment landlord, Mr. Lowski, orders Katherine to leave since she was never on the lease, but Katherine is unwilling. Katherine soon becomes focused on finding the person who has been killing metafish, after discovering that June's death links to similar cases of metafish death. Katherine is lead to a group home for superpowered teens, where all the kids were murdered by the serial killer. Katherine gets the truth out of the owner of the home, now knowing that the serial killer is a man. Katherine returns to her apartment, but finds her door's locks changed. Katherine uses her invisibility to steal a key to the apartment's new locks from Lowski's office. Once in, a man also arrives, saying the apartment is now his. Katherine tells the man, Johnny, about her situation, to which he allows her to stay with him.

Reception - Edit

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